Getting Girls Working

by Matt on February 18, 2016

I am kind of getting bored for the first time in a long time – it shows I am pushing forward into new spaces where things I’ve done are behind me and I am waiting for my next adventure to begin.

I think of my apprentice concept because it is about pushing a solid idea that I would be behind whether or not it involved getting into association with young women.

This is not wasting my time trying to chase young sluts, this is working towards a goal in such a way that allows me to mix with young women because this will motivate me.

The way I see it I throw down the job ads on the jobsites, get my first person and put them on facebook organising the ad campaign. This should get a few coming in.

We won’t go pyramid too early.

It’s content, websites, ad campaigns, first. Flyers and posters, build your own team. You are me. I am your customer, but if theyre a hot girl then I won’t be that way at all. See now we’re talking. We’re working together. She can edit the video, she can do stuff with together. We work together, I just need one girl at a time. Different girl every day.

So when you get back, do your own jobsite listing and start from there. Only do the facebook yourself if you start getting desperate because we can do schools ourselves and whatever else we think of. We don’t want to have too many now do we?

They do what I want to do. Get me gigs. Finish my videos,

Suddenly I remembered the maths girl thing, getting teenage girls who were maths and economics geeks to work for me.

This I considered was a way to groom assistants that were loyal. Good girls from good families. What you’re hoping is that after a year you have an employee who is completely trustworthy and already earning the best money an 18 year old could hope for. In 3 years this whole thing could have played out, we only need to build someone’s loyalty over a year or two and we will be breaking through. I can put them on a salary of a mid level accountant when theyre 20 and they can be a big girl with a big girls job, working for the marxist tony stark, that guy who does the videos, the parties, the DJ, etc.

It’s quite possible I may have a few. This could actually be my fund. My money is in my account, I check it once a day and it is totally secure.

Then I set up other accounts for the girls. It’s a eggs in one basket situation. If one girl ever goes rogue for whatever reason, she doesn’t bring down my empire.

The girls don’t need to know there’s no investors. They can still go with me to trading events, theyre the ones who have to learn the stuff, and being mathletes, they will understand all the fibonacci retracements etc. I mean this is at the stage that if the business is legit, then I can approach the schools saying i’m looking for senior students, just be careful about specifying girls. I think actually what I should say is I have a couple of boys already and I am looking for a girl.

It’s also that a young girl is likely to see this as just a job, it will never connect that she could trade herself. Of course it will eventually, but it would be especially hard for a young person to commit themselves to this kind of life and setting up a front as a proper company will create this impression that just having the system for trading is not enough, when of course it is.

Women are not so likely to strike out from the group. Also of course if the girls think they’re competing it will make them competitive for my approval. Building a group dynamic will build an internal culture of loyalty and efficiency.


I just end up thinking of my wife again, could I ask her, look it’s the infidelity thing.

Are yu going to forgive me when I cheat because I will promise you I will never leave you, but I can’t promise I won’t cheat. I believe in a marriage which is a partnership where you make each other happy.

But it really depends on the girl and our relationship.

The fact is I do prefer smart girls to dizzy bitches, but at the same time if she was super hot and like a big dumb dog, while still being competent in maternal tasks, but otherwise unaware of any complexity, and never ever questioned where I was if I simply say “at work” then I wouldn’t turn it up.

In fact let’s be honest, it’s so very preferable. A dumb wife and a smart mistress. But I respect smart women so much more, I guess it just depends on the girl. I’ll soon find out how jealous and suspicious she is and then I can say to her, look, one day I am going to fuck somebody else so how will you react, will we break up or not, because we may as well break up now.

But it just seems this idea of having a wife and family, a teen slut on the side, and having numerous affairs with girls I once lusted after, isn’t that a lot of work? I guess it is but all else I’d be doing is my beats and my videos, which means I’d mix with a lot of girls.

But fantasy is what it’s all about.

The reality is it would be hard to maintain more than 2 affairs and I would most likely get either high turnover, but then a lot of background activity where I may see someone like camille only once or twice a year,

I believe I should be able to keep my philandering under control – teens, star now actresses, apprentices, whores, plenty to choose from. I might have a girlfriend etc but the reality is two things – you need a supply chain to keep the teen girls coming and you don’t want your wife to know. So we focus on dizzy bitches.

We don’t really post new NYL stuff much at first, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover first, that way the girls just take their money and nothing is hear of I’m posting these vids up and eventually they’re seen. People watch them, do the girls then trace me back to kurb and then to the commune, oh my god he’s rich commune guy. now here’s a news story. rich commune guy pays to fuck teenage girls in home videos. Great.

Where’s the evidence? This is all part of the viral campaign for the series. We need a wall – either the teens don’t know I’m married because that’s not online, or my wife doesn’t know I’m cavorting because she doesn’t know the channel.

Your best chance is keeping NYL split between star now girls who are your sugarbabies, one night girlfriends, and the teens who are groomed up from the system to be little whores on call I really only need 1 reliable one, but it would be good to have a few who call every month or so for money, and I would be paying them all to do filming with me anyway. Pay them for filming, get wasted, be naughty, done, you can push on to see what you can get regularly.

You can only really trawl the streets for this but I honestly think we will soon set up a shadow agency that is for NYL and for our adult site, whores. This is to get the young guys recruiting chicks, in fact this may come through the apprentice, getting some guys on this. They can prove their worth by recruiting girls. The girls are the only ones who make it through. If theyre hot Ill just pay them to hang ot with me while I mack them.

