Surrogate Possibilities

by Matt on January 5, 2016

I’m just having random ideas about ideal relationship strustures and throwing them all at the page.

If you want kids, you need to get married. Otherwise, why bother getting married?

But I am thinking about infidelity and how to pull it off.

I want to keep my marriage safe and having a slavic wife may come with some drawbacks that being she will not be happy with me just spending days away from home, especially if every year I leave her in russia with the kids for weeks at a time. She will also be devastated to discover I am having an affair an although unlikely to leave me, causing her distress is something I want to avoid.

That means mistresses are pretty much out. Making my modelling agency a more dedicated effort sounds nice, but it means again, employees who could blackmail me.

It seems likely all I could do was run a completely shadow operation, if no one ever knows who I am then I can’t be blackmailed. If they only know my first name and perhaps that I’m a DJ they would have to be smart to work out who I’m married to and where to find her. I’d have a whole other apartment, and let the girls stay there as long as they know deal. I don’t care who they fuck but the only dude they fuck in this apartment is me.

Bunch of young chicks, they can be the slutty trash bitch NYL – I could only have stupid chicks in there due to blackmail risks.

But the point is you use 3 strategies – job ads/star now etc; cruising the streets; and offering a bounty to young guys. $40 for every drunk chick they bring to the apartment, $20 if theyre fat, $50 if theyre hot, $100 for a group, and a bonus if I get them.

Would I honestly be the commune leader who skips off in my aston martin to hamilton or tauranga to offer teenage girls a grand to sleep with me? How messed up. I should write about it.

This is the point I just got to – I have ideas, but when I’ve got lots more money, I will have experiences that will allow me to spark new ideas, new inspirations for international plots and concepts will hit me.

I mean when I’m 50 and making like $20k a week I think I would have a fair budget for conducting and concealing my affairs and I think I would have to accept that 16 year old girls don’t find 50 year old men sexually attractive but that’s not the point.

I get to enjoy the fact that young women can become addicted to the power they have between their legs, I will never know which hot girls I know have fucked some dude for what was prostitution in all but pretext. But women being women and me being me, there will be a natural attraction, they are fucking me so therefore they reason I can’t be that bad, and when I actually act human and show them decency they’ll be calling me daddy soon enough.

There’s money, and of course party drugs.

I realised me being me, even thinking about the relationship I have with sara and elaina, I can have a straight up relationship with these girls where I let them know that they aren’t just fuck dolls to me. Yes the only reason i’m fucking them is because theyre young and cute and I have a thing for vulnerable girls as it turns out. I think it’s because I know I’m not into any heavily coercive shit, I like to play the game of breaking down girls moral boundaries, maybe it is head shit.

My god it’s difficult to contain and that’s why we perhaps need a different approach – limits. To be honest I don’t think I could manage more than 2, but this is different, girls would pester me for money and so it would be. I wouldn’t take 16yo’s to the restaurant but probably little 20yo’s if I could. But I would probably still have my saras. especially since I could get to know them and make sure they weren’t nasty bitches.

But tell me this what do you prefer?

teenage whore?
classy high maintenance hottie?
uni student sugar baby?
cougars I meet?

I prefer reality. I prefer to explore. I prefer someone like sara that I can be straight up about the nature of our relationship. It doesn’t matter who, just as I am now, I chase the girls I want to chase. I bang the girls I want to bang.

Different girls will want me for my money in different ways just as I will want girls for their pussies in different ways.

I find the idea of chubby 17 year old who lose their virginity to me and fall in love with me – some 50 year old guy who looks slightly younger than their dad – hot.

I would use a combination: young scouts, modelling, cruising, mall cruising, dating and tinder, upmarket bars, pirates assistants, trademe jobs, this would be a proper effort and I would as I say write about it.

Imagine if my commune turned into me and my multiple young baby mamas all living in a giant house. Just get young girls to live in the house. I’m not their husband. I am their lover and their children’s father and provider but I have no commitment to fidelity, I mean, I’m not a bigamist with multiple wives. I have no wives. My children’s mothers and my lovers live together and I sleep with all of them.

Girls I bring down find out what I offer.

Find teenage or young girls, make them realise I don’t mind if they fuck other guys as long as it’s not under my nose, then get them pregnant, then leave them in the house. Again they won’t leave because they’re young mothers. They can’t get mad I fuck other chicks – they fuck other dudes.

Basically I get to communalize my own reproduction in that I could have several women and children living there, and the women all support each other.

That way I get to fuck who I like and have little 20 year old tarts with tiny little bums on my arm in town, and still head home to the country where my big family benefits from aunties and family. They help out. They babysit when one of the girls wants to fuck some dude off tinder.

