Nice Young Interns

by Matt on February 27, 2016

It really is just going to be me paying hot girls to hang out with me, I’m hoping that even if I don’t get laid I will be motivated to get work done.

Like the idea of paying a professional to do the job seems stupid unless we actually have someone who is going to kill the job, but as for our little apprentices who can’t book gigs, can’t edit videos, and can’t run a cd dvd company, well, they had better be hot.

That’s how I see it I pay hot girls to hang out with me and even if theyre useless at least theyre hot and if they get to useless I will just get sleazier and sleazier until something gives. Brilliant plan.

So you have to see this thing as really a girl thing, but it will eventually turn up talent and you will get things done. Hot girls can learn to edit. and make videos, and organise gigs, they would be good at that.

I can’t pay them heaps and be sure the job is done, that’s fantasy land. I have to do it myself but if I have someone else with me they can lend a hand to make it easier, and if theyre a hot young girl then I am much mre motivated in the situation. If they are particualrly hot I can happily pay them $20 an hour and then breach the subject of them being paid more if they wore just their knickers, and as I said get it going on sleazy from there.

The point is if I paid each of these girls $50 for 3 hours it would be a good deal for both of us. I’d only end up spending $250 a week, we see creeping into it the moment we get back as the way.

If they answer the ad we say to them you come every afternoon, you stay for 3 hours, $30. But really we have to target hot chicks. They’re the only ones who I can offer $20 p/hour to and then just hit on them if it’s not worth it. But then I end up spending that money every day playing benny hill. It’s better than what I do now though right?

This way we at least get them doing some discs or editing video, rather than me just fawning over them and seeing if they will fuck me.


I was just interrupted mid rant I was ranting about whores.

Pissed off about these tinder bitches just how theyre all either fat fucking losers or callous bitches who simply don’t give a fuck theyre just too self absorbed in their own emotional worlds.

You can’t be resentful and bitter, it’s immature and there is no point, you have learnt that trying to have relationships with women on their terms is not going to work.

The point I got to was just being so mad that once you have money and that with which you can manipulate women, they all come lining up, once you have status and fame you’ll be swatting them away from your dick because that is the curse of it.

Now it’s coming back. Men are addicted to pussy and it is both a blessing and a curse that women can control men, and yet so can any woman who is sufficiently hot enough.

A man is resentful he requires pussy to function normally, while a woman is cursed that the only man she desires is one that can cheat on her and therefore most likely will.

And so it is that the very forms we take seem to punish us. But it seems to be that pussy must be regulated by social pressure, that is women cannot give it out, and men cannot take it. Women who give it out are shamed, and so are men who take it and yet the rapist and the cad must be similarly restricted and placed into a similar category because they enrage men by accessing pussy they have not earned.

It is foolish to feel you should not serve your own needs.

When I am rich, young girls will flock to my dick. Rather than being resentful about this, be happy that you weren’t short and perpetually poor, or even tall and smart that some chick would have got the dick clamp on you already, did you know if I did not follow this path I would never have discovered that it is my joy to sleep with dozens of sex women, charm young actresses, continue long term affairs with my teenage crushes, keep a couple of teenage sugar babies, and proposition random women I encounter simply because there is little consequence.

I am thinking it is time to end my old life on tinder and start using whores regularly in preparation for the end of the age of sexual scarcity.

I will continue to write this blog because it’s important to me to draw a distinction between what is fairplay when pursuing pussy. It may be a n incredible advantage that women perceive me as innocuous and are quickly led to believe I am utterly ensnared by their pussy never realising I bone all kinds of chicks.

What do I want? I don’t want to be enraged that life is not going well because I can’t connect with a women and each day it is making me feel like shit when I have become fairly convinced that women feel they can do whatever they like, all tactics are open to them and there is no real honour or dignity.

I am not making any promises and I don’t owe these chicks anything.


I don’t want whores. It’s not my deal.

I will go.

Hi, I saw your ad and I liked the personal touch of your profile.

Paying for sex is not something I am used to, I am often on tinder but I am a career man and the ups and downs of tinder can be a real distraction when dealing with my work.

