Whores and More

by Matt on October 31, 2016

I am just looking at the whores again and seeing that downward pressure on the market.

$150 you can fuck a hot 18 year old.

This is because the internet makes it easy for any hot girl – hot teenager – to sell her ass within her own terms – stop, start, and do it all discretely without the shame of anyone knowing.

I’m just recognising that the cultural trends aren’t actually that bad for me.

20 years ago my size would have meant basically I was stuck with a chubby girl, the economy and society would have limited my upward mobility, the hot teens and local sweeties pair off with the rugby team and if I can scrape together $150 I can have an hour with a middle aged whore or chubby young drug addict at the whorehouse.

Also I’m recognising that little blonde girls don’t really seem to mind having a fat indian taxi driver heaving on top of them. It’s easier than packing groceries. I don’t care about these girls being whores, they are still people doing a job.

It’s just that thing of pretty girls acting as if they are so superior and that nerds disgust them, it seems there’s always a slutty one who has a price. They have a price, this is why women hate whores so much – especially their promiscuous friends – because they put a price on something that should be enforced, and now the quality is rising and the price is dropping and you get this effect.

WHy would you date a 6 when you can pay $150 and bang an 8? Now the hotter girls are taking more of the medium range men, and locking the ugliest girls out, the plain girls can still get something, but all men of means are either banging hotties or paying to bang hotties.

I guess it’s me realising that I can bang all the young girls I like, that’s never going to be an issue, but should I? I think you need to grow up a little bit. Fucking whores won’t make you into a sad degenerate, and if you feel a bit shameful I think you need to harden up and see the big picture. You need to be that guy for whom boning hot chicks is nothing.

Girls want the D, it’s the politics and the emotions that get in the way. If you show doubt as if you’re not assured, they will sense it and their defence will be up.

Am I just preparing myself to be single forever?

No, it’s seeing things how they really are. Pussy is not all that, there will always be little teenage hoes.

It’s a nice idea to get married but when you reallly look at it, when you know, that if you get married, one day the shine will have gone. It makes me wonder what in this god damn life has any point.

But the interesting thing is not that life has no point, it’s why you ever thought it did.


I was having too many stupid ideas trying to work out how to waste my time getting teenage girls on my dick when now it is all starting to come together.

The girls need a space, me in my house is not cool. Once the girls are in the space, they are attractive as part of the brand, to customers.

So I thought I need a big apartment because then I can have all kinds of girls moving in, and they will, and the girls would sell the juice until the shop and everything was up and running.

But then came the shop, then came the labour co-op concept, and suddenly I had a legit space in which to recruit girls, and I no longer needed to offer them a room, it was working in reverse now I wouldn’t need – or it would be optional – to make the indecent proposal.

I guess the idea is to invite them up to my apartment, and basically well I think I can handle myself, I’ll just be honest. I think to some extent it is unspoken, I think if I’m giving them the idea that I’m open to them opening their own place they would have to understand they need to get on the D. It’s pretty obvious. Get on the D., get in on the new action. Get in on the action, next thing, you’re moving in.

Remember the more girls you have to your apartment the more they will try to buzz you.

A few hundred dollars spent on job listings would have dozens of applicants, and a few would drop out and a few would be inappropriate, But I’d be very surprised if that didn’t give you 10 young girls to start with.

But this is the idea, if they’re hot girls, then pay htem $5 p/hr base fee.

I’m really glad I made this connection. I have no problem hiring guys, but I will be honest with them. Girls are going to sell more juice than you if they are cute and you don’t market it. That means you’re going to end up with monday or tuesday or sunday afternoon whatever the dead day is.

The employee on friday will know they can begin to turn the space into a party zone, into a private party where there is whatever, but juice is still for sale.

As long as I have another $500 I can open another juice joint. As soon as you had a group of half a dozen people ready to roll those 80 hours, another joint is open. I need another juicer, I need more veges. I need the van. Some chick runs her own shop, I pay the rent, she’s always there, I’m getting cut $200 a week and what about it? she makes $700? I should hope there is something else in it for me such as something delicious or some such. What I see, is control over young women’s dreams to own their own shop.

