by Matt on May 29, 2016

So here we are back saying well I can’t write about girls on my main blog too much, I was just trying to work out how I was going to get to where I want to be and really if the main and only reward is girls then what are we really doing abut it?

We want to be doing star now and jobs.

We need to be in a constant state of recruiting fuckable chicks to work for us whether it’s actresses, interns, or trawling for sugar babies. The whole idea is to always tie looking for chicks to other efforts that increase status thereby attracting more chicks.

So I’m free each day to just write music, and chase girls, which I do by meeting actresses, hiring interns, advertising for models, or simply going out handing flyers out to school girls, or to a night spot later at night, otherwise I just do my music and trading.

The philosophy I am finding myself caught up in is that girls are the rewards and yet where are they?

All this is supposed to be leading to me fucking lots of hot girls, but where and when is this happening?

I am so sick of tinder, and so cynical and short on options I just think fuck it, we need to get a lot richer. I am just thinking in 6 months I will be so much richer it will all get clearer.

I’ll be on my trip.

On my trip I can’t do discs, I can’t fuck about with all kinds of archiving there is a brand new city on the other side of the world for me to explore. The fact that I have so much time means I have to get used to the idea that I am looking for girls.

I don’t know what my attitude toward whores will be overseas, it is possible that I will be in a strange city and of course I feel no shame. This is my idea that once I get used to the idea that I can use drugs and see whores whenever I feel like it, my confidence around women will grow because I am used to boning beautiful women, and I know how much theyre worth – about a quarter of what I make each day if that.

The power dynamics become real. I’m a guy with money who doesn’t give a shit they’re hot and doesn’t need them for a good time.


Months pass, and most of this still resonates, that’s why I’m back here.

The trading has gone so much better now and I can see my destiny, limitless options that probably tend towards teenage girls, I think I just came to terms morally with the fact that 16-19 year old girls are always going to be extremely hot to me, essentially because they are so corruptible.

I realised I would find it hot to maintain 2 or 3 teenage sugar babies, I would have an apartment just for them, I wouldn’t care if they had boyfriends – just no boys in the apartment.

I would totally level with them, i like fucking teenage girls, I’m not your boyfriend, I don’t own you. There is a place for you at my business even if we’re no longer fucking as long as you play by the rules.

I don’t feel like it’s my job to impress any girls, if they want to hang out with me while I trade and train, that’s fine, but when I work on tunes, they must leave me.

They can help with video and social media of course where they appear as my employee – unless it’s a girl who is perhaps russian and my real girlfriend. But yes I do think of having a good russian wife at home who knows I keep an apartment of teenage girls I fuck because she understands I want my toys and my playhouse, it’s better that there’s no secrets and she has a little support team she can pressgang into babysitting or whatever else. Dreams are free!

The point is yes it might be nice to have a bonnie or a kamila I could take out once a month instead of my wife, especially to the club, with a stunning kamila on your arm, even though everyone knows you’re married to a slightly older stunning camille.

Such fantasies. But this is what money buys, I won’t be chasing teenage girls all around. I’ll have my apartment and I will fill it up – actresses, interns, or trawling for sugar babies using that technique I talked about. In fact the apartment would be made to function as if it was an office for a modelling agency or marketing company – you see other than recruiting communists, these companies serve no other purpose except to recruit chicks. I don’t want to be involved in the adult industry. It’s all a front for me to recruit girls.

Yes I would do things like putting special guests in there and say come on, one of you has to give the visiting DJ a blow job at least.

The more I’ve worked through the shame of it, the more I understand that this is what I want, why bother messing around?

In the apartment there should be a video editing suite where videos get edited, the girls learn skills, and the guy teaching them gets his dick sucked too. Although it could be the direct link to ukraine where videos are getting done, but we still need social media management and it is up to these bad girls to do all the NYL stuff, in fact the whole video enterprise, even if we have 7 of them there and some are bimbos and some are really good workers who are getting free rent while I bonk all their bimbo flatmates.

That way we get these girls working on my projects. My film projects. The commune stuff is completely different. The maths girls doing feminvest are different again, there are walls dividing these units they only happen to meet when I hold parties.

The people who manage my gigs and website don’t necessarily know my videos come from an apartment full of girls I’m fucking, because they also think a lot of it comes from ukraine.

I would have a manager who knows things, and the commune would have a manager. My manager manages my content with the bimbos managing aspects of video and social media and support from ukraine, while the commune manages it’s own content. The commune, growing out of kurb, attempts to generate profit and expand. My personal organisation only exists to meet my needs for gigs and women, while managing my personal arrangements and content.