You seem like a professional lady with a mature personality that I would enjoy spending time with over most encounters I’ve had with sex workers in the past that have been quite cold and made me quite anxious and sometimes unable to perform, when really I just want to enjoy some kissing a short blow job and straightforward sex.

I would like to visit you sometime as late as possible. I am happy to bring money for an hour but realistically, I probably won’t last very long as I am not in practice.

I am 5’7. Tall women are something of a fetish but it’s more I feel I enjoy the sex when it’s more relatable

Look fuck this. What I am saying is that you need to follow up the moral conclusions here.

I am not interested in whores. I want sex and I am quite happy to manipulate women into it and that’s why the money you would spend on whores should be deployed into hiring young girls to work for me and crossing the line

I did consider, why is it hot to hook up sex with some tinder chick but a whore is somehow dirty and gross and weird? Because it’s their job. There’s no adventure. You just get your dick juiced and they move on. I’m paying $150 or more, you want a decent root for that price. I can’t deal with whores because $200 is not throwaway to me yet. One day it will be but that is still months away.

I would rather put my money on the trading, it keeps coming back to the same thing!

Hiring young chicks? Star now? Trawling for teens? Whores? Every idea is better when my money is better.

So how do I entertain myself?

Do what you have to do. Ride it out.

The conversation I went into is how money flicks the switch on girls and makes them easy. But then, as I’ve realised it was everything. Be a superstar DJ. Be a writer and a film producer exploring a strong narrative I devised. Show people a new way to live outside the city. Build an investment firm built on social justice principals. Put physical initimidation down on a selection of people who actively pursued my suffering.

A lot of these actions are the mere settling of debates that weren’t worth having.

Taste the fruit, but grow the seed. It may be that I am reasonably open about this, letting the girls know that I am sexually attracted to younger women, in fact that’s what this feminvestment idea is, it’s the debate where we do it right.

I so love the plotline of NYL being the business within the show which is just a trading version of the NYL girls. Instead of a bunch of bimbos being exploited for their sexual appeal, it’s exactly the same template applied to maths girls, so utterly inspired by charlotte, who was 16, who was a maths genius, and who I was trying to corrupt so I could at least touch her big boobs.

I am not attempting to seduce any young girls. Well okay, I mean it’s not a priority. The purpose of the business is to allow young gifted trustworthy and loyal women – starting just in their teens – to take my techniques and build a business which funnels profit into refuge and rape crisis. I also make very little attempt to obscure the fact that I enjoy pursuing casual sex with young women because it makes feel young and adventurous.

They are old enough to give their legal consent, which is certainly what I would seek, but also I have to address them to let them know that if they are uncomfortable with me discussing sexual matters, then they need to let me know. It’s not appropriate for me to pursue a romantic connection with you in the same as if you were a few years older and I was not effectively, your boss. But my door is always open, as they say.

Taste the fruit, but plant the seed. Leave a girl in better condition than you found her. That’s what it is. It’s not exploitation, it is simply internalized shame working to make you control your sexual urges so they don’t cause problems with other men who are angry that I am taking sexual rewards that I am not perceived to be entitled to.

But I am entitled. I simply read the play, if I got rich and used the money to create not only status but an environment where I have status over young women I am in regular direct contact with, it would be inevitable that they begin to compete for the rewards of my favour. You only have to set me up with 6 girls attempting to impress me and it’s inevitable the prettiest one will lead with her trump card to beat out the smartest and hardest workers.

That’s where my resolution leads, I can’t see women as the adversary, it just won’t work for me, but I see the poison trap, I see the dance of death that men and women partake in, you can’t really blame women for wanting to drag you down with them, to basically tear your head off as they succeed in gaining the dispatch of your seed. It is the nature of the thing.


But here’s where it ends. The interns are just for you to try and fuck. Once you have the money you press go on interns, go on music, and go on video.

Without the money what is there to actually do?

I can start on all these jobs but it’s just infuriating having to plod along on this stuff on my own.

There needs to be something excitng we can do.

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