Power Teen Pimping with Cash

by Matt on February 12, 2016

It is so much more important to stay focused on the pussy rather than getting into the pussy politics, feminism and all that bullshit, you need to stay focused rather than giving into the shit test and getting all worked up about some politics issue.

I was just cruising past the high schools and I saw two particularly sexy blonde schoolgirls, just the sort I’m talking about, surfing through life on a wave of constant male attention that won’t fade for 10 years at least. They are a hot chick.

I am no longer shackled by the idea that I have to be a decent person.

I am not committed to any act that is likely to cause a moral retribution, but basically my policy is anything that is legal is fine. Trawling high schools for slutty chicks of which we know there certainly will be a few is totally legit, offering girls money to work for me with no effort to hide the fact my interest in them is sexual.

To me it’s honest. To society it is evil because I am exploiting girls innocent sexuality, anything that disrupts productivity is policed, and older men grooming teenage girls for sex is certainly disruptive to the model where young men compete to enslave themselves to this pussy through the brats that come out of it.

Again I turn to the further reaching implications, I don’t care if they come or go or get knocked up. Some may prefer to see me as daddy, and want to get knocked up to secure a cash line.

I might even have to give them a talk, your child will be smart and never poor but never particularly attractive my sons will be short like me and my daughters could easily get my nose or my double chin for which they’ll need more than my mothers tits.

Where does all this come from? It’s how you see things once the moral framework gets shredded and you say well, I don’t have to believe that. I am just a normal man who wants to fuck teenagers, it’s natural. It’s not going to hurt them, plenty of girls, dare I say a majority, go through a slutty phase where they fuck a bunch of different guys with out much thought to find out what they feel about that.

There are girls who would genuinely benefit from being my sugarbaby.

Like seriously. I treat all the women I sleep with with respect, I am grateful to enjoy their pussies and have no problem playing taxi, listening to them yabber or buying them shit. They will more than likely remember a few important lessons about life I repeat to them, whether or not they really ever heed it.

I only want their pussies or to arrange to meet them in a public toilet on their way home from school. Jesus sweet christ.

But I didn’t get to the important part. I don’t care who they fuck or if they’ve got a boyfriend, so I contribute to the epidemic of sluts on the make by enabling young women to be little sluts by providing financial incentives without even depriving them of the chance for them to have serious boyfriends as well who never even know even after the brats come out that she was a little whore and I’m so sick I would still be banging her behind her husband back when I’m 55 and she’s 30 because I am the sort of guy who is turned on by the thought of slipping through the backdoor on my way across town to fuck some dudes slut wife who used to be a sexy little teen slut that I’d fuck in a public toilet on her way home from school.

Old sluts, young sluts. In fact I may even approach the guys just because it is such pure evil to get a 16yo boy to convince his girlfriend to spend the night with me for $500.

That is so much hotter than a high class hooker and better also because I then try to convince her to see me behind his back. Pretty soon he’s a cheap pimp, and the moment they fight, she comes to me I mean she’s already fucking me, she’s already spending my money, why wouldn’t she just come to me, especially when she knows I don’t even care if she looks for a new boyfriend or even keeps fucking him.

Or as I say subtley influence guys, groom guys, especially hot guys, to go collect drunk girls and bring them back, especially chubby ones. Hot girls are hard work even when theyre 16, theres always some other dude on the scene, and most of them still think with their pussy anyway theyre not into my money really, it’s just boredom and indolence that leads them to fucking me, but I bet there will be a fraction that are gold diggers and natural born whores who come back for money or drugs, and then there’s the ones that actually like me.

I’ll just have to talk to them and say look, you’ll always be a sidepiece. You’ll always have money, you’re not my wife, you’re not my girlfriend, we just help each other.

You may as well see other guys cos if you meet one you like, you’ll be better off, but at least life is good as it is, you’ve got a daddy.

I should build a connection. what in 3 or 4 years time Im fucking several teenage girls I mean I wouldn’t need whores or mistresses.

Teenage girls would not know how to find my wife.

I’m humbert? Probably.

I wouldn’t need to go full NYL or what could perhaps possibly happen is I collect the footage but I don’t release the material. Or they could converge, it starts off as a big joke, haha, matt you brash fool youve only got these girls on this so you can surround yourself in young tits and ass! Until it becomes apparent, oh god, you’re always fucking as long as you can squeeze the barest of consents out of them aren’t you, you pig?

