by Matt on September 17, 2016

It’s making me think that this is already a stronger idea than the juice haus, though we will still do that because it’s a little more wholesome.

We can still sell the juice. We can still deliver the juice. But selling the juice/soup/washing and hot meal service to bachelors is the one.

I can almost see just like a saw the hackerspace work room at waihi last night, rather than starting the whorehouse elsewhere, we upgrade the mansion to playboy status, and hire a warehouse or similar to recreate the original experience – pay $25 to play games while pretty girls do your washing and make you a meal. You can have a jacuzzi and there is a smoking lounge where you can buy a tinnie.

The point is these girls are working for their rent, they only have to dress cute and look yummy, be nice and talk to everyone who pays to come in, listen to men talk about how a lot of boring shit about their work and pretend to be interested and impressed, and make sure everyone has a meal and drink served. If you want another beer or another coffer it’s free, you just have to buy another frozen juice + soup pack.

The upgrade here is we are going after a certain market 21-35 year old single males.

Of course what we’ve done is combined the juice shop with the juice haus with the whorehouse, rather than having a shop for everyone, we make it exclusively for one group that has income and a weakness that is as dependable as time – hot girls they think they have a chance with.

The service is run as a low volume high value service, that is though you may initially only be getting a few people, because of the low capacity and narrow focus, that is enough.

How much work is it for 2 girls to hang out with 3 guys and do their washing and make them all a meal?

The shower is there. Dorm beds are there, charged at $50 a night, if you want to be here with the girls! There may be a fitness class led by some of the girls and the boys can join in or simply watch, this is how I thought of the warehouse, you simply make so it’s a place a man would like to go for real reasons but mainly of course because hot girls are there, and they are the main push of our marketing, trying to convince young guys to use the service. That is each girl living in this fucking palace should be able to convince 5 guys a week to use the service.

If 5 girls live there and 3 share a dorm, that should be my $1000.

Of course we could do it here just as a model. 4-6 girls can live here. They just need to convince 18 guys to come and use the service.

It feels like te kuiti though – there’s only so far that game can go.

But what I am now thinking is you use the run down place as the juicehaus following the juicehaus plan and it is a workhouse for boys and less attractive girls. of course the more attractive girls are being shown another opportunity.

The juicehaus is pitched about free rent for people following a purpose. The juicegirls are pitched as hostessing opportunities – attractive and well presented young women required for hostessing opportunities providing company and good cheer for a predominantly male clientele in a friendly, relaxed and social environment. You will not be required to offer any adult services, however we do aim to provide a range of hospitality conveniences and domestic services for our target market – busy working bachelors and single men – so it is essential you can maintain an easygoing banter with the clients as well as presenting a well maintained and youthful appearance, we seek to maintain high standards that ensure a respectful environment.

It may take some tweaking.

But what you have is the uglies running the juicehaus – it’s their job to make the juice, sell juice, deliver juice, sell and deliver enough juice to pay the rent. I expect 12-20 hours from them, which is dependent on who is where in the house, what skills they have, etc. if they have content skills, or management skills it is likely we are creating more rewards for them, including a new opportunity outside of the juicehaus living in waihi or wherever.

Whereas the hotties are being shepherded up to the girlhaus, where the girls live and do the washing and cooking and serve juice and there’s a jacuzzi and a gaming area,

We need at least 30 guys to come and use the service and when you’ve 6 hot girls they should be able to get the guys to come.

For $100 you can get an all week pass but that’s only one drink p/day and one load of washing p/week. Maybe this is where we could start convincing the girls to give hand jobs to our best customers.

What is great is that all these kids are so dumb they barely know what’s going on. Some fat chump will pay $25 to some hot chick to do his laundry and sit there and play playstation while she takes 10 minutes to figure out the washing machine and walks around in a daze in her little shorts pushing her hair back behind her ear again and again as if that’s some part of her functioning as a skinny blonde chick.

