Short on Girls

by Matt on January 26, 2016

Having delved so deeply into my long game with girls I decided to look at my short game and what it came down to is I need to do something that’s going to improve my situation.

Sure there’s fashion, there’s music which can increase my status, training is another one but if I could meet hot girls and finish drum and bass demos every day at will I would be fine because I would end up pulling one of the girls and getting a tune signed to a more prominent label eventually as long as I continued to apply my skill of meeting the girls and finishing the tunes.

But I don’t meet the girls and I don’t finish the tunes!

I don’t want to be approaching all these girls and getting shot down all the time. So many will have boyfriends.

I found a site I could use for my profile. The idea is to develop a technique we can use overseas also. Meet a girl, get chatting, hand her the card with my details on it.

But it just seems so superficial, like, who does that?

I think we should try to not so much get numbers but to learn to talk to women, and also to learn to shrug off the rejection we will be getting every day, we need to take it the same way as we take the hard slog of training.


Damn we lost a whole lot of writing here, I can’t even remember the points I was dealing with I think it was a motion of circling around and around the concept of hustling.

In the end even though we looked at so many angles and we broke it down so delicately, you can’t set up a website and send women to that, this isn’t internet marketing.

It seems losery like the move from a guy who doesn’t get it like our friend Liam.

There is incredible strength in straight talking to girls, but we don’t have incredible strength. It’s not impossible but where do you want to commit your resources?

In the end it seemed activites related to my organisation was my best shot and this came from the concept that using your time to chase tail is inefficient. You need to be able to chase tail while youre being productive, IE at work – well that’s not what I was getting at, it was where I arrived, women respect status, they respect the boss.

Employ 3 single women you’ll fuck one of them who wants the power trip over the others.

But hustling has the ability to make you feel like a fucking cornball pest. Especially talking to young chicks.

I have to believe that most of what I was writing was just pointless schemes and scams to talk to girls, but I think where we got to is that we have to bring girls on board for our apprentice ideas and working for us generally. We were talking about non sexual approaches being so important because it brings up their defenses if you’re overtly sexual.

It comes down to the ideas we had about when we could afford to hire people – ah yes, there was a dark moment in seeing that tinder was draining our resources and our opportunities were few, our best bet was to prepare for russia. It seemed harsh and unhopeful. We can’t hire people now, we have neither the money or the system in place. We can only consider what the system may be like.


We finished on a note about tinder and whether it actually might be possible to find a good girl in NZ, given it’s almost inevitable she would leave you but lie, I don’t care, because there’s extra insurance there – she wouldn’t take the kids out of the country.

That’s when I started thinking about Bonnie. I had this idea like I was going to look her up when I’m rich. Of course I will. I was going all gooey over bonnie. Why wouldn’t you? Buy her a beautiful dress and take her out, this is my lady, don’t you love her madly? A lady you want to take care of, a lady you want to impregnate repeatedly and if she bites your head off like a praying mantis who cares if she looks definitely good for two impregnations. Mission accomplished.

In the end it was star now again. The videos. It needs money though. It all needs money, what can we do without money?

I guess I was on a rave about who really cares about the connection if I am successful knocking up some chicks, again, mission accomplished.

What are you on about?

I don’t know. Sometimes life looks hard and you always look for shortcuts, it’s good to review the contingencies.

But honestly in 2 years, I’m in russia, I’m not just wealthy, I’m rich, I’m a DJ, with the botox and the rest I probably look younger than I do now. Forget it. Forget the shortcuts unless it’s something that jumps up, it’s not worth considering. What is worth considering is getting laid now.

What about right now? What about star now? What about the idea that focusing on apprentices means I’m focused on productivity when I am approaching girls about this site I’d like t tell them about that I am on, with idea for them which is not sexual.

Star now is the next cab off the rank, we are not positioned for the apprentices yet, but we will begin to explore this. We set up the website. I can see already now we won’t be that motivated initially and we will have to use our hustle to roll it. It all still takes money.

Money for star now girls, money for apprentice girls. Promo and staff pretty much is just girls. Hiring girls to build my status to attract more girls, what do I do with them? Get them doing activities. The activities, on facebook recruiting more girls. I’m out there on the street next. Wherever.

If you have the money, you can hire the girls. A whore is $120 an hour. that will get an 18 year old for 2 x 4 hours. Okay so you have a bunch of girls working for you that you’ve hustle in various ways and you try to get to bone them. What then? Well they have to do the work as well obviously. Organise all the gigs, make me famous, organise the parties, then what?

I think it stops mattering. You have girls. You have gigs. You have the content happening. You travel, more gigs, more girls, you make your music. you trade t get to the next level to get rich.

It seems to just reach that point where you have to train, you have to do the next thing because, there’s nothing else to do, I just have to patiently work through it. I guess we know that now though.

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