It’s so bizarre that money makes all this possible.

You get rich and then you can have a fancy house, a fancy car, fill your life with little whores who want every kind of favour and emotion and feeling your money gives them, become a big shot by having a technically proficient team co-ordinating your creative vision, buy the best drugs money can buy, you can have it all. You can have it all it’s amazing.

And all I would have had to do was sit around for a couple of years and punch the numbers and wait.

It’s something to really consider that if you can make it through this now, you will really have it all. I know it’s so hard to believe.

What if I am making $50k a week? That must be the ultimate ceiling at which I say no more. But it also means again, I can keep a mistress in absolute luxury, I can pursue my fantasy fuck list – camille, imogen, faith, erin, kamila, bonnie, ashley.

But likely I’d just prefer a mistress or two I could take out on dates and a couple of teen bombshells who I have messy weekends with getting wasted and fucking and telling people I’m their dad.

two 16 year old girls, heaps of drugs, driving round in my aston martin, hiring costumes going to weird places and filming porn, trashing motels, picking up random people and trying to fuck them, convincing them to suck random dudes off, going to parties and just going crazy basically.

Do I want to pimp them if I get the chance? It depends like I said, I’d have to have a serious talk with them about what it really means to be a whore and be certain it wasn’t fucking them up any more than they already were. A troubled young chick with emotional problems is better to turn a few tricks for her rent than get the boot or whatever other stress, go hungry.

As long as they realise the true cost they give up is their innocence and they understand this, they should work their pussies. If they understand that no real man would ever marry a whore unless it was true love then go on ahead.

But as for me, I have no moral qualms, it titillates me the idea that I could offer up the most prized possession in the world, a teen girls sweet pussy – but to who and for what?

My sugarmistresses would probably be separate from my dnb groupies who just come for the drugs but know theyve been chosen because for want of a better word, theyre sluts and will likely fuck any guy who is a DJ once she’s spent a couple of hours with him and has got sufficiently wasted

It is possible that if I was able to convince a baller to commit $50k+ to my fund, I would ask one of my girls to go see him as a favour to me.

If I considered them a friend I might even explain to them, a sweet young honey pussy is worth more than money.

If I actually told the investor in more flowery language basically you can take one of prize performance vehicles for a burn, I guess that’s the power, possessing the power of women’s sexuality.

But why, for more money? I guess that’s another conversation. But really for every $100k I can get a dude to invest, that’s another $10k I’d make a week, basically, I’d only need one investor and of curse I’d have to ask at that point if investors are investing why wouldn’t I invest in myself?

Well indeed. At any point you can pop the $70k in there and just start gunning for $5k+ a week.

However just the reason why I should do it is the reason I shouldn’t.

I’m going to get there. The more I push it, the more I risk my inevitable triumph being further delayed, does it matter to a 16yo slut whether the guy she sometimes fucks for drugs is 41 or 42?

Does it matter to aspiring 21yo models whether the guy who gave her a room and lent her a car to get started and she goes out on dates and fucks most weeks, is 45 or 46?

When I’m 45 I probably won’t look more than a couple of years older, botoxed and the rest. Take little actresses out if my wife doesn’t know, whores are cheap but really, my teen sluts mean I don’t have to pay whores, or keep mistresses. I’ll have my apartment and that’s it. I won’t really need much more.

So it means like star now bitches audition there with some 17yo runaway slut hanging around? Well it is NYL it’s reality pretending not to be. I will still have this place for my city operations. My wife will be down the line, we’ll buy an apartment when we’re ready. I can tell her I’m down country working on tunes.

Like I won’t need too many places. But you’re already talking about a time where money has become stupid anyway, this is the point it comes down to – which end am I working from?

When I’m super rich and can do as I please, offer 16yos $1k or get into all sorts of dirty stuff with young teens, while still have a glamorous girl to play arm candy and trying to fuck all the chicks I missed out on, and even fucking fat housewives I get into all of this – going into some other guys house and pleasuring his fat bored wife that he has to hide $200 from each month for one go with a whore.

What are my sickest fantasies? Half a dozen skinny white girls and one huge black dude with a huge cock turbo fucking them all?