She’s not being paid. She’s not doing anything really except what girls do, as long as you do the washing and fix the boys a snack and wear cute little tops and short little skirts

Again it’s taking sexism for what it is. I don’t care if you sit there and study, if you are going to wear very little that’s enough for most men, they don’t even need to talk to you it’s enough that you’re there and they might talk to you, but remember the job is that you are hostesses I want you to know the names and intimate details of the occupation of these guys, it’s your job to listen to them complain and about their bosses and to squeeze your boobs into their chest when you hug them goodbye.

Of course if you have great cleavage and are a natural flirt then this job is great for you, any skinny girl with big tits will be great for this, because big tits are incredibly hard to think clearly in the presence of, it’s not that big tits are so amazing it’s like they just stop your brain functioning. This is the problem with being a 21 year old male, you cant think because pussy blots out the sky.

But the point is these girls have no real job except to perform this fantasy for these men that they have a girlfriend who will cook for them and do their washing while they play games, watch sport or have a beer and a dak with their mates.

first rule of jacuzzi club no one talks about jacuzzi club. Sparty. First rule of sparty, No one talks about sparty. Only one guy is allowed in the sparty at once. Otherwise, no one talks about sparty. The idea is if you go in there the girls will get you off. Generally that will be a hand job, but the point is

Wait a second, it needs to be completely dark in there. Totally. You go in there and you can’t see, you know that at least 2 hot chicks went in there. That means you can have your blow job artist entering through a secret door and jumping on the dick while the hotties guide his hands to their tits and pussies and ass, and he’s like in the dark, fucking some butterface chick while the other has his fingers up her cunt and is rubbing her tits on him, I mean he’s going to come out of there like he’s landed from another planet.

Obviously that’s not something I’ll be launching soon but it is a terrific idea, especially if there’s a secret trapdoor so the chick he fucks is just some fluffer, and one of the hotties is sitting back in the nightvision goggles making sure nothing goes astray. One of the hotties has to whisper in his ear so he can be sure he was messing with the same 2 hotties he saw go in.

And you need to pay more than $25 bucks for that. That would be for when we moved to the warehouse. That way we can make it explicit that you’re not to initiate to contact any of the girls lips, boobs, ass or groin while in the common area. Again and again all the girls are here by choice, if you’re being a dick, they can leave, and that’s on you.

In the first iteration, just have a jacuzzi and it’s all part of your hostess routine, you need to ask the boys if they would like a jacuzzi and if they do then you have to get into your bikini and get in there with them, this is your job.

If 40 guys are cming each week to get this, then great, if not, then these girls are just sitting around when they owe me 72 hours of work. 6 hot girls should be able to convince guys to use this service, not just the guy they are fucking, but his friends, and also her family members, her male friends – EVERY HOT CHICK has 20 guys she knows who want to bone her. Just going out into town for one night she can give 20 guys her number they will all come there.

The crucial thing is they are coming back because they need their washing done and some good nutrition, even though it is their dick running the whole show.

It’s also prostitution done right, these guys don’t need a root as much as they simply need half an hour with pretty girl listening to him talk about stuff going on in his life as she cooks him up a meal and he stares at her ass.


issues to discuss with potential comrades –

media diet
visitors –

There are rules of course but now we don’t need this model, we are either in the juicehaus following an idealistic model by which the hardest workers rise, or we are talking to hot girls about our hostess concept, which is really that, and of course another angle we can run at the same time – free board in exchange for domestic labour and hospitality services, live and work part-time in luxury household, all female accomodation, suit student, a “people person” with high standards of presentation and grooming working in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

Also if you have content marketing skills – video, websites and/or social media – you will be of great use to us here.

This way I can say that no boys is not a rule for my benefit, another stroke of evil genius.

And it’s just business. If your boyfriend wants to come over he has to pay, because he’s getting everything the other lads are getting and so much more and the least he can do is help you pay your rent, because we generally discourage boyfriends from hanging around because it is your job to flirt with the other guys and treat them as if they are your boyfriend.

You will have to bonk him at his place.

Your girlfriends can get the same deal the guys get, for $15, but that won’t be advertised, random chicks that turn up will be charged the same, we want to increase the amount of hot chicks there and hot girls have hot friends and also we can tell them they can move in as well, what does it matter to me?

