Free Witch Juice

by Matt on August 27, 2016

Too many stupid ideas trying to work out how to waste my time getting teenage girls on my dick when now it is all starting to come together.

The girls need a space, me in my house is not cool. Once the girls are in the space, they are attractive as part of the brand, to customers.

So I thought I need a big apartment because then I can have all kinds of girls moving in, and they will, and the girls would sell the juice until the shop and everything was up and running.

But then came the shop, then came the labour co-op concept, and suddenly I had a legit space in which to recruit girls, and I no longer needed to offer them a room, it was working in reverse now I wouldn’t need – or it would be optional – to make the indecent proposal.

I guess the idea is to invite them up to my apartment, and basically well I think I can handle myself, I’ll just be honest. I think to some extent it is unspoken, I think if I’m giving them the idea that I’m open to them opening their own place they would have to understand they need to get on the D. It’s pretty obvious. Get on the D., get in on the new action. Get in on the action, next thing, you’re moving in.

Remember the more girls you have to your apartment the more they will try to buzz you.

A few hundred dollars spent on job listings would have dozens of applicants, and a few would drop out and a few would be inappropriate, But I’d be very surprised if that didn’t give you 10 young girls to start with.

But this is the idea, if they’re hot girls, then pay htem $5 p/hr base fee.

I’m really glad I made this connection. I have no problem hiring guys, but I will be honest with them. Girls are going to sell more juice than you if they are cute and you don’t market it. That means you’re going to end up with monday or tuesday or sunday afternoon whatever the dead day is.

The employee on friday will know they can begin to turn the space into a party zone, into a private party where there is whatever, but juice is still for sale.

As long as I have another $500 I can open another juice joint. As soon as you had a group of half a dozen people ready to roll those 80 hours, another joint is open. I need another juicer, I need more veges. I need the van. Some chick runs her own shop, I pay the rent, she’s always there, I’m getting cut $200 a week and what about it? she makes $700? I should hope there is something else in it for me such as something delicious or some such. What I see, is control over young women’s dreams to own their own shop.

So now, the juice girls are no longer living in the apartment, but living in the apartment is one of the benefits including opening their own shop, for which I would attract so pretty fly hotties. Young, hot, entrepreneurial bitches. The kind of bitch who will fuck an older guy for rung up the ladder in a heartbeat. Remember after 2 or 3 you’ll have a problem.

WHat’s important is that you get the first girl up there and she can let the other girls know. In fact you just need one girl to recruit.

Take the girl out, she already knows what’s on the table, bring her back, give her the run down, stick it in her, and then off you go. But day to day, we’d just day, marketing ideas, business ideas, but again. Once you get the first one in, it gets easier. You invite her round, then you ask her out. I think you get a vibe for someone whether you should be pursuing business or pleasure.


So now this idea is starting to triangulate – first ti was the girls in the apartment selling juice, then it was the shop girls moving in to the apartment, and now – well it was witches for about 5 seconds and the witches idea will still fly but now we have this whole new concept with the properties which precludes even the apartment.

When the ad goes out, you will get so many responses that you will basically start by taking any random chicks who start to turn up and in a fortnight you could easily have 4 random chicks and a couple, but I honestly think the reality is we could unapologetically fill this place with chicks. I will just say to them, I prefer to be around women, I work better with women, I only want guys in here if they really have skills I need in web and video or a handyman, and I can’t make them stay out in waiuku.

It could be secret witch business. Only take short term men. Guys on the move, I am looking for people useful to me. I think what I may try to do is encourage a couple of girls to move in the front room as a couple would but say look, if you have guys over you gotta put them to work or cover the hours yourself. If they have boyfriends and are always out, this is perfect for them.

But otherwise it is glorious witchcraft encouraging girls to snare labour for me with their pussies. You can have an orgy in there every night if it means I got 2 guys giving me 20 hours as well as 2 girls.

One thing I see is that smart girls can move in and stupid girls will get propositioned, it would be easy enough to invite them over later in the day and encourage them to stay. That’s right just start talking about sexual liberation. Only reveal to the stupid girls that it’s actually a free love commune and we discuss sex frankly.

You need your sexual needs met. If you’re meeting the sexual needs of people, you’re doing work. Or maybe I should say it’s about a certain amount of sexual compatibility and building an environment where people have their needs met. I want the girls who live here to enjoy having sex with the men who live here without feeling like they are obliged, this is why we trial people, so you have a chance to shag them if you want to before we start making accommodations for them to stay permanently.

Again, witchcraft – only the girls, who are all fucking me, understand what’s going on, the poor dudes turn up and don’t get why they’ve arrived in paradise and get free rent free food and have fucked three different chicks in the week since they got here.

