Monogamy that Works for Men

by Matt on January 7, 2016

I just keep having so many ideas about what I want from monogamy, I am starting to think that some of my ideas are not worth pursuing because why would you waste your life on just chasing around tail, it is not much more than stuffing your face even if it is the finest caviar.

My view seems to fall in with this idea I’m seeing of giving up masturbating so I can focus my energy and empower myself to be a more focused man.

It means in terms of a long term outlook, a commitment to my wife sexually in terms of my focus on being a strong leader, but also the rewards of a job well done.

This really changes my whole approach because I don’t want to actively pursue teenage girls ina desperate thirsty way. I would never turn down the rewards I am due, but I would not pursue girls actively when I have mre important duties to attend.

When I’m older the idea of the apartment and the bountyhunters may be a fun pursuit, but as a young man with responsibilities to the opportunities I want to prioritise, chasing indulgent fantasies is a reward that will have to wait.

But now? Youtube, yes, because hot girls and content. Honestly pursuing staff, yes, if it’s girls, and that happens, yes.

But no wasting time trawling, hustling. No way. It’s a dream, it’s a thirsty, thirsty dream, only sad pua’s need validation of harvesting pussy, we know that one woman has to be enough, if you’re willing to find the right one. But goals are dumb, I just need to get better with women, and the first rule is we have to find attractive and short women. Where?

Well we do need to recruit. We do need to do videos, and we have gigs, but that isn’t an answer for right now.

We still need to see the picture.

I am perhaps a little too hopeful that giving up masturbating will fix all my problems – I wanted to find out where it was heading. Namely whether it could change my living arrangements if I decided to cut off trashy girls altogether, or at least basically not have them around here at all. Because if I tried to do some juggling it would never work.

It’s an easy thing to avoid because it’s such a hard decision to make, but one that has made me realise what kind of sacrifices I’ve been making to create the opportunity for sex which hasn’t really eventuated. But I thought I had a chance to go into this because recruiting is going to be a big thing anyway and that’s what I’m talking about, making bold moves forward.

Well there’s the other property. The other property represents actually recruiting girls to come and stay and doing much of these things in a natural way. Sara will have me. And if I’m saving $200 a week then there should be absolutely no reason I can’t spring $100 for a room.

I jumped on AirBNB of course. There’s a private studio for $65. A caravan for $30. Cabins in the wops for $50. Heres some place out south which is $22 p/person, maybe not appropriate for a romp but still. AirBnB could be the way to really hook some spots. It seems you could get a place pretty easy for $70 and that wouldn’t be a big deal now would it, especially if it was really actually only one or twice a month. So if I wanted to bang Elaina for example, I would have to spring $75 for a room. God doesn’t a prostitute start to sound like a better proposition?

There’s bold moves I can make to step forward and then there is still the resolution of the 3 links of harnessing sexual energy – giving up masturbating, limiting resources committed to inferior women, and becoming prepared to deploy resources to attract suitable women. Okay, so how does that track to our plans? Well there’s still a wide open question of what it is we want in the end anyway.

What is changing there? I feel more drawn to the real mail order mindset, in fact there was a thread on twitter today about how tinder encourages a mindset that forces you to choose between a capitalist status lifestyle and a decent human being. Do you want the hot chick with social status, or do you want a well adjusted person who is neither pretty, graceful, slim, or socially adept?

However when you fold that out into exploring your international options, you choose between a woman who makes a good wife – beautiful and young while loyal and family focused – or someone who is a good friend and partner in the typical kiwi mold, and we’ve looked at this before. We’ve recognised how much the international woman offers against local girls. We’ve recognised what’s been said is that a wife is a mother to your children. That is what you’re looking for and the biggest appeal that gemma held.

You may not develop a great rapport with her, she may never enjoy the same music or movies, the language may linger as a constant problem, she may struggle in different ways with New Zealand and adjusting to my life. And of course the status I lose when it appears fairly obvious that my beautiful, much younger wife is a trophy wife, because I don’t maintain the kind of intimate bond with my wife what is considered the ideal in western culture.

This is of course completely arbitrary. Within a few years I could be a fixture in the local liquid drum and bass scene which basically means I can pick the girls out of the crowd. I feel confident to handle an eastern european girl who has begun to become westernized because she likes drum and bass, speaks english, and is interested in dating wealthier western men and has likely already done sogiven she’s an 8+.

What I’m doing is working through theoreticals.

My thoughts are confused this will have to go over the NYL blog because that’s where we end up wood chipping most of these ideas and doing them into chip board.

I stay on this article. I want to get through to the concept that’s niggling at me. Is dreaming of an international hottie a total fantasy when a fine enough woman could be here for me if I only just manned up? That’s the niggling feeling, that I haven’t even begun to let go of my bullshit, that these sites are telling us something ver true. These women are useless. They offer nothing. It’s so sad I almost feel sorry for them, but you have to remember what it was like for me 10, 12 years ago. I couldn’t get near girls who didn’t treat me like an option. Now I see through the looking glass, which option would I choose? To continue to feel belittled and rejected or to turn the tables? My empathy betrays me, but just like hazel I see she is not worth my interest. Old, and totally lacking in character or any contribution she can make, an aging slut, used up.

I think that’s what’s so hard, I am not rejecting my upbringing, but I am acknowledging that these kinds of women aren’t any good. Women who are fun and have personality are great, but theyre no substitute for a loyal woman who loves you truly without all the games.

Which leaves the challenges of language and other cultures. I think I have to separate my thoughts from the expectations of what I might encounter. Maybe there will be girls who can speak english. Maybe there will be girls who impress me with cute aspects of their personality they make them adorable to me.

But also that finding a woman who is my intellectual equal is a pointless part of my upbringing. It’s not a problem if she is a sweet girl, but she has to understand not to constantly question me, if she’s a girl like Rosie would have driven me mad with her incessant second guessing of me, I don’t want that from a woman if it comes from a place of her uncertainty projected onto me.

It seems to me like I am headed over sees, but theres going to have to be some courtship tests where I try to test these girls to see if they measure up – all this talk of girls without tattoos and all this nonsense is stupidity for men who are honestly so dumb they can’t tell how a woman feels about them or behaves. To me a girl who would never get a tattoo or drink or question her man would be no fun – would she always be obedient and quiet and scared of her own shadow, never able to have an honest conversation with me, explore her own tastes and interests, or even let go when we’re out, dancing, chatting, singing and laughing?

It comes down to this – to pull a beautiful young and loyal wife in this country is going to take 3 times the effort. It’s so easy to believe it will all happen and yet it never does. What is within my range here seems to pale in comparison to what could possibly be available overseas and yet there is still massive gaps to bridge there.

We also seem to be going round in circles on this. What I believe could be the emerging problem is that there is no mid point. There is no mid way.

I’m going overseas to find women. I will have my commune and other outlets which will also bring women to me and I just don’t think we can be certain it will be one way or the other. What will be certain is that I will not be afraid in my 40’s to knock girls up. Que sera.

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