Each hot girls is trying to get her friends to move in and if you have your own room and are letting your friend stay, then everyone else will be pissed if she isn’t helping. That’s the idea.

Once that fills up there’s the dorm, the dorm is usually for german girls, who come and do all the cleaning and big jobs. But I think really you would just fill it up with girls who were going to hang around so you could have 4 bedrooms with 5 or more girls in there, and then the dorm room with 4 girls in bunks and then you’ve got such a lot of girls.

You may have to say to the girls in the bunk room you are the sales staff, if you want to stay, then you need to make sales, you need to give guys your number and convince them to come down and if that means giving them a handjob in the jacuzzi then that maybe what you need to do to beat the other girls but just remember if you dont want to give tinder dudes handjobs every night, you can always move back to the juicehaus, or down the line.

That’s another selling point I will once you’re in, I will make sure you never have to pay rent again, but – you may not get to stay in a place as nice as this if you don’t meet the standard that’s being set by the girls around you. Likely in future, girls will be leaving, an the best salesgirl will get her room, and bunk is once again available.

It is probably the dorm girls job to do the washing for everyone else.

remember if airbnb people want that bed, you have to give it up, and we have to have a back up, so the bunkroom is not the greatest, but if airbnb people are staying, and our extra girls are having to vacate, then the place is likely earning enough that we need a new place, even a super dorm where it’s bunks in every fucking room, hot chicks waiting to be placed.

It will be then I go in there and form te kuiti taskforces sending a taskforce of girls to one of these towns to open a juice shop, I expect you to be controlling every man in within 20km with your pussy within 3 months, and yes of course your boyfriend can visit you, we wish to use the pussy tractor beam to beam him down to te kuiti where he can be some use

Next minute these guys are moving to te kuiti because the pussy is already there and they are getting free rent. Mission accomplished, team pussy wins again. Harness the power of the pussy.

What I honestly see is when it comes to benefits we only play this card when we are trying to keep somebody – a content person going down the line, some dizzy bimbo who would be happy just riding out the honey pie concept is only she had $200 in her pocket, and I am not willing to convince her to sell her ass, or some dude pissed that he drives a van around most of the week for a couple of hundred bucks ans he’s living in a garage. All these people deserve help but I honestly don’t want to empower my honey pie girls too much I want them to rely on daddy, they are no longer managing their lives at all, they simply make men happy and it’s no crime at all.

What will happen is their will be churn but I will stop the real talent from getting away.

Again the girls sent out on the taskforce would be introduced to benefit fraud as an incentive.

Probably it maybe some of the girls I’ve been boning that I’m keen to see the back of.

As with the shop hierarchy the top girls with the managerial skill will be given the opportunity to start their own operation, this time rather than picking the room, they get to pick the house and as long as they don’t make mistakes then they will be fine.

The girl who is the boss is the one ultimately responsible for carrying out my expectations, and she gets to choose her room, and choose the hierarchy, etc., I would likely turn a blind eye to her boyfriend staying overnight, as long as she realised there were certain girls in the house I was boning or wanting to bone and she was an ally in securing that goal for me – as in basically just telling them I don’t expect any of the girls to bone me unless they’re feeling it but obviously there is a great deal of advantage for them to do so.

In fact I might command to take the girls who arent into me or im not particlarly interested in to the new house with her so I can keep boning all the girls here.

It’s the managers job not only to hit the targets and run the show, but to serve up the girls, and possibly recognise which of the girls are going to be most willing to give our best customers a hand job in the jacuzzi and end up being part of the warehouse operation.

I just realised I will be in hamilton and tauranga also and the top talent will get promoted. When the catfights start, the loser will get transferred to the outer reaches.

Unfortunately a lot of the hierarchy will be formed by which of the smarter, hotter girls can manipulate the dumber hotter girls to form a bloc against the girls who are not as hot – I’m not going to lose my smartest chicks or my hottest chicks, both are formidable assets.

This is top stuff because I’ve introduced witching power to juice power and found NYL again.

Another brilliant thing is finding the girls who just don’t care if I’m also fucking their friend occasionally. It presents the possibility I could find a few girls who were into something weird like that, I’m daddy, they may have boyfriends, but I am the one sewing the seed.