I would probably even get off on sending hunky male escorts done to fuck all the mothers silly. Who knows, I just marvel at the idea of having it all. Happy household with great kids, which are all looked after by a big family, while in town I have hot little sugar babies and pick up teenage sluts by offering them $1000 for sex, depending on how hot they are, and then just offering them less and less until they will basically show up for free alcohol and food and $50 for their “cab” that the can keep. Then you get them into threesomes, and then you know they arent going to get jealous.

Each of those girls has the choice of whether she wants to take the step to move to the house. Many girls may feel that they have better prospects within that environment that it’s not me they come back for, but the fact that my home represents total financial and emotional support for a mother.

They may not ever meet a man for whom they can create that kind of security and thus, my concubine prevails because they want a better life for themselves and their children and that’s what I offer.

This post turned kind of crazy but do you know what? You need to know what your options are. We have options, My main goal is to get a woman pregnant in the next 5 years. That’s my main priority in life.

I just feel stink about the idea that when I’m super rich, even when I’m 50, I will be able to date hot 30 year olds for passing flings, and bang models for cash, as well as have sugar babies – but because I’ve got a wife, I have to put a lid on it. I want to have a wife who knows I love her and I’m always coming home, but I want my fun too.

The idea is to turn on all the lights in the hallway and leave every door open.

My kiwi baby mamas down on the farm. My sophisticated russian wife in my house. Two naughty 17 year old daddys girls who like getting high and sucking cock in the apartment waiting until after my date with my latest star now bunny when I’m just testing the water to see how sugary this baby is. It’s brilliant again because the context gets mixed up. I’m having dinner with her to ascertain whether she’s comfortable as a performer exploring some of the territory I’m interested in looking at.

Again you need to work the money. If you offer her $2k and end up spending 20 or 30 hours together doing really emotionally charged material, I think if there’s going to be fucking, it will happen, or you make a connection with a girl who might fuck you later because she needs daddy and daddy’s money and even daddy’s dick in her life for a few weeks.

But then there’s overseas. I talked about this before, like if I have 2 or 3 healthy children here and they are growing up, shouldn’t I use my money to breed more? A woman in a poor country with $50k is rich. But I’m not being smart and using the plans I have in place. You buy a house and play the same game.

Get a house, get a girlfriend, get her pregnant, but tell her you have to go back to NZ to work, but she can live in the house, with her faimly even, and leave her in the house. But how can you do all of this without . . . you tell her you have a family back in NZ, but you will let her live in the house and send her money and visit every year

It seems so much smarter. I could do it in thailand, I could have houses all over the world, working on the same principal. But I wouldn’t want more than four to be honest, because I feel I’d be obliged to visit and stay each year but I would probably encourage them to get married again and then give them $5k as a wedding gift, the house empty, and so I start again!

Or possibly I could start working to bring them over and set them up in their own place.

What’s the limit? It’s arbitrary. Over a dozen though would suggest I am neglecting my appointed heirs.

It seems crazy. I guess I am crazy. No one would think the way that I do, 1 or 2 kids is a lifestyle choice for them and they would feel obligations as fathers, whereas I would feel many women in thailand or wherever, colombia, ukraine, would do better to raise a child than a NZ woman.

It makes me realise that if they were daughters I would have to bring them to NZ by the time they were teenagers, but that would be more ideal really. It’s possible as they got older I would collect them on my way home for the summer and they would head home in the new year. Imagine all the mothers together, like 7. That would be diabolical.

I guess the question is how realistic is this. Would you honestly prefer to have 8+ children to 7+ mothers and not have a real relationship with any of them?

Perhaps that’s extreme but the idea is sound because foreign chicks won’t be put off by the idea you already have kids. Especially since you can always use this stuff as an excuse why you cant spend more time with them, especially when you say look i want to start a family, I want to buy you a home but I can’t bring you out to NZ for a few years.

Asian girls are very business, they can be patient to uphold the deal. Latin girls are passionate, they would probably marry another dude. Ukrainian girls, are probably best if I bring them to NZ to find a husband.

I think the reality is its an amazing hedge because I will likely develop a romantic attachment that is more permanent with one of them. I was never worried about women leaving me except for the kids. Now, well I’m hedged, it is unlikely I will remain on good terms with them all and that inevitably one or more will try to hurt me by taking the kids away.

Much like what happened with Louis, I will just have to allow it and do my best to help as I am bound from afar by simply carrying out the duties I have to provide.

6 kids is enough, maybe more, but 5 mothers maximum unless some unique opportunities arise. Remember more kids mean more chances one may end up in jail or committing suicide or whatever and I would be drawn into that to the detriment of the family. But as soon as my oldest children were no longer teenagers I would deputize them.