So, men I ignore unless they are highly qualified and are short term. Smart cool chicks I just treat as normal. Stupid chicks, I have them around, and then try to go to a place that is half romantic and half pragmatic sexuality.

The hope of course is to arrive at the point where you have hired pussy muscle. When you’ve got sluts who will fuck lots of guys, they are gold.

Then you’ve got the friends. that will be difficult.

How might I get into trouble with this? With the dumb girls I try to chat up, they should see it coming a mile away. It also means if I bone them and let them move in, they don’tneed to know about waiuku – where exactly it is – for months, so if they go fruity or weird from exposure to the D, I can just keep my distance. Knowing there’s nowhere for them to show up crying and screaming.

To me I do want to find people with lax sexual attitudes so we can form team fuck, we bring in the fuck meat. We play each others wingpersons, when german girls turn up, it’s up to my permanent girls to find out if I’ve got a chance. Similarly, the girls will help me vet the guys photos for dudes they’d like to bang, and then I’ll point them towards the girl that likes them.

which again is a beautiful dick trap, the dude will dwell blisfully until he realises I’m banging them all too. Then we’ll see what’s up.

I could say that I’m happy to have people stay but to understand ideally we’re looking for someone who is interested in going beyond monogamy, and is basically not uptight about sexual standards. We’re trying to create an environment where people get their sexual needs met.

I think if you’re open then you should be fine, as long as you don’t suddenly change tack and become super horny. Initiate the conversations and see where they go. If you get resistance just keep bringing it up, you can then outline these ideals, so that if it makes them too uncomfortable they can withdraw. Like many girls they may get all shy and disappear only to appear weeks later or on the door step ready to fuck.

There could be lots of not that nice girls that soon enough you’ll be mounting, but you have to be business like and say it’s simply an exchange of needs. Next minute the house is full of chubby average looking chicks your boning like some hog farm. Who cares, if they do the work.

Then you can turn into the evil wizard and put those hogs to work. Hot witches have power over stupid mens cocks but to dismal fat cows this cock is just a flail to drive these beasts on.

These fat bitches who bake all day can take the cock and enjoy a little sunshine between their legs.

Basically I think any girl who comes around here and then is still interested that isn’t particularily smart or hot is going to be propositioned, invite them over for a drink. Time honoured.

Basically if they’re not cute, tell them they are – flirt with them more openly. Again you have to see what comes up.

I think asian and indian girls are more likely to reject the idea at first but then become desperate and change their tune.

In fact that’s how I would approach them after the interview would they be interested in a secret relationship? Or basically begin to invite them out on dates until they either sleep with me and then move in or stop going on the dates realising I’m trying to peg them.

If you find out they are not single just tell them you feel you would be jealous of their boyfriend.

I just can’t helpt but think there’s no real other point than to house bitches. It’s great to get the money but if you just get some pussy and some help selling juice, I mean what are you trying to do?

I know you want to help people, but can’t you just be happy trying to get laid?

I know you want to make things work, but why don’t you make things work so you’re getting laid, then you can do more of what you feel like. Or just narrow the focus, you just want girls who are into your lifestyle that want to be subs, or submissive in life,

basiacally instead of all this commune crap you just offer free rent, bills and food to a female student in exchange for 20 hours work or, well, sex.

See the problem was we got them selling juice instead of doing work, in order to make the juice business the priority, but I have other priorities, current business, and girls, so we need girls doing current business.

basically we have to meet them and then proposition the stupid ones just like we said and keep the other ones, in fact working intimately we have to be somewhat intimate anyway.

SO basically the idea is to ask if this could be possible in the subtlest way possible, the first of course is to insinuate if I can and I will, that I don’t live there, I don’t want a girlfriend.

They have to meet me before I proposition them. Then I can tell them I want them to move in because I’m attracted to them and if they have a problem with that. No.

We ask them to start work before they move in, and then we just hit on them. Or again pull out old techniques, only let them move in if they can do a trial.

That is the dumber and more useless they appear to be the more I have to be quite abrupt about what I expect. I’m not going to crack on to some clever white chick who might be useful.

so first phase I get them to send in a photo and a bit about themselves, then I invite them around, if they’re not hot or smart, then I have to email them later with a direct proposition, but if they are hot or smart, it’s basically get them to come on a date with me, and unveil my intentions subtley, or if they are fairly hot and pretty useful, unveil more long term, as in offer them a trial.

not hot nor smart: meet, then proposition
a bit hot or a bit smart: meet, date, then propostion
very hot, very smart or a bit of both: meet, date, trial, then proposition

If a girl rejects you sexually but still wants to move in.

But in reality once you’ve come inside some girl who spreads her legs to pay the rent, how do you both feel about being human beings?

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