I want to fuck a lot of women, but I also want to raise children, women want to raise children, but they want to be provided for, they give up monogamy in exchange for providence, it’s not about me and my many wives I own, I don’t care who they fuck, but don’t tell me I can’t fuck the neighbours daughter.

I’m going to fuck the neighbours teenage daughter if she’ll let me, and if she wants to get pregnant, she’ll have to ask my wife. But that’s what I’m saying I could end up living in the house and fucking 3 different girls and they are all aware of it, and have other boyfriends, and when the first one gets pregnant, soon the other two are asking themselves what they want and deciding they really want to get pregnant but they don’t want to be a part of another family and the girls decide maybe they do all want babies and that’s what’s going to happen and I’m like sure but I’m still going to try to fuck the neighbours teenage daughter when I’m in my 50’s and I might not go near their pussies because I stick my dick where I like. I provide for my family first and I respect the needs of my family but my needs generally involve bending over young girls so as long as you respect that I will take every responsibility provide for my family and I will tap young ass, then everything is fine.

Adults need sexual outlets, but kids need a stable environment. A home is where adults are working together to raise children – this is a family – and for the sake of the children’s welfare, the adults should not be boning anyone outside the family in the home. For the sake of the adults, the adults should be allowed to bone anyone outside of the family, outside of the home, but of course we have a sacred trust.

You don’t add to the family without all the other adult members agreeing. There has to be a protocol for this, but then it does start to sound like some weird cult and I get weird culty ideas about impregnating all these females, I don’t know, it’s just that thing you have to let your mind off the leash to discover where your real boundaries are. It’s problem solving. Everything is problem solving.


Honey Pie

by Matt on September 16, 2016

The witches will have to wait for now, I really don’t have the room in my life right now for that kind of fanciful behaviour, what I am thinking of is the girls moving in, how do I say what I need to say. Oh well, you have to trial, if you turn out to be wrong then I think there will always be more girls.

I think I ended up saying that I would say well I prefer girls who are single because I’m single but now I figure stay professional and say well if you work to pay your bond I will decide what I would expect from you if you were to move in to take one of the bunks, usually I would ask 2 hours a day, but I may ask for more or less based on your performance.

If a big fat one comes along and she works all day but doesn’t want to fuck you – or a sexy one – well if they work hard then great, that’s what matters, but if they don’t work hard and won’t put out then I won’t make it easy for them. We want to employ the sorts of girls that fuck their bosses there are plenty of them.

It’s pretty easy. Just tell them they can move in but tell them that it’s because they’re attractive and I don’t expect sexual intimacy but I hope you might be open to it.

No point, just try and come on to them by making the situation increasingly date like. As in ask them out for a drink, just be continually asking them out in a way that isn’t really masking your interest.

Have you got a cute dress I can take you out for a drink in?

But what I’m thinking is that you shouldn’t get hung up on the pussy. You need to focus on working it. If you have a house in auckland, and hamilton and then tauranga full of young women, then you’re going to end up fucking them, least of all because if fucking you gives them power over the other girls, that’s what they will do. Just let that dynamic play, you don’t have to do anything except fill the house with girls.

I wouldn’t even bother with strategy, if you’re powerful, and rich, and influential because a dozen cute girls rely on you for not only a roof, food but a job too, you don’t need a strategy. Just the fact that you’re not hitting on them is a strategy, because it’s usually only once you can communicate to these girls you’re not expecting sex, that they decide that that’s something they can put on the table, simply to take it off again, because that is the feminine mystique. Temptation.

But looking at backpage did make me think about tricking bitches. An apartment with one violent guy, 2-3 girls, each girl fucks 3 guys each day, gets $300, the pimp gets $150 fir each girl, but still has to give $100 to the strong man. Given that the strong man also gets a free root, I’d say he’s getting a good deal.

Why on earth would you want to do that?

It’s one thing to be porking a few young lovelies while you’re waiting for something real to happen whether it’s here or in russia, but going full pimp seems ridiculous, but can be a good storyline for NYL showing how deplorable and pathetic my character can be which represents something in us all that we will keep trying to make money and get the pussy even after it ceases to have a point.