The point is my day in a year or two won’t be so different, except hopefully I would have learnt to focus this productive energy. This energy I put into this vision here tat I’m writing, I can create.

It seems the action now is to be ever more ready to hire. Jobs sites may be where I start, then I get to building the site, but what about the survey.

Basically I find hot teenage girls to do the survey. I will pay them $10 but they have to give their name, number and email address.

How old are they
how many people live in your household
brothers and sisters and ages
Have you had a job before
What was it what did it pay
What are you interested in
what is your favourite music
what is your favourite tv show
what social activities do you enjoy – typical friday night
have you ever been drunk without your parents supervision
have you tried: following drugs
Have you been depressed or suffered mental illness
have you ever self harmed
something about positive body image
have you been a victim of sexual harrassment
Are you sexually active
Do you have a boyfriend
Have you ever sexted?

. . .

Basically we assess how vulnerable they are and if theyre party sluts or good girls. Then we contact them to say can we do a follow up interview and I will meet them at burger king and just tell them that I get paid for doing this so all I need to do is hang out with them. In fact I can give them a job as my assistant. That’s when I might have to drop it in there that it’s because I think they’re hot.

Mind you, there will be some dumb girls and slutty girls who I can cut right to the chase with and say look, i thought you were hot and were wondering if youd like to make some more money. Give it that plausible deniability.

This way I have a way of talking to girls for an extended period by offering them money. That can then segue into offering them a job, or whatever seems appropriate.

However, in the cold light of day, this all seems ridiculous. Will I honestly give up hours every week stalking teenage girls in order to groom them for my sexual gratification?

Whether I have no shame is not related to whether I choose to indulge myself in a reward that isn’t worth the effort and the potential trouble. I will do some grooming for sure, and I will have an apartment for my young mistresses, but pursuing such an active strategy seem perverse. It is when you spend hours obsessing over teenage girls that you become the pervert, obsessed with indulging yourself sexually and unable to become a better person, a better man that any girl would be thrilled to be fuck.

It is likely that I will establish some kind of recruitment push – a special website that is separate from the others, or maybe two – one that is overtly seeking sex workers, and one that is designed to attract young women specifically to the roles, unlike the main site which would be totally general. Then there can be job ads and actresses, and even I might consider assigning a lackey to this, to basically stalk around the schools for me. But the idea that I would stalk around schools seems ridiculous.

But the idea of offering girls $100 for something relatively innocuous and basically getting them hooked on the money – or drugs, I mean I can afford cocaine by then. Then slowly ask for more and pay them less. Don’t forget that finding girls elsewhere – at a gig or in town – where they’re likely to be drunk is another strategy.

There is a way to do this without wasting your time being told to fuck off by teenage girls while you creep around schools until you get reported.

Of course the idea is once I’ve got one, I can pay her more to find others, and this is another mechanism I would be looking to use – teenage girls using peer pressure to convince their friends to fuck me so they can all afford to have fun. Or that one I talked about – convincing the boyfriend with an indecent proposal and then switching on the guy and cutting him out altogether.

Convincing girls to meet me in the toilets on their way home from school or sneaking out on a school night to meet me in the park sounds so extremely hot. Laura palmer shit, basically. Which loops around nicely to the fact that while all this may never be more than a fantasy, it makes a great story, not just as titillation, but as an actual narrative where aspects of money and sex are only the most simple and basic themes – much more interesting and complex narratives exist than simply the dirty old rich guy exploiting the curious young beauty beginning to experiment with her sexual power.

These are great stories because they turn the cliches that we demand on it’s head. Is it really exploitative? Is it really wrong? Or when a guy in his late 30’s pays a 16 year old girl for sex must we always believe that she is a victim and he is a predator, or is it actually possible for two people to give each other what they want?

I talked about this before. There is a reason why these concepts are enforced and one of them is to protect girls from predatory men as is usually the case, drunk uncles cornering their teenage nieces, disgusting shit. But who is really being protected?

Older women who have lost their sexual value and no they don’t have the power of a sexy teenage girl any more? Older men who have lost their sexual agency and have no will or means to pursue their sexual desires? How many men look at their teenage son’s girlfriends and turn to their wives in horror, in order to suppress the utter dissonance of the unbalance of power suddenly rammed in their face, such bleak lies and falsity must be imposed on the consciousness.

Thus so many middle aged men, being exactly what they are. Pathetic, sexually deprived chumps.

I would rather pay a 16, 17 year old girl who is fairly hot $100 to spend a few hours hanging out with me while I worked on her, than $200 to a whore. But of course I can afford both.

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