What’s so hot about that? Why is seeing a huge black dude fuck little blondes hot? Because they are getting pleasure doing something they would never do, theyre all getting hot as hell fucking this human dildo, but he can’t possibly pleasure them all so the girls are going wild wanting the next best thing, and I am going wild seeing these little blondes get absolutely plowed senseless.

Again I start to realise I don’t really have inexhaustible sexual fantasies and I’ll run out of fantasies before I run out of money.

But to return slighty back down to earth, just consider this is only all possible with cash. Offering girls jobs, gaining their trust, offering them booze and drugs, being able to offer them $50 to suck their tits, and then escalate to $500, to have somewhere to store them, little runaways, all of this is all facilitated by my trading cash, stuff of utter fantasy becomes accessible with just a little cash.

Cash is a beautiful thing, but you have to be patient to get there.

For now I am looking at whores, merely to keep me entertained until I can expand my options. They can keep me interested until I get to europe and consider my otpions there. By the time we get back we may have the money to start looking at getting these systems moving.

I ended up whacking off after getting so wound up, first looking at the whores I might like, then back on tinder, looking at all the teen girls on there, some of them are fake obviously, there just isn’t that many ultra hot single chicks around, hlaf the chicks on there are 8 or above is that real life?

The point is when I suddenly see this won’t be a fantasy. My russian wife might look like this. Like Kamila. The chicks I’m trying to game with my money when I crack could easily look like this especially when they go out and spend the money I give them on looking like a million dollars.

Imagine if when my kids were teenagers my wife and I had our lovers living in the house with our kids.

To me theyre just like live in help except we don’t pay them and we don’t hide the fact we’re fucking them. That is both of them must defer to my wife and I – these people are our guests and so they are respectful of how we live and respectful of our kids.

It’s mainly because I don’t want to bullshit the kids.

What do we tell our teenagers? Just because our main commitment is to our family and our kids, why should it mean we can’t have the kind of romantic lives anyone would choose?

The fact that I’m 55, my wife is 40, Our kids are 13 and 11, and we have 2 x 25 year olds living with us, it’s like our kids have a big brother and sister to look up to and this is the point, these are people who would otherwise be our boyfriend and girlfriend otherwise, we already be sleeping with them by the time they moved in obviously and would have had a chance to check them out but it is really a passing phase until the kids leave home, but the time the first one leaves home, I will follow quickly. Even if that. It’s a stalling thing.

What if the young guy fucks my teenage daughter? I think that’s a mum-daughter issue. I would rather she learnt about sex from somebody I trusted but it’s not my issue.

In fact it’s good that the kids have a buddy closer to their own age, so that there’s a natural good cop bad cop alliance, this is part of why theyre here, I’m not going friday night to pick my drunk daughter up from a party, that can be my wife’s boyfriends job.

What will happen? Will I knock up my one? Who knows. Will her guy move on? Who knows. It’s weird but I believe it can work if the boyfriend and girlfriend understand that when they live in our house they are part of our family and families have rules that are focused on the wellbeing of the kids.

What is the point? That the family stays together. I don’t want strange people sneaking about in the hallways and lying to the kids pretending we’re a traditional family.

My teenagers want to bring their boyfriend or girlfriend on holiday. Well so do we.

How do we explain, the relationship dynamics? Why aren’t mum and dad a couple? Well we are, and we’re committed to our family, but part of that commitment to the family is pursuing our own personal sexual expression, and this comes down to what you tell your kids about sex.

I just wanted to talk about all my ideas and suddenly I ended up with this. It is another variation.

But we know where we’re at. Whores and tinder, then europe, then when we get back we have enough money for star now, apprentice, and to relaunch the NYL talent drive, that is the modelling agency, but also doing an ad for sluts, and then finally get to a point where you start cruising schools approaching girls with an offer of work which you just play with a straight bat only deviating if you see the opportunity to connect with sluts, this is where my bad guy training comes in.

I will probably have to straight ask teenage girls if can suck their tits for $50. This is just to get the transactions underway. As I said, then move to masturbation for $50, blow job for another $50 and then say look you can’t get me off I need pussy.

But as I said, you start with your first staff person, basic website, the first video is already done. get the ads rolling. Get the posters rolling, you got a job ad up, the job ad people will start working fkyering schools or whatever. Soon we have girls coming to work for me. There’s star now. Do I even have time to cruise the streets? Well who knows.

Soon I’ve got enough money to have quantity of pussy and the refinement process must begin.

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