Morals and Monogamy

by Matt on January 8, 2016

I am being dragged to a point where I am having to probe deeper into what my morals are towards women and what that says about me.

If my active choice is the pragmatic one – a nurturing, loyal international wife rather than the fee spirited character of a local girl – where does that pragmatism end?

I’m only getting married to have children. So why don’t I several women who have my kids, we can all live together! Oh no, most women would never accept that. You see they would accept that you have a family, but would the women accept that arrangement? It depends on the women of course. The situation.

If I marry a woman who refuses to let me have more children, do I just leave her?

It’s so hard to say. How could I leave a loyal woman who loves me? Once that isn’t the case though, forget it.

Suddenly I processed that a woman who won’t leave me is not necessarily what I want first up. It’s not the women leaving you that is the biggest fear – it’s manipulating you from afar through your kids. I want the kids to grow up together in a house full of love and people, I don’t want any nastiness splitting the group.

So why do I have to get married at all? Get them pregnant. complete the spawning, then bring them back here, and then explain, well, this is a commune.

For subsequent girls I can tell them I have a child already from another relationship. All good. But it’s the first girl I have to be more honest with and tell them I want to create a special kind of family – would that ever work?

It seems like I have to stay on the path, marry the girl I feel real about, knock her up, survive that reality, survive bringing her back here, survive affairs or whatever, I possibly couldn’t manage much more. I start to wonder what could be.

The only way would be to find a super experimental first wife who get it, then she’s in on the next move which is to the next country, get the chick knocked up, then begin

Imagine if the kids could speak english, russian, spanish and chinese. Jesus. Just that kind of global connection. This is what I would be trying to get my first wife to slowly understand.

They are lesser wives. But can’t we get any nannies out here? If my wife accepts that it’s just part of being a man that I will want to bang a hot 20yo nanny, then I can go shopping for one, and basically that’s what we want, teachers, cooks, bring them back to the house, see how they like it.

That way the house is always open.t crummer rd we might have dinner parties, friends staying as well as do a lot of business and stuff we enjoy but the big house in the country girls stay if they want to look at that life. I would probably send girls I’d been sleeping with there to hang out. Do you want to meet my wives and kids?

But it all depends on the first girl and so that could change a lot.

We don’t know what form the commune could take and whether that could be where it happens.

Women who are already solo mothers may be more keen. It seems there may be bounty hunters here – I have agents working for me telling girls that this is the deal. None of this ideal. Just get a girlfriend overseas, tell her to come to NZ, then tell her that’s her choice. Stay and be rich or go back home.

It all hinges on the first wife, because I don’t want my eldest children to be from some weird experimental family.

That’s why my first wife could end up collateral damage. She’s the only one who may not like the plan, and has to go live down the road. I would still expect my eldest kids to attend class and activities at the homestead. But I could also spend time with them there, or she might get a new boyfriend,

She will be the only one who was never aware what the deal would be, but it is simply what is likely otherwise except rather than fully leaving her for a younger woman, I am only asking her to share me with a younger woman who would not assume seniority in the family.

Maybe they would each need their own homes. But that’s the commune.

But I only want 4 or 5 kids tops. 3 women. If you move forward with these ideas in your head, you ill probably pull it off while you’re 40-52. I’m 52 my beautiful wife is still only 37, she’s good to go if she can do the whole stretch?

Isn’t this the real question? Why I must have a harem? Not just that one of them can leave. But it’s okay for one of them to leave, there’s one or two others. That’s what I like. 2 or 3 mothers means better division of labour. One dealing with food and housework, one dealing with activities, one having a day off.

Different languages, different food, make sure one is a qualified teacher, maybe the south american girl. I would really be selling that to the first wife. This is about you not having to put the strain on your body wile the kids will have more positive influences, full time teachers teaching them different languages and different food.

My vision is . . . to have 3 wives? No. To knock up 3 women.

– knock them up in their own country and bring them to the commune
– knock up girls already on the commune
– convince my various flings to move to the commune to have a baby

The continuing issue is that whichever girl I knock up first is going to be upset if I knock up any more women, especially if I take the path of marrying a beautiful slavic girl.

But now it’s occuring to me – the Gemma effect. I want to go off and bang other girls, and she doesn’t know – but she knows. And it manifests. Eventually I can’t love her because she’s a dick, how she’s acted, I can’t be tender with her. I can still fuck her, but I really would rather be spending my nights with a woman who is sweet and lovely.

Do I care about some stupid wedding I had overseas? Do a few of them why not?

The idea is to force them to behave themselves and accept my terms if they come to the commune.

But what if I just pay some chick to have my kids? Wouldn’t that be easier? No way it’s messed up. I’ve got to have these thoughts in order to see that theyr’re not right and find where the conflict point is.

I want to love my wife, but if she loves me she will never allow me to play around. I think it becomes increasingly obvious that we have to follow the path straight ahead to play the straight monogamy game, yet, we stay aware of these plans knowing that if the first girl doesn’t work out, there will be more, there will be plans that I can play.

Why do I honestly want all these wives?

1 woman raising 4 kids, with help? I guess it’s pure lottery ticket stuff. Or really, the relationship is filled out. The women have each other for support – or not – each of them could leave knowing their child will be fine. It gives everyone freedom.

What’s your dream? Imagine as I said a ukrainian, south american and filipino girl all living in the same house raising a family? All of us free to leave with little notice, we have our family.

I go to russia and marry a beautiful russian honey and have a kid, and I have to convince her then to let some other woman come around and get knocked up?

I can tell my dad that I got some girl in trouble and now I have to look after her. Could I tell my wife that without her losing her mind? Not if she already is okay with me playing around but it seems so unlikely. We have to explore open sexuality a lot more to get to that stage.

I’m selling it to my wife I guess. It’s about our life, our family, I would say bring a sexy nanny, it’s only later the reveal- why doesn’t nanny stay and have her own baby?

It seems we are going to be looking for the kind of woman to be ur first wife who is into some group love cosmic vibration. Or, it could be that love grows cold and when I restart, I plough a large field – long and wide. What happens if more commune girls keep coming wanting to breed? It has to stop somewhere. 55 is too old to be having kids. More than 6 kids would probably get too hard to keep up with. I’d be tired of it by then. I might be tired after 2 women have 3, I might say no way, that’s enough for my needs.

Better 3 I can focus on than 5-6 I feel sometimes I don’t know.

I fel like it would be awesome to meet a beautiful russian girl into drum and bass and drugs and maybe she isn’t completely super robo mum but we care for each other and she’s russian so she still wants to play wifey especially to a wealthy foreigner – being that she’s a 9 she knew she would be taking this ticket, and the ideas I had about this would be something I would mention sometime when we were high on acid and coke and e, and like I say, yoga, training, opening up the 3rd eye.

I’m not saying that will be what happens. It’s nice to see what might be so perfect. It’s also reasonable to see that nothing of that sort may happen, my options may narrow. I need to learn to make the better decisions going forward considering what may happen.

But I also have to think about right now. Which is not a picture that looks so bright, we can only focus on what we’re building with the digital and video aspects.

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