So now, the juice girls are no longer living in the apartment, but living in the apartment is one of the benefits including opening their own shop, for which I would attract so pretty fly hotties. Young, hot, entrepreneurial bitches. The kind of bitch who will fuck an older guy for rung up the ladder in a heartbeat. Remember after 2 or 3 you’ll have a problem.

WHat’s important is that you get the first girl up there and she can let the other girls know. In fact you just need one girl to recruit.

Take the girl out, she already knows what’s on the table, bring her back, give her the run down, stick it in her, and then off you go. But day to day, we’d just day, marketing ideas, business ideas, but again. Once you get the first one in, it gets easier. You invite her round, then you ask her out. I think you get a vibe for someone whether you should be pursuing business or pleasure.



by Matt on October 28, 2016

Before I felt it was kind of wrong to use women, but nw I just see that it’s the way of the world. Yes whores, but not really, I mean banging 16 year old girls, all that kind of thing, it’s not wrong and you should not feel guilty as long as you are not leaving them permanently messed up or basically that concept – leaving them better than you found them, and if you spent the next 20 years having affairs with young and very young, including teenage girls, it wouldn’t be bad, I am not into making them feel bad, and they will probably learn some wisdom and I even believe I am too old for them to have real feelings for, not that I care. Young girls hearts get broken, this is the whole point, it doesn’t matter.

Never be callous, and always do your utmost to soften any blows but eggs, omelettes, it’s all pain and suffering baby I won’t be the last and I will certainly not be the worst.

Well I’m saying what a life. The young poon is nice and I look forward to it, I look forward to the 18 year old girls who bang me willingly because they think that daddy makes all the bad things go away when he opens up his wallet. It wouldn’t be so bad.

But I’m talking about having breeders. Women I breed with who I never marry, they understand that they will be looked after. They understand that we are not in a relationship. What did I say? Have them all live together, all the mothers? Mad. You don’t need more than one mother, you don’t want a lot of kids

I think what i’m talking about is that you take what you want. And you tell your future wife that she will always be the queen of my home, but I need my girls on the side and that has to be allowed to be so I can be a good family man. But if a little ashley type came along I would probably drill her full of sperm. It doesn’t matter, I do what I like. Maybe not, the whole idea of a family is stability for the kids.

Not knowing you’ve got half siblings seems fucked up. I think basically you choose one option or the other depending on the girl, maybe you have a big family, maybe you have a small family, maybe you end up with all these women and all these kids, the idea being they are open to that kind of open relationship because I only end up with completely cool women, and I am smart.

That is all the women I meet who are cool to live in some kind of mixed hippie family thing are teh ones I impregnate. And it’s more like a parents group. I wouldn’t really be in a relationship with all of them, I suspect they’d go elsewhere if I stopped boning them, that’s the idea, I would continue to see young hot women in the city.

I’m 55 I’ve got 4-5 kids from 3 different mothers? 13, 11, 7,5, 3 . . . 5 is probably too many.

I would have to think about whether I would seriously impregnate hundreds of eastern chicks. I might. Maybe I would make it only a few and see how I felt. Leave them $50k and say seeya later.

Really it is about taking what you want.

– I wanted to do that experiment where I lived with some hot chicks in a white house with no art, nothing, no clothes, so minimal.

– I can’t help but think I just have to start hitting on normal girls in a normal way, and getting a lot of rejection because I’m old.

But stop the press because we have new ideas going on about housing and I just realised that if we are ging to encourage squatting then we are going to want a separate space for young women, and that that will be less about squatting and more of a somewhat different arrangement.

You’d end up running a whorehouse? Something like that. It’s there that our black ops team may be formed. The women live together. The women are expected to hand over part of their benefit and do some work in terms of domestic tasks but if they’re reasonably young and reasonably attractive then perhaps they are going to tend toward a certain direction, and at that point, you’re better to find yourself profiting from it. Or really, why would you make this woman work when as long as she’s happy to flip it up for some of myself and some of my top guys then that’s what I see, I may have one apartment for my top girls and another apartment for girls I am willing to share, and then finally another place which is a woman’s dorm, which may be where the tenancy scam is being carried out.

