Hustling For Girls

by Matt on February 8, 2016

There is an article in the paper today about dudes using living arrangements for free rent to lure in girls to live with them.

Last night I jumped on star now to grab a girl for a tiny bit part.

And that polynesian chick I was having fun banging has been back in touch with me and is keen to meet up.

Girls on star now. Girls on tinder. Girls who need a room.


I know if all I have to do is my music and my archiving, then honestly I will have so much time. And so the hustle will be real, I’ve got tinder channels, start now channels, room channels, I have my apprentice program waiting in the wings. The hustle is real.

Free Rent for Girlfriend.

Man seeks traditional arrangement:

Spare room in 3 bedroom house, only occupant single guy (euro, 30’s, fit, work from home) seeking single female for living arrangement.

You will have your own private bedroom. Rent and bills free, looking to discuss arrangement for services required, cleaning, work, some cooking, strictly consensual intimacy.

Food and spending money provided on arrangement.

Temporary or long term.

Busy, ambitious man, no time to play the dating game. The arrangement is as it is, let’s chat more.

This is a situation which I just allow to happen because I’ve put up with this bullshit for so many years now. This is exactly what I’m about now, how can I tax my mind over these tiny stupid things.

My only reaction is to become increasingly resentful of women. The only thing that makes all this bullshit that life in constantly full of bearable is having a good woman and a root, but no, it cannot be, because it’s a million stupid games. They want to waste your time on tinder, waste your time as they dither about while theyre still young and hot and can afford to fuck every guy around, it is completely their prerogative.

That one beefy staunch guy they were fucking who they will drop everything for, while you’re just this miserable bastard who can’t afford to play the game because you actually want to make a life of yourself, you don’t have time for these stupid games. It makes me so resentful, it makes me think of gemma and elyse, how I was just kind of like . . . how can you be so outraged that I’ve been fucking you round? Do we not live in the world we built, do we not lie in the beds we made?

Did someone tell you wisdom and understanding would feel nice? I’m so sorry.

But it goes beyond a narrative where the world is a shitty place and sometime this is a fact you so naively forget.

It’s understanding the frustration I feel of just being ignored and snubbed, toyed with by women. It’s not something that infuriates me, it’s the knowledge that minor frustrations like this manifest because of bigger issues that remain subliminal.

Do I think feminism is some curse, that 20 something women can dither and pursue this pattern of hedonism that is eventually reconciled when their looks can no longer afford them the dreams they once had? Not at all. It simply is what is. In years past we knew it was the stupid and human failings of everyday men, drunken and violent and selfish that inflicted damage on families.


I’m fantasizing about my new superhive

You need a couple of chicks to make sure there’s coffee and food, hangover, comedown cures, drugs and alcohol, place stays reasonably tidy, I mean I reckon you need a boss mum who makes various groms, posers, dealers, skanks that orbit rotate, they

women are by no means expected to provide sex. but if theyre just there for the rock star ride and havent got anything to offer, they need to be on their way. The best way is the thai way.

You set every guy up with a girl. No girlfriends. One guy one girl, there can be extra girls but they need to be fun, that is facilitating swaps. Invite your friend if she wants to fuck basically.

By the time it’s one girl for each guy you only invite more chicks around if it’s through the girls and they know the deal.

The job of the first girl is to find another girl, and then 3 on the first night we’ve got like 10 chicks there, and then our main chick just organises one for each dude, like ok girls, who is fucking who?


I think about my trading and the ability to make a few hundred available for sex.

staff, star now: $300
girls: $300
airbnb, promo
digital apprentice website. Premiere, new computers, vacuum cleaner: $2k

How long would it take me to diddle through $10k? Probably a lot longer than you think – what it does is get you used to spending the money, making mistakes spending the money, when it is beginning to seem apparent that come july or august our trading will begin to justify income for our projects.

I think I am convincing myself that being predatory is actually completely fine.