Unless we do it properly, as a gentleman’s club. If you are privileged enough to be a member, you can attend our club, where refined gentlemen are entertained by our ladies with good music and they will prepare food and drink, you can purchase alcohol or a number of drugs, the ladies may tease and let you have a squeeze,

The entry is $100 and you can stay until closing but any dealings with you and the ladies is strictly between them.

Again it’s that place I would go right now if I knew it existed, I don’t want to throw down $160, awkwardly fuck some disinterested chick, and then scurry out feeling like shit. It’s more like an old fashioned whorehouse, it’s place where men go to be entertained by women, and if they want to go into the room, their business there is theres. Maybe you want to have a nap afterwards rather than scurrying out guilty like a fallen man. Maybe I dont want to be in this environment where

Now I understand what “unrushed” means. That most of these girls will try and get you off in 10 minutes or less so you leave, and that’s how they make their best money get some guy to pay $200 for an hour and he’s done in 15 minutes, feels empty inside, and skulks away.

This is what I see, that lots of girls just want to be little whores. There’s nothing wrong with that. If a young woman looks fine and puts a lot of work into her appearance or just simply is delightful by genetics, why doesn’t she deserve to get what she wants?

This is not PUA shit because we are just selling what you want for a price.

The girls don’t have to fuck you if they don’t want to. If you ask a girl to go to the room, she might tell you she doesn’t want to. However we are vetting our members, if you are repulsive to women then you will not have been offered membership, or we create a vip by which you have to pay $200, and the girls still might not fuck you.

All you do is rent an apartment, and you put your bouncer man in there, but it has to be a place that has a decent social area or more importantly, two social areas, so two small groups of men can be there. At one time there may only be 2 men there, but

The girls are allowed to live there but they additional responsibilities and can only personalise their room to a certain extent. We have to close between 4 am and 4pm so the place can be a normal house where men aren’t lurking, but

The idea is you get 20 rich men to pay $500 for their bond and that’s $10k. Then you charge $50 for casual visits or short visits, or $100 p/head to book an exclusive visit. We bank on either one exclusive visit and

The girls are allowed to live there or most likely have a room somewhere else, can keep all the money they make in the private rooms, but it’s their job to be nice to the men and sit in their laps, and let them rub your bum and have a little squeeze. The shower should not be private, the girls can wear as much or as little as they like. They are under no obligation to anything they don’t want to do. The point that is stressed is the girls are not paid to be there, and they can leave when the like. They can charge the guys they like $50 and the guys they don’t like $200 if they want.

I have to meet the rent out of the $10k bond and those 20 men spending $50 each on average a week.

I will now have purpose in going to meet these whores. You see once you get as few as 3 or 4 girls there and 4 guys turning up each day, I pay $800 rent, and now I have $600, for what? Well I would get freebies as well I should imagine. The point is, then you open another joint, that’s more exclusive, and you charge more, and you only let the best girls go there.

Then we need the country house version. It’s $100 a night but we’d have $200 option and of course a $500 option but I think the point is all the money you spend on drugs and girls is extra,

We would advertise as a country “funhouse” or party house and show pictures of schlubbish middle aged girls partying with babes and if guys show interest I will be straight up – our situation is good because it’s private and the girls know and trust me to check out the guys who come to stay because these are sweet beautiful girls who just want to party and they need to know we don’t have any weird guys – just normal guys who like tits and getting wasted.

Remember our girls are good girls and are not obliged to offer you anything they don’t feel comfortable with and it is up to you to reach an agreement with them that is a private arrangement on their terms.

I think we would only allow people to visit the funhouse if they proved good patrons at the city joints.

I would probably have a senior female explain to the german girls what is going on – men come to this place because some of the women who stay here do sex work. The atmosphere is social, but for privacy and assurance we also have a women’s only living area where the male guests are not permitted. We’d love to have you come and join the party, but . . .

In fact again I don’t think these things even need to be said. When the german girls come, they get put in a dorm in the girl’s only area, all they know is that the house is big, there’s a big pool, and there is usually a few men and a few young women having a party and they are welcome to join in. The men are told often female tourists also stay at the house and enjoy the atmosphere, be aware they are not sex workers and be courteous and enjoy their company respectfully.

