Witches Coven

by Matt on August 21, 2016

Now I’m thinking about how feminvest could become a sex cult too, not really so I can get laid, but more because it serves a higher purpose as well.

I need to trust these girls. There is such a good way to build trust.

Bone them and see how much trouble they cause. If you can bone them for a year and they don’t make trouble, and have a boyfriend and don’t get emotional then you know there’s trust.

That’s what I would say to them. I would be completely honest, and say that this is a matter of millions of dollars and a future for so many people who are struggling, the fact that we can trust each other is what this is about, it’s about sharing a secret, but really it is actually about sex cult magic. I will tell them that it is a ritual of trust, but I won’t tell the explicitly that I am using my cock to control them, or that I use sex to claim them as my territory.

It is a pyramid of loyalty, but don’t play the game theory too hard or you’ll get game theoried yourself.

The point is, it’s designed to be a web of lies, so that anyone who id disloyal will get caught becuase it is just a test.

After a start fucking girl #1, I then fuck girl #2, and then use girl #1 to test girl #2

No one need even know they are beign tested.

In order for the test to work each girl needs to think they are girl #1 – that is every girl I’m fucking is being targeted by another girls I’m already fucking to admit they are fucking me in order to get their promotion.

EVery feminvest girl starts off not doing a lot for 6 months, then over the next 6 months I try to bone them, and we see if they can graduate to “lessons” while my original girl tris to catch them out. If they don’t want to fuck they won’t learn to trade and will be given work in the refuge part of the business.

Only by putting the dick in do I have loyalty from these girls, if they break ranks, well the videos are going to come out.

I will tell them, I’m not your boyfriend, if your fantasy is to be spit roasted by two big black guys then lets film it, I know I have your loyalty because I know you don’t want your boyfriend and your father to see you describing how much you’d like to be passed round by a bunch of black guys and then participating.

also doing lines, etc., it would be cultish, drugs and sex. But the point is to test these girls to make sure I can trust them, if they freak out after having sex and drugs within the first 6 months they wouldn’t have learnt enough to be dangerous.

What if several of them come out saying that I forced them to participate in a sex cult? Well I’ll just have all the evidence, they agreed to it because it was a trust exercise as part of a sex cult by which they learned high level skills trading financial markets. I am guilty of nothing but the supply of drugs all acts were consensual – I have recordings of each of these women clearly stating they have chosen to participate in illegal drug use of their own volition and consented to oral, vaginal and anal penetration by myself and a number of other named gentlemen.

I would then describe the gang tactics I have perfected in harassing people. I don’t care if they want to leave the firm, it’s just the trading secrets must be kept secret. This is the whole point, if everyone knew our secrets we couldn’t build an investment firm dedicated to helping mothers and families with support and refuge.

I’ll say look I won’t pretend I won’t enjoy the sex, but I have plenty of female company this is not about sexual gratification, this is a sex cult by which we use sex magic to build loyalty. Which means if you are a secret sub, then you are going to become very useful because I will end up running your life if that’s what you’re into.

If it makes you extremely hot that your boyfriend who you marry and have a happy family with never knows that at least once a month you participate in sex rituals where your boss and multiple muscle bound, tattoed up men of colour penetrate multiple orifices while you snort coke, then that would make you a great employee.

Not least because being drilled by muscle bound hard men is a great perk for a busy driven working mum. I have a firm belief that our hard working people should be satisfied, so that we can go out there and bat hard for underprivileged people knowing we get the parts of ourselves we aren’t proud of out of our system and then we put on our masks, our helmets and we fight for what’s right.

I can’t continue that fight without absolute trust and if you blow a blindfolded 14 year old boy while stone cold straight in the head office, then I will know you are absolutely committed and I will teach you to trade like I do, knowing that this information is only valuable if you’ve got powerful friends or 3 or 4 years to spare building your oen empire.

But of course the girls will trade on the side themselves. Liek any other employees who escape, the ultimate goal was never destroying the competition but to destroy the system.

But my goal is that the 2 or 3 women I have around me at feminvest – the ones driving the engine, not the business admin or legal or marketing or accounts where the good girls who rebuffed me end up – will have their needs met – well paid jobs, happy life balance, and a space where sexual fantasy and ritual can bind them to

The only risk I run is that a number of these women try to expose me. I will probably be old and say well, yes, sorry about hte demonic sex magic I used on you to help thousands of women and families in hardship, sorry about the generous pay package you were on, all the corporate perks, after all, you’re aware of all the videos you made where you consented to all these acts while clearly straight, the only charge I will face is supply of prohibited substances of which I can likely deny also.

The girls have just admitted to consenting to possesion of a prohibited substance and committing an indecent act on a minor, both the sort of charges that will see them extremely limited in where they can travel.