At first the boys may bring back dodgy chicks, whatever. I’m out there cruising, I see a hot chick I’m offering her $20p/hr. Much better than a whore, jesus!

The idea is that now we’re getting them to work for this women’s organisation I have come up with so I don’t need to play my hand too much at all at first. Or we’ve got different tentacles, the finance tentacle, the NYL tentacle, and then a tentacle which is full adult business so the super sluts and whores go to the adult section, the silly young sluts go to NYL, and the good girls go to finance.


I was up thinking of whores again. I don’t really like whores but I don’t see any other way right now.

How can I work, how can I grind like this without the rewards? The chicks on tinder are fucking scum, they’ve got nothing that anyone would want. At least whores are hot even if they are a soulless pit to throw your money into.

That’s why it’s hard for me to go to whores when my money isn’t locked. But I take joy in the fact that in a few months peeling off $200 to bang an 8 will be nothing.

And psychologically you get that shift – you’re not desperate for sex, you’re not intimidated by fucking an attractive woman, even one that’s only pretending to be into you if she at all bothers, and when you see a hot chick you’re not intimidated by her status because you know instrinsically the sum of what her status offers is valued at $200.

When what a women has to offer is available to you on tap it is no longer some preciousness, and in sensing your deeply held disinterest you become more attractive to her.

What hell it is to be a woman that the only way to override her default setting of dismissiveness is to dismiss her first. It just seems so witless to consider the world in such a stupid way, that of lazy unthinking processes.

It’s just likely that at that stage whores will lose their appeal mainly because paying a mid level whore $200 to be nice to you for 30 minutes has nowhere near the indulgence of spending the night with your sugar baby enjoying a meal and a date and a nice hotel suite with a sexy young student who is intelligent.

But that’s what I’m starting to realise, my money will open so many doors that who knows who I will meet that I decide I like to bone, this is the insane freedom I experience now through fantasy.

First the teenage sluts, then the high school sweethearts, then it becomes basically like hotter versions of sara, women whos body and mind I can enjoy.

If sara was hot. What then? No I couldn’t marry her. I am starting to hate western women’s attitudes how they just hate everything and think everything is shit and say “gay” about everything they don’t even think about what they’re criticising, they just dismiss it petulantly and though these women are smart and independent it’s just such a shit out look on life. I know it’s cynicism and cynicism is always a fight to protect the last bit of goodness left, but with teenage-minded girls (even 30yo ones) it’s all such a performance, it’s like they’re trying to do a bit of thinking with their heads just to see what it’s like and they found the easiest default was just dismissal toward anything that can’t penetrate the shield of their curiousity.

Female shield defences. By hating everything they protect themselves from anything that isn’t absolutely lovable. It’s an easier way to filter garbage than grasping nuance and complexity, so it’s rudimental female behaviour for a young filly learning the ropes.

That’s why I would likely keep my camilla parker bowles and despite my stunning russian wife have a kiwi girl who is my mistress who I am on an intellectual level with, even though it is really a masquerade because my power is so hard to conceal and she’ll eventaully crumble and ask me to pay some of her bills or use my clout in some way.

Much like sara as long as she is associated with me she will never find a stable relationship, but I am greedy. She may already be married and I am attracted to a situation which my power isn’t in play like when I simply over power 18 year old girls by offering them thousands of dollars to sleep with me. All I need to do is buy a $15k sportscar and tell girls the keys are in my jocks. But that would get old.

This is the point I’m making. After the whores. After the sugar babies, and perhaps after the stunning russian sweetheart who I marry, my pursuits may be what I enjoy, a classy women I enjoy spending my time with and who enjoys making love to me not because of my money or what I buy her, but because she knows I enjoy my time with her.

I can be honest with her, my wife is my children’s mother. You are my friend, and we enjoy the benefits of friendship, which to me being a male, is sex and the companionship of someone I can enjoy a discussion or performance with who is not my wife. Maybe it will be imogen or camille even.

You have to be aware that reigning over an empire of troubled young sluts is probably not what you want. To pursue affairs with women who fall across your path – and given that you are running media business, a youtube show and a finance brand associated with feminism, you are going to be meeting a lot of women.

There’s no point going to all the effort to create a conveyor belt of sluts. Do your plans. The girls will be there, we’ve built these plans to involve women, you’ll find hot chicks get old pretty quickly and you’ll quickly find you would rather spend time with an 8 you get on with than a 9 who can’t engage with anything complex, and yknow like kamila you just spend weeks fixating on her tits and fucking her like an impatient child opens a gift. That’s why with a russian wife, after a little while you get used to the fact that she’s a 9. You still feel proud when she’s on your arm, that’s what it’s about, but she won’t be an object of obsessive lust but a hearty home cooked meal to come home to.

Right nw I just feel so uninterested in tinder because these bitches are trash. But I can’t graduate to whores and not just because it would still be irresponsible fiscally at this stage, but because it seems like a miserable exercise. You fuck a hot chick, it’s over in 15 minutes, youre $200 poorer, and what have you achieved? It’s pointless.

Until you’re making $2k+ trading and you feel it’s time to become more adjusted to a higher lifestyle where all you might desire is accessible. Like I keep saying that a whore helps set the market value of what fucking a reasonably hot chick is worth, totally negating the scarcity value and mystery of it all.

The thing is I realise these tinder bitches are also a massive waste of time, it takes hours of effort to get them into bed and when does it ever pay off by becoming regular? I just think of casey again and being pissed off I had to bring her dinner because she was fat.

Your shitty hell is to slave away on your trading for another month or two.

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