Why? Women manipulate men sexually constantly, to be afraid to manipulate women is to fight with one hand behind your back.

I don’t make the rules.

The rules appear to be that in romance, there is no regulation and women can be as mysterious in their intentions as they like.

Just as women put this pressure on men to arrest the sexual assault problem, I am only taking my cues from them, that when you want something you simply apply pressure to get it.

I don’t care about sexual assault, I am not physically large so it simply isn’t realistic let alone something I would personally find atrocious. I just want to get laid. So as long as I maintain my contract to stay within the law, it seems manipulating women and applying various pressure on them is completely fine. I am not looking to make friends.

I am not concerned that it would change my character. Either it’s already changed, or really, that’s the whole point of a cute young girlfriend, to make you feel young and carefree. It does work.

The way I see it is that women’s pussies are not some magic cave. As long as you are not physically coercing them to have sex with you and you have their consent, any way you attain that consent is pretty much kosher.

When they are drunk they can’t really consent.

I’m saying manipulating young girls into fucking you using money, drugs, lies, is basically fine.

The point is as long as you’re not physically harming them, then youre not harming them. Their pussy isn’t a sacred cave, a bit of in out isn’t going to ruin their lives you just end up another guy that fucked for whatever expedience or emotion was involved in the situation.

NYL will so be the reality trying to pretend it’s fake.

I mean 16 year old girls can give consent so yeah, start by offering $100 for a blow job.

Placing an add for escorts and asking for a test drive. All kinds of deviant behaviour. Of course it becomes cult because it’s raw it’s actually about me, I’m that DJ, I’m a trader, I go around in my aston martin and I’m always paying women to have sex with me.

It’s supposed to be about a bunch of empowered girls living in a house making a show and I’m the goofy dad figure, who is kind of charlie to their angels, or I reoccur as pirate, dj, and business guy.

That’s the fake ass premise. The reality is I’ve set up a production company which is basically a sex pyramid scheme. You move up by convincing 2 other girls to come on the show which is basically my attempts to manage multiple sugar babies, who all live in an apartment so it actually starts to take on this dishevelled crack den vibe.

That’s the vie that people who knew would know it’s not this show that it pretends to be, and part of the show is peeling off the mask and that I am a sick pervert manipulating all the girls but it’s so subtle you just wouldn’t pick it up unless somebody said “he’s a business man millionaire trader, those are all his crackwhores he keeps in an apartment downtown”

Then you start to see that the happy pirate or the bumbling forex guy or loser DJ are actually not innocuous at all.

You can hire the pirate. You can watch the forex reports we do. Then see the out takes where she’s fucked up and I’m berating her. Then I’m pirate again haha, pirate is pissed off. Pirate drives around in his aston martin giving coke to young actresses he bones.

It’s weird. Like if this is all bullshit but real then how did you get an aston martin?

What’s it about? It’s the real deal. It’s about the sexual market place, a group of girls who are making it on their looks and what that means for them.

We have a website for young models. we go out to film them. I explain to them that the premise is I am a creep and we have to talk about how far you want the scene to go, basically, the initial plot is always around me trying to fuck them while lying to them about their modelling career and one minute we’re in character I’m seedy and she’s high as fuck tottering on heels being propped up by some dodgy dude, then next we’re out of character we’ve got this weird brother sister or creepy are they fucking vibe, the vibe is this pervasive are they fucking?

I play an absolute villain and pervert. It’s supposed to be so jarring how nice and innocent I seem in most scenes but there’s always the odd shot where you can see what a filth rat I am

That’s why people watch it because I am so fucking creepy because of how my mind thinks of new ways to get sex, and that I am totally innocuous, I seem so harmless, but people watch because it feels so real that I am this creepy dude doing this. Eventually there will be actresses, and even classy girls who could play girls I date who have no idea I am such a pervert.

Again the hard honesty. Talking to the camera about why I film all this stuff, am I american psycho, am I a bad person, it’s an incredible investigation into morality.

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