I’m in my 60’s, I’m taking lots of coke and banging whores and playing strategy games and whatever. I’ve got 4 other kids, 10-5. As the middle kids become teens it’s up to the eldest to steer them in preparation for the fact that by the time I’m 70 everyone else is on their own. Imagine if my dad was still alive?? It’s not impossible and it’s not even that unlikely.

What the real problem is is womens emotions. You just aren’t going to get girls who are fine with you having an open relationship.

You need a slow reveal that is honest. I have kids and an open relationship.

How realistic is this?


What am I so ashamed of? I can’t have a real relationship with a girl who doesn’t speak proper english. I’m choosing a poor girl as a human incubator for the fact she is poor and young rather than a woman of any type I have a real emotional connection to.

I guess I just am prioritising what I want out of the relationship. A good mother who is loyal and likes sex.

So I do want a sex doll/incubator? Is that it?

I guess I recognise my problem and I want a solution. The only solution is to remain dispassionate as you progress forward.

It may truly be that there are no opportunities before that time, and we can only just focus on health and art and fashion and that is all there is.


I think what we’re seeing here is there are possibilities, and we have to see what opportunities there are available. I could have a deep passionate relationship with a head turning stunner I attract in russia where I am known as a wealthy kiwi who DJs. Or as this goal remain s frustrating and the culture is too difficult, slowly I get older, my commune builds out and ever more women encircle me as I grow wealthier, they are accepting of my terms.

But a kid needs a dad. There’s no reason I couldn’t be there for them, especially trying to bring them together on one property, it’s just the kids overseas would probably have to spend their first few years overseas before coming to NZ, and what’s more it’s about how thin you can spread your focus, more than half a dozen people is too much. The women don’t need so much attention, but too many kids is too many kids. I’m talking in my 50’s, my first wife will be sick of me, but we can’t ever know what will happen.

What counts is the option is there. That the only thing I care about is raising some children in a happy family environment,

Could I really do both, my naive russian wife and 2 happy children, meanwhile down the road, live 3 solo mothers, I can’t visit them every day. Twice a week is fine.

What would the kids think though?

I think it’s about living happily together. Lies and secrets are no good. Maybe it could become unavoidable. Or maybe I would just have to be honest with my wife and tell her I want to be part of a different type of family. She’s my wife and I would never abandon her.

What if I was like richard in mad men, with baby mamas like Joan doing there own thing. I would have to explain to my wife. I am a very wealthy man. The only way a lot of these women are going to be able to raise their own child is if I get them pregnant

But wait, if she lives on the commune, how does anyone know the kid is mine? Why wouldn’t I want to take all the commune kids out, especially if most of them are mine?

What I was worried about was having my kids flip out discovering they have brothers and sisters they didn’t know about, that would mess them up. This way they know their brothers and sisters they just don’t understand this until theyre older.

So basically a girl I like who I bang in the city could begin to visit the commune between finding out that the choice is there. Have my baby. You’ll have support. It’s free love down there anyway. As long as privately I can be certain it’s mine, then, publicly I can be oh so supportive, who the father is doesn’t matter, we have t support her. Basically as long as I know the kid is mine, I would encourage her to bang some of the other guys, and claim that the issue is irrelevant. One of te wmen on the commune got pregnant, and now we’re going to expand so there is a space for mother’s and children to be apart from the single men, single women and childless couples.

Even to the point I mean it, some of these kids won’t be mine, and I’ll still be raising them. A lot of solo mothers at the commune would be great because they get a benefit and they can share duties, as well as taking some of the lads into their beds, so that the lads are more enjoying of their time there.

So I have my wife and 2 kids at the country house, down at the commune there are several mothers – and two of the kids are mine. In the city I have my apartment where I pay young guys to bring party girls back and the ones I like get to stay, and the longer they stay the more I convince them come live on the commune, live is easy, have a kid, fuck whichever guys you like, fuck the young woofers and backpackers, do what you like, we have a good time.

It’s possible that women who have my children overseas could be then brought back to the commune. They would know I am married and this is there ticket out. Have my kid, be cool for 3-4 years while my wife adjusts to being effectively head wife, learn english, learn skills, work for me, helping me, move to NZ to the commune, find a nice man.

Will I cuckold every dude on the commune, setting them up with chicks from russia, south america and phillipines who already have half cast kids?

They will all bring more people, bring their families, so much culture and food on the commune.

I guess it means although there are some lies, in that for the first few years, most people won’t know theyre my kids, eventually, it must resolve into a single household where the kids can grow up together and be cared for with myself and their mothers.

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