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by Matt on June 20, 2016

I guess I am just thinking that pursuing teenage girls is more fruitful than normal woman.

Once you remove the moral stigma, I don’t want to be going on dates with stupid ugly old women, being put through all their bullshit, all you need to meet is some naughty little slut at the bus stop who wants to earn some money.

The more I think about it the more I think it is quite straightforward, you just nail yourself to the plausible deniability that you are looking for an assistant.

It is not illegal to pay a teenage girl to hang out with you becuase she’s hot. That’s my vibe, I don’t like to lie. I don’t want to be afraid I’m breaking some law. I just want to be straight up.

But you honestly don’t want to spend every other day trawling neighbourhoods for little sluts.

What is that building?

This is really what I’m putting my finger on that so much time is wasted chasing down these girls, can you imagine how much of a waste of time this would all be?

You know deep down that a whore is a waste of money even the super hot ones. Hot young ass is nice like a nice moist cake with your coffee, like a delicious almond bundt cake, but you don’t eat bundt cakes for every meal.

That’s why being 45 and chasing around women half my age who are titillated by the idea of a very rich man is much as a bundt cake. Too many cakes are sickly sweet and they do not make you feel good. A cake is much better when it is enjoyed occasionally as a treat. Sometimes when you get a chance, and your troubles seem so far away, it’s okay to cheat, have one cake, have another. But for the most part, you’ll feel better banging your wife.

The idea of falling in love with a little camille or kamila or imogen seems ridiculous. I’m your sugar daddy honey. I’m not the man who will make your dreams come true because even though I’m your friend, there are plenty of pretty young girls who would like to discretely have some romance and their bills paid so go home to your boyfriend and buy yourself a nice dress.

Is that who I am? I am getting inspired by my little lost in translation plotlines, I love the way it suggests that a sexual relationship can be emotionally intense without being loving.

Kamila, or camille or imagen, I would devour their pussies. A hot girl. You want to eat her pussy, most of my girlfriends, no way. I want these girls asses. But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends, I just say, look, I’m a man, I have thing for skinny white girls, late teens, early twenties, like most men do.

If I’m that rich it’s as I say, it may become fairly easy to attract women who are seeking favours from somebody powerful.

But love, that’s something different. It’s that Im mature enough to understand I love my wife. My wife is the mother of my children and she is a good russian wife, by the time I am 50 she might not yet be 35 and still look great since we do yoga every day, and by that age I should be less concerned about boning all the time, the whole thing seems like it’s weird to me now.

It’s just a pretty girl. I spent my life thinking they were everything until I realised it’s just like money, if I had camille or imogen or kamila or lana del ray in video games, what would you do? bang her twice a day for 6 weeks and then bang her once a day for a month and then . . . ? Think about banging her friend? Where does it go, I understand this, old men look back on their lives and think of the hot ass they tapped, but then what?

Hot girls get old and not so hot any more. The light fades, everything fades, I fade.

What is it? What makes the moment worth sharing?

I can’t help but have a new appreciation for whores. You pay your money, you do your business, you get on with your life.

What life?

I think that trawling for young women is ill advised, but using star now and the assistant role, we could attempt to attract women around us. After all this is the whole idea of NYL start a promo girl agency if you have to.

I think about sara. Imagine if sara was a hot 21 year old, and she wanted $500. I’d say sure, I’ll give you $500. But I’m going fuck you like a whore because you are one. You’re my friend, I like you, but if you want me to give you money I will degrade you sexually, because that is the secret fantasy of men like me who try to respect women. We want to feel what it feels like to not respect women because it gives me an utter sexual thrill.

I love my wife and the mother of my children has my ultimate loyalty, so to pull some schoolgirls panties down in the bushes or a public toilet and fuck her for 2 minutes, and then throw $200 at her and never speak to her again. Alain’s videos have shown me this and I think it is so excellent and practical. I do want to degrade sweet white girl next doors. Because in the rest of my life, I idealize them. Am I woman hating monster? No. My subconscious needs to shit out waste and excrement too and understanding sexuality

I would say to my wife, you married me because I was a nice fatherly man with money, if you want some tall muscular young buck to pound you senseless for most of an hour, then go on, indulge yourself my beautiful wife, have all the joy afforded to you in this world, my queen, I am your husband and I love you. Feel my power that if you run off because you prefer thick black cocks, I don’t care, there are more fiercely nurturing russian beauties out there, love me or not, I don’t care.

I come back to the kelly bundy social media assistant. When in doubt hire someone to play the role. What I love about this is it could be a hot young actress like bonnie or it could be the slut down the road from the school.

But we simply don’t have the money to commit to that right now so my next project is pretty much to focus on whores.

I really am not into the idea of whores, but I want to approach it like this, like juice – why not choose the more sensible option and that’s the option where you get what you want – sex – with the least effort. The idea is to get confident so I can start going to the really hot $200+ whores and seeing if that is a different experience, actually fucking hot women and seeing if that doesn’t help remove some of the frustration and feelings of constraint I am experiencing.

Maybe if I got comfortable visiting a whore every week, I would find more focus on my tunes and it’s an important way to at least remain confident around women, especially sexually confident. Not projecting desperation is important, but it’s also important not to visit whores out of desperation, I don’t need to visit a whore. I just want to keep my sexual confidence up. Imagine if I got a shot with Bonnie and then I was all anxious and fumbling in bed because I was rusty. I do get nervous if I’m not in practice, and I need to stay in practice.

And of course once I had a favourite hot girl who gave me discounts, I’d probably enjoy it.

Once I got some more insight into women who offer sex for money maybe I can think a bit more about what girls who aren’t quite so corrupted yet might be lured by.

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