But this makes me think. You could have a $400 apartment and spend $300 on whores, or you could have a $700 apartment and have arrangements with your female flatmates. Tell them they can have boyfriends but not to bring them inside ever. Then yu get an open relationship going, who’s your friend, does she want to make some money, etc. just business, and finally saying look, I like teenagers. Let’s get this business going. Go find me some teenagers, girls are way more into it when another girl is pressuring them.

Go find me some young guys to work for my business. Make yourself useful. This is the thing. They’re already sluts, I’m already a pervert, it’s just parameters. Yes your friend can share your room, but she knows the rules. Shagging, juicing, laundry. Most likely they will get territorial and fall into a pecking order based on which one I think is hottest. Seems interesting.

What I see is I come back from russia, get a very very flash apartment and then I can use the apartment to get girls to move in. I’m so rich that they basically become my little slaves because life is so easy for them when they do as they’re told and they get the rewards.

It just suddenly occured to me. You get a flash apartment, like incredibly flash, you pay all the bills, you make everything available – well yes I talked about it before when I was fantasizing, king lear with the porn and the 3 girls, and NYL, and then that concept of living in a house with white walls and windows amongst sandy dunes and just living totally and utterly minimal and bare, not wearing clothes, nothing.

And then before I was like, oh, the girls who can live together, I should impregnate. But it felt weird, like, it’s a harem, I’m a bigamist. People would gossip, they would assume I felt I was some kind of king fucking david or whoever with my many wives.

But suddenly this is different. You tell these girls what’s up, but you make it that nice, that they are going to find it hard to say no. They have no bills. You are daddy. How much better does it get.

What I see is that it is always a clear eyed business arrangement and these women I live with are not my girlfriends. It sounds cliche and cheesy, but I am daddy, and that’s how they would behave trying to compete for attention and treats. I know they all date young studs who drill them, but what do I care. They use the boys like I use them, the handy fuck they keep there. In the end the girl who sticks around, the girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend and decides she likes being the boss of the other girls might be the best mother.

It seems suddenly like their couldn’t be a better way to be sure that you’re marrying the right person. Oh she fucked some other guys with big cocks? Big deal.

These girls, are like girls, once they are getting all their needs met it’s just like please insert your card. Transaction accepted. For them having to share is nowhere near as disappointing as suddenly finding themselves dating a dude who is poor.

I can see now. Rich guys as much as hot guys can shock and awe the pussy with resources, and they plunder. What a rich man can offer a woman is so much more enchanting – yes a tall guy is like cleavage to a woman, but so is money. Serious money, real money, it makes a woman’s pulse quicken because it’s what she needs, as much as I need a pert little bum to grab.

The girls will find it too hard to go back to being poor and there could be a performance if I ask one to leave. Obviously, I would be able to invite other girls back after a date and bone them also.

But that’s what counts, I tell these girls, I’m not your boyfriend, you’re free to come and go, you’re free to have a boyfriend, if you don’t want to have a boyfriend and you want a kid, well I am happy to be a dad, but I’m not your husband. I’m still going to fuck other chicks in this house, but I don’t own you. The fact that I’m a particularly rich man and you’re a particularly beautiful and nice woman means we use each other. I will take care of all your needs, but I have not committed to provide every comfort and care for you emotionally, you are not the only girl for me. I don’t owe you the things that a man once offered a woman, I don’t owe you my life. You can’t be sure I will always be there. I will always be there for my children, and their mother, but I am not your man. I don’t belong to you.

I am your equal. I am not going to make an exception for you. I don’t know how to describe it.

My love for you is a duty not a passion. That which is of duty and not of unconditional love has limits. If you want to leave I’m not going to stop you. If your behaviour is unacceptable then you’ll have to leave. I’ll rent an apartment in another part of the building and that will be that. And maybe even when I’m 45 I will marry a stunning russian girl who is 27 and have one or two more . . . just so you can be respectable?

