New Fantasies

by Matt on August 2, 2016

Back to fantasy land.

I can have anything I want and I should.

Take with one hand, and give with the other.

Yes I wanted a red light ops unit because there’s money in sex, and I need to leverage my cash for a supply line.

What you need is somebody inside the game. Being older I come across to young girls as creepy, but someone their own age – especially a beautiful boy or girl – can peer pressure them.

Once I’ve got one girl and discovered she’s got a mean streak then I get her to convince her friends until I finally I convince her to work for me fronting the thing.

What’s my goal? Not just pussy, but helping these girls to use their pussies to get something worthwhile – a safer, more conscious, less tawdry sex work environment.

Do I want to be a pimp now? No my idea is to use my heft to hire people to run organisations from which I give and take my share.

Again all I need to do is set up a space and a salary for a position. Girls can work out of the rooms, or just stay – of course I already have another place where my other girls stay.

It’s a space that provides safety for them.

The scurrilous and downright dirty part of it is that my person poses as some kind of community service support worker person, and they are, but they’re not. When they are looking to find girls who have thought about prostitution it is to offer counselling and support, but also to fuck me to see how they feel about it.

This way we can produce material that seems like we’re helping troubled girls but actually . . . oh no no no. ]

We can even do the old food voucher for a survey and basically ask them if they’re sluts and then go with it from there. As I say – staff. I’m not doing all this shit. I just come up with the evil evil plans.

We will have our own escrt directory site. Our own porn site, our own promo, our own camgirl shit, all of that. If more girls come, we get more houses, we send them to the commune.

It might be a good source of commune people, when the girls see there is a better way, or even that they can live on the commune and then come up and work. Incredible.

Again I say, I want to see you break even before you get a pay rise.

See the thing is I will be visiting so many whores that I will eventually befriend a few of them and see the opportunity to add them to the business. Again, I am buying in the expertise I need, so I have experienced working girls, I have predatory master manipulator pimp dudes, I have caring counsellor types – I need the first employee to be all of those things!

But finding a working girl is easy when you’ve got money to motivate them and the bigger picture is an aspiration, while they understand part of my goal is to bang tonnes of chicks that arent yet dead eyed whores without having to chase them and that that is hardly evil.

Teenage girls are just my ice cream. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life eating ice cream.

I thought about that king lear idea it should definitely be developed, in that maybe that’s what I would do, 2 or 3 girlfriends. Sportscar, drugs, whatever. Doing pirate parties and DJ gigs. Going insane. Convincing more girls to come, pied piper style. Filming it and editing it for NYL. By the end of picked up and fucked half a dozen random chicks. Insane.

But I was thinking like on some other vibe altogether, like, we all juice, do yoga, run, meditate, do all sorts of crazy techniques to get deeper, to get more, further. Brutal honesty, group therapy, going so deep. Live together naked and honest, me and 3 9’s. What if you could form this weird polyamourous thing?

Would that make you happy? It would definitely be memorable.


What is the level we want to be at for whores? Most likely we will spend $200 and it will take weeks to get motivated to go back.

Any week you make $3k trading plus do work jobs also should be consider fine to go to a whore.

I just need to be able to motivate myself. If I say when I get to $3k I can have a whore every week then it will motivate me to get to $3k, because at least I can get laid. Or think I’m getting laid. I don’t actually need to do it, just offer it.

How far away from $3k am I? It could be 2 months or more. But remember if you’re earning from other sources, it could be brought forward.

But I’m not really even into whores so I don’t know how to motivate myself.

I think we have to think about drugs and girls. Maybe friday, saturday night, a whole bunch of drugs.

But recombine the best ideas – do the survey on them, have the survey include drug questions, incentivize them to get more girls to do the survey, pretend you need to meet up again, then say look you’re hot do you want to work for me, then go get wasted. Then I’m like

It’s way too complicated. Why don’t you just offer them $20 to make out.

I’m kind of getting this weird vibe like I’ve got to build this investment empire which is all about empowering young women and supporting women’s issues, but inevitably I’m going to be trying to bone them.

It seems just how it is and how it will be.

It is possible that there will be a fake shadow organisation that appears to be the main group but is actually just for getting dumb sluts on board. They are the best, that’s what I loved about Dave’s girls like poppy and gemma just dumb little whores who would have fucked me for a tinnie.

You want some way of getting to those girls and this seems obvious.

I think you would have to start with the modelling agency, and when you hired a guy to run it, make sure he’s a good looking guy and a fucking sleazebag who realises he’s working as a pimp providing me girls but he’s much to dumb to really understand and thinks I don’t realise he fucks most of the girls he brings me first.

I of course have my apartment which I would probably get pretty quickly, and then just offer it to girls, especially students.

The obvious idea is still the survey. You just approach pretty young girls to do a survey for $20 and then you text them later and I came up with another idea – tell the girl we are scamming my bosses by filling in the forms to get the money. But really I just want to meet girls who could be staff.

It seems the only way is the legit way. Put out an ad and select some people knowing if you put it on trademe and seek for $350 you’ll get 100+ applications. You shouldn’t do that. Not straight away.

– I wanted to do that experiment where I lived with some hot chicks in a white house with no art, nothing, no clothes, so minimal.

– I can’t help but think I just have to start hitting on normal girls in a normal way, and getting a lot of rejection because I’m old.

When I wrote about that I was trying to get a reality check – you’re not going to be buzzing schoolgirls, you just won’t ever waste your time. All these elaborate schemes, unless they save time and don’t involve all this work I knew they would never work.

I thought, you just need game. Nothing works better than just having balls. The balls to go up, to start talking, and to let them know you think they are hot – whether its a 16 year old girl or a 40yo milfy housewife. The only way to ever play this game for 10,000 years was to approach 100 girls, get rejected 90 times, get your cock teased 9 times and then get laid.

It’s just numbers. One of those teenage girls, one of those milfy housewives would fuck you just if the weather was right that day. But most of them are just chicks not interested in some short guy.

I can’t help but think that I will constantly offer women $1000 to sleep with me when I think I can get away with it and see how often I can pull it off. Surely that fat slut at the bus stop would suck your dick for $200? And then once you’ve crossed certain boundaries . . . that’s what I know with these teenage girls, if you can convince them to fuck you for $500 then by next month it will be $200 and by the next $100. Then you find out how disgusting you are to a teenage girl if she refuses at $50. haha.

This way is so simple and clean, if you’re some weird indian man wanting to share a 1 bedroom, then some sad chinese girl with a stick figure who never smiles will have sad sex with you and never speak.

But if you have a 6 bedroom apartment which is all incredible and amazing, that you don’t mind paying $1000+ for because it means you have all these girls not only on your dick but running around doing juicing and all sorts for you, applying their skills, you might have one that is such an awesome PA you have to keep fucking her because she’s fallen in love with you. But if she is mega magic on the business well maybe you do knock her up, even if the other girls look like kamila and you’re always bonking them.

Because women are just stepping into a lifestyle wherever you find them – again like everything else we will have grades, another women’s apartment where I take newcomers usually in the hopes I can bone them a few times while I am still deciding if they are crazy or not, and this will be from the women’s squat or tenancy scam spot.

You dig up some lithe sexy 17 year old from some hick town and put her in your apartment, she’s not going anywhere. A lot of girls that age they have to fuck you for a few weeks before they realise it’s not what they want.

What i’m saying is your house will get people in there and once they are in under the terms agreed, then you can really wait and see who is the sort of girl you want in your corner. Let each girl think that secretly they are your special one, never let them know you are always waiting to discover who it really is, but your dick will always want the new girl.

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