If these girls are trying to blackmail me by threatening to reveal feminvest is headed by a sex cult, I will laugh and say, sorry I did a sex cult as a corporate team bbuilding exercise to summon powers to help people. They may bring a huge employment act case against me,

I will say you were never my employees, everything I paid you was for sex work, let’s make sure they admit to tax fraud too.

Let them know that if they try to claim that sex and drug use was under illegal duress, and that greivous acts of sexual exploitation occured in my capacity as employer,

imagine the incriminating video you could create where she admits taking many of her salary payments as payments for sex work, we could also insist they go on the dole also just to make it more precarious, she has also consented to exchanging sex for the use of narcotic drugs, and knowingly participating in the abuse of a minor will unintoxicated and in full judgement.

So that’s tax fraud, benefit fraud, solicitation for sex work, possesion and misuse of prohibited substances

Also we could do a video where she admits to delivering drugs to a minor.

The further you’re willing to go the more trust you build, I will tell her, if you go and drop these drugs off to this 15 year old kid and let him film you sucking him off, I will trust like nobody, because what you just did could send you to prison and be certain you’d never leave the country, no matter how much you tried to blame it on me, it’s not just that we have evidence (only witness on the drugs, but video evidence on the “sexual abuse”) – but we filmed you admitting you knew what you were doing.

I mean what if the kid pulled some shit, oh he has a video of some random lady he doesn’t know sucking his dick, help me police officer, a white lady sucked my dick. I mean really?

This is good though because we could be framed for recording a sex act between an adult and a minor if we produced the tape ourselves. If rather we produce the “victim” who filmed the incident himself, then we are not culpable for such a charge.

The point is to make it so anyone who tried to pin us for sexual exploitation and drug charges would be so horribly burned by the evidence not only being produced for the court, but also supplied to their family and current employers, but also gang harassment.

God I have such an amazing imagination, it makes me realise these would make great stories – especially if the girls who play the part of the young mathletes who I exploit actually do become witches who are my sex slaves, so when the story gets told a second time, your mind is flipping out because you know that the girl playing the exploited mathlete sadly talking about trading as she stands sadly in the cold in her bikini is really a fucking witch aiding me in summoning dark forces to aid the dark lord soros in his evil mission to create a better society bringing social aid to mothers and families who need it.

But it has occult aspects to it, you release wild sexual libidinous energy and harness this wild dark animal energy to your bidding, you control the boiling passions of the beast inside for your own ends.

It maybe that I do form a coven. In the coven it is understood that we protect each others partners from hurt and shame unless the coven is broken by one of the members in which case they can be expected to face the full wrath, however it must allow for any member to withdraw – they have children and just want to be a mum, you’ve got to allow for that.

Withdrawing from the coven is allowed for, it’s breaking the secrecy of the coven that is forbidden. Indiscretion is punishable. Negligent indiscretion would institute severe punishment. As in harassment by gang members, but you have to remember the feminvest girls are already quite wealthy, but not until feminvest is at least 10 years old, I will pay them well, but not insane salaries, again they are paid well, the perks are great, mothers and families are being supported and they belong to a sex cult in which I encourage them to play out their fantasies.

The sextapes are likely filmed on a camera and the cameras are stored in a a vault and the vault can not be opened unless I say so, or I die in which case all the girls need to agree or at least 2 or 3 to open it. Most likely when I die, it will be destroyed.

I would likely say if the girls want to withdraw from the coven they should begin new lives elsewhere, we don’t want complications and nor should you.

But I love the witches idea, beause much like everything else it gives us an idea to play with – teenage girls love witches and when they understand it through that lens and they think the occult thing is bad ass, then it makes them easy to manipulate and it’s the sort of fun young girls love, dress up like a career girl and go to your job and get fucked by 6 guys and don’t tell anybody.

of course teenage girls just think being a witch is being bad ass, it’s by spending time with me that they will start to understand sex magic, I am obviously wealthy and now having conversation with them about feminism, occultism, sex magic, covens etc.

Girls love clubs. They love the idea that they can be in the club with the other girls and if it means fucking a few different guys or me or whatever, they will soon be compelled to do it, they don’t want to make huge amounts of money, all they want is to be affirmed by myself and the other witches, and to know the secrets we know, I bet trading never enters their mind.

It’s under the whole witches thing that I slowly reveal to them that of course fucking lots and lots of men and manipulating weak men through their dicks is all part of being a witch. In fact it is basically the main thing being a witch is, and there is a feminism in there – take from men whatever you can get. Don’t steal it – make them offer it to you. Steal the seed from the man you want and raise young devils.

Get in touch with what you want and have it. We know the 15 year old boy you gave coke to and fucked is certainly not suffering from what you did. But the fact that you did it, means we have cast a spell of protection, that’s what it is a spell of protection. I am a mighty wizard. You must bow down.