To me I want kids. But I want something that works. So whatever. Do it. Get the massive apartment, get the girls moving in, if I feel there’s one who is real, sure I will knock her up, sure I will ask her to play happy families. But if one of the other girls wants to get pregnant, what do I say? Do I honestly turn up at christmas with 2 wives and 2 children?

It is kind of stpid to consider a problem you are very unlikely to have, but it seems central to resolve it. I guess you just have to say, if that is the situation I will just have to accept that. Whatever is natural will happen. That’s why I think I should open up my house like this, because girls who are crazy and a nuisance and little bitches will get their ass dumped on the street, while a nice girl who is sensible and involved in what I’m involved in, and helps me in life, well I’ll probably want to impregnate her.

In the end I might decide that one mother is best, especially if you’ve got a girl who doesn’t want to have kids, and doesn’t really want to play couples anyway, just likes to have a rich boyfriend and a family atmosphere and sharing is fine. She might suddenly want kids, I’m 45, she’s now 28 and decides this is what she wants. These women get to have big families without traumatizing their bodies.

What I like is that I get to have more than one girlfriend, try out a few before I impregnate any, I find the girls who are happy to share in exchange for money and freedom. What I see is modern women.

Women who are my match. We both get what we want – I get to spread my seed. They get the king, not only me with my money and my mind, but the guy they see every other week or so with the gorilla dick who they love to choke them.

What is the difference here in what I was writing about? Before I thought I would have to find a wife and then open up her mind to it. Now I realise I can set the situation up, and wait for the right girls to emerge. I reckon even 4 is possible, the point is simple, the girls I like will stay, the girls like me, won’t be out all night. I’ll talk to them about the other gys they’re fucking, I’ll say, look, I’m ruining you. While you’ve got my money, you can dawdle, are you just going to fall back on me getting you pregnant? Or do you think we’ll still be fucking when I’m 60 and you’re 41? Maybe, I guess.

It seems nice. I’ll be 60, 3 teenagers, their mother is 45, there’s aunty who’s 41, and then svetlana who’s still not more than my age now? I don’t know if a lot of women really want to have kids with an old man. You may get beauties moving in, but there plans will always involve sweeping off with some dude and then thinking they can come back. There will likely be a lot of that, especially with the ones I like. There will be a lot of politics. It could be crazy.

But it seems right, the kids don’t suffer, I don’t suffer, the girls may suffer to realise I don’t really love them, but I won’t let them down. The problem is having all those girls together and seeing them get territorial and playing favourites. But of course I know all about snakey bitches and I don’t think much of it. Only the real diamonds will shine through, that is, the true sweethearts.

Like I said the right girl for me wants to be with me doing my projects and backing me. The wrong girl is just wanting my attention and money and indulging herself. If the other girls don’t like one of the girls then I’ll have to move her, but I think that’s the idea of 4 girls, you can always hand one on to somebody else. I will need lieutenants to run my empire and they will deserve the rewards as well.

It seems likely I will soon have a second place simply because I don’t want my top 3 girls to know I’m still finding even more bits, and often these will be just little sniffs I want a bit of, I don’t want them moving in, especially if they are fat and I just want a fatty fuck for old times sake or as I say some slutty runaway who I should be dropping back to her parents instead of fucking in the public toilets.

Suddenly the immigration thing clicked because they can’t send a woman home if she’s pregnant, so I could marry up my squad to hardworking vietnamese and russian girls, because then we’ve instantly got more people but theyre not lazy kiwis – they are entitled kiwis, entitled to kiwi benefits, but they are girls raised to work 8-10 hours a day and serve their husbands, they will be going hard because they don’t know anything else.

When I’m in asia or south america I will just have to tell the girls. You can come and live with me but I have other girlfriends and we have our own way. If sharing upsets you you should make your visit short because it’s not right for everybody. I don’t have a girlfriend, if you don’t like making juice and having sex with me you can leave whenever you like. Over time and a few arguments their might be some ground rules and like I said, a pecking order.

I start to feel like the apartment might be the idea as soon as.



September 17, 2016

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September 1, 2016

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August 27, 2016

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May 29, 2016

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