It is probably likely that even when german girls are having a pool party where there is lots of sex and drugs they will end up fucking some dude, and never realise all the other girls were getting paid. You know what girls are like, they want to all get laid together. Knowing all the other girls are getting a dick and they’re not makes them so very sad.

I suppose what we would do is when we opened a second house in auckland, we make it a whore house, in fact the juicehaus may be minor and the whorehouse the big flash place. Basically I make the thing for me, and then I sell to other guys.

Guys have to pay $20. Basically it’s a place where you can go and girls will be nice to you. All the girls have to do is dress up sexy and be nice and make you a nice drink and a meal. The girls might even do your washing and give you some baking to take home. So the initial premise is all innocent until I tell the girls, whoever is going to give these guys a handjob is going to get the best room in the house.

The idea is simple we want to get men to come there and keep coming back, they come to get their washing down and have a meal while several sexy girls walk around, and as I said, an open bathroom so the girls can take a shower whenever there’s a few guys around. The guys come because they are horny. Especially the nice guys who are addicted to soppy bullshit like having a girl cook for you and then getting a massive cock loft when one of the girls takes a shower 5 metres away.

You don’t even call it a gentleman’s club because that has connotations. The idea that anyone pays for sex is not introduced unless it’s private – that is my whole approach to this thing, I have just rented out this mansion for $1000 p/week and I’m letting 6 hot girls live there while there’s often a group of german girls and understudies bunking,

And their only job is to make sure at least one girls is there for every guy 4-11pm week days and 6-late weekends, though on weekends we charge double after 10. If I was making $200 a day that is a $400 profit,

I would also have to have an airbnb/overnight option – $100 for a room or or the dorm at $50 p/head. It’s accomodation for guys of the type they really want – one with heaps of friendly babes.

Again you would likely at this point take the sluttiest girls and implement the full on whorehouse at that stage, when there was already an area where guys were paying for girls to be nice to them, and the girls nor the guys were under any impression there was any whoring going on so you can vet which girls are open to whoring and which guys are going to be good clients.

This way when business gets slow on the top the girls can go down to the nice guy establishment, and cruise for guys that they can then encourage to pay the $50 to come visit them for a real party rather than pay $20 and stand around with a bunch of other momma’s boys while opportunist bitches tease their cocks to pay their rent.

Again it’s perfect for uni students. What’s the term – it’s a “hostess” – that’s what a hostess is, usually a hot woman who will talk to you but only fuck you if the price is right for her.

Again there seems to be no service of this nature in auckland which to me is crazy because white guys earn decent money but all the want is a cute girl who’s not a fucking crackhead to give them a flicker of hope for 20 minutes.

This is what I will say to the girls because I will bring them up vertically but also laterally – you could be on a much better wicket as a whore, not having to fuck indian taxi drivers who try to choke you, if you had half a dozen young guys doing computer jobs who honestly believed you were only fucking them for that money, and it’s not something you’ve ever done before, but you do like him, but it’s just it’s complicated, you still have feelings for your boyfriend, all this bullshit.

If you feel it’s wrong don’t do it. If you want to fuck indian taxi drivers in a dim dank room that stinks of cheap perfume go for it. You know what i say? Cut the bullshit.

The little nerd just wants to get his dick wet inside his little princesses hee haw. She just wants $100 so she doesn’t have to do any work and lying on her back for 10 minutes is how she pays the bills because it’s just easy for her and why wouldn’t she, why should she work when right now in this moment she has a great ass and a sweet rack and little momma’s boys dribbling over her.

To me it is simple, you’re harnessing these pathetic creatures natural instinct. He wants insert his probe. She wants to the suck the life out of him. Let nature take it’s course and much like the farmer or the hydro electric dam, harvest the power of nature. Harvest that stupidity.

Get pretty girls moving in on the basis that it is not sex work. Yes we do want girls who feel confident in a bikini etc, we want to give the boys a thrill.

Which is a much better proposition to sell to 18 year old girls.