That is what the subs will find themselves in amongst me, letting my fantasies run wild. Sure I might be screaming how I’m a mighty wizard while one girl films me fucking the other up the ass, but if one of them is having trouble with their boyfriend or depression, then I will be understanding. I am these girls friends. We work together. I want them to have happy lives, that is why we have formed a coven, to help and protect each other, it’s just like a gang, except it’s for white girls and instead of violent rituals we just fuck in scandalous ways to build trust.

This is the real skull and bones illuminati shit. These women turn to me not because they are hot for my dick but because I am a powerful wizard. I am not their consort. They may take my seed if they choose, but my concern will always be for them to build their power by enslaving weak men with their pussies, and ultimately enslaving the strongest man they can to serve their pussy by securing his seed.

I will never serve their pussy, I serve the pussy of the woman who carries my seed, and a part of the coven is that they honour and respect her and my children as if they were me, and that I would destroy everything before I allowed anyone to attack my family and I underline again and again this is why we have a coven, it is to protect our families from evil by making evil our bitch and using it at our will to punish our enemies.

The power in the fantasy is understanding it’s just a fantasy, but that fantasies are extremely powerful.

I’m not going to be pompous about being a witchlord. I’m like once you’ve been making the tea for awhile, then they will begin to be inducted and it means doing drugs, etc.

It means mainly honest conversations, and pinpointing when it is a good time to make important reveals, the truth is I will probably end up with a number of silly goth girls and subs on my dick which is okay, but they are not witches, I will always remind them that this is no joke, I am not here to get my dick wet. I enjoy banging young girls who think they are witches, but whether you’re truly a witch is a matter of how wicked you can be for the purpose that you serve.

Tell me your fantasies, understand that sexuality is the root of a witches power. Shame is what the good men of the capitalist patriarchy use to control you and it is exactly the same magic I use to control you, knowing that your secrets are shameful, and that people who are ashamed are easy to control and by these means we harness sexuality, your power is in your sexuality, and that is why shame is used to control it, and we must slowly work to build your confidence to push back against the shame that controls you, so that you may activate your sexual power to use it to control others whether by shame or lust or whatever other means possible.

I am not a witch, I am a man, I am a wizard my powers are different. What do you want darling?

In the begining it’s just about bracing truth we have to accept a lot of these girls will not hack it and will drop out. We do not want them to drop out and make claims about my behaviour, so we can’t really reveal much at all until we fuck them.

I will explain it’s about building trust, and if you don’t want to have sex with me, that’s fine. But we’re going to have to build trust in other ways.

I want you to have sex with me because it is empowering because you know if you have sex with me I will want to spend time with you, and grow to trust you, and you will begin to draw from my well of power, because as powerful as I am, I am still a man, and the pussy has power over me. You are a witch, you should attempt to enchant me with your pussy and then should you be able to influence me you will have great power, but most likely you won’t have that power and I iwll have used your body to gratify myself and dispelled my powerful energy charge.

But in that a bond of trust will begin to form because of the sex magic, when that trust and that sex bond form, we can use that to go deeper into the power and control that is possible.

I will say, would ou prefer that I strip down or you? I’m not ashamed of my body, it’s just a tool. A woman who is sexually confident is powerful, but a woman who is sexually confident will come under attack from others threatened by sexual power, anyone who is confident will draw haters, because anyone who claims power will certainly be tested on the fact and here we must find the will to strengthen ourselves against the attacks of those threatend by us.

As always the question is do you want to be a powerful witch or not? The point is to empower you, to make you feel good sexually, I want to fuck you, we’ve established that, because I’m a man and I have a dick, but if you’re not confident to be empowerd by that then don’t do it. What I want is not for you to have sex with me because you feel you have to, but because you want to access knowledge and power. When you are confident entering into a sexual union to feel that power, do it, but if not, you need to work on claiming more sexual power, taking what makes you feel good.

What are you willing to do to get what you want? If you’re not willing to fuck 100 guys to get what you want what kind of witch are you?

What do you want? DO you know or do you need to be told? Do you need to be shown?

It’s likely the drinking and the drug taking will begin first, but once we are fucking then they can start learning to trade and such. There will be prostitution, which is a tax fraud if undeclared. There will be of course the benefit fraud. Then sexual manipulation where they learn to seduce other men for their own and my advantage, and of course the filming of them living out fantasies such as being degraded or pummeled by big muscular men with huge cocks, or multiple men, and asign them to greater tasks, exercising more power and leverage over powerful men they are fucking.

Donors who make large contributions of $20k or more should be rewarded. They should be invited to enjoy parties with the girls and these girls should get used to working relationship with these men for gifts, money, more contributions and then creating the opportunity for a third part to blackmail them, possibly convincing them to have various violent rape fantasy sex and then having a third party