Now I’ve got a whole new angle, I can ask these whores if they mind meeting me for some research. Which means I can meet them, discuss my ideas, and of course decide later if I wanted to proposition them, saying oh can I have a discount?

But I can also try and get sexy young teens to move in because they don’t even know whats going on, all they have to do is be there from 6pm till whenever the guys start leaving and make them food and laugh at their jokes. A jacuzzi is probably really important because it creates the excuse for the girls to get into their bikinis have a glass of wine and

Most of the time there may be only one or two guys there and other girls can keep them entertained, Of course there’s got to be gaming as well. You can game at home, but maybe you’d rather game with a girl in her bikini just about to jump in the jacuzzi and offering to get you a beer. Exactly, the kinds of guys who think a teenage girl in a bikini asking if she can get you a beer is heaven . . . well let me empty your pockets sir. Just that experience is probably worth $20.

By the time we have 20 people coming through a day and often 10 people there at a time meaning guys outnumber girls, I’m making $400 a day, and have probably moved to open the whorehouse version which is $50 and the club version which is $10, and basically is a run off where everyone getting turned down for the $20 service gets sent there, where it’s simply well, it’s the juice club isn’t it? Maybe one subtle difference – free for girls, that is a meat juice market. men are going to the $20 place because they’re horny and getting turned away because exclusivity is kicking in. Of course they can’t afford $50 for the whorehouse, so they take their $10 down to the secret club. Nobody mentions that girls are free it’s just to hold the attention of the boys until the congestion clears.

Of course at the whorehouse any drugs and prostitution is somewhat out in the open so every member must be vetted.

The idea of course is you start these girls doing work, as in here in sandringham – but slowly you’re introducing the idea of not doing work. I guess what you need to do is to set it out that if you pay $25 you can get your laundry done and a nice meal while you wait. In order to pay the rent, we need this to happen 40 times. So if it’s not, then I am putting pressure on these girls to say if you can’t get 40 guys in here, you need to lay out the honey. Facebook, Tinder, whatever. We need cute photos of you girls for publicity, we need you girls to pump this publicity.


Witch Daddy

September 1, 2016

I have now come up with another brilliant idea as I seem to do almost every day now. Rather than targeting teenage girls for some silly scam where I pay them for interviews or nudes or anything like that, I can do this witches thing, and it naturally attracts young teenage girls and I can […]

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Free Witch Juice

August 27, 2016

Too many stupid ideas trying to work out how to waste my time getting teenage girls on my dick when now it is all starting to come together. The girls need a space, me in my house is not cool. Once the girls are in the space, they are attractive as part of the brand, […]

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Witches Coven

August 21, 2016

Now I’m thinking about how feminvest could become a sex cult too, not really so I can get laid, but more because it serves a higher purpose as well. I need to trust these girls. There is such a good way to build trust. Bone them and see how much trouble they cause. If you […]

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New Fantasies

August 2, 2016

Back to fantasy land. I can have anything I want and I should. Take with one hand, and give with the other. Yes I wanted a red light ops unit because there’s money in sex, and I need to leverage my cash for a supply line. What you need is somebody inside the game. Being […]

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Business and Pleasure

June 20, 2016

I guess I am just thinking that pursuing teenage girls is more fruitful than normal woman. Once you remove the moral stigma, I don’t want to be going on dates with stupid ugly old women, being put through all their bullshit, all you need to meet is some naughty little slut at the bus stop […]

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May 29, 2016

So here we are back saying well I can’t write about girls on my main blog too much, I was just trying to work out how I was going to get to where I want to be and really if the main and only reward is girls then what are we really doing abut it? […]

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Fantastic Porno

March 2, 2016

I just had one of my hottest fantasies ever. Convincing a group of teenage girls, maybe 3, with at least 2 hot ones, to make a porn with me. Mainly because it just sounded so hot and in 5 years I would happily pay the girls $10k for this in fact I’d do it in […]

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Nice Young Interns

February 27, 2016

It really is just going to be me paying hot girls to hang out with me, I’m hoping that even if I don’t get laid I will be motivated to get work done. Like the idea of paying a professional to do the job seems stupid unless we actually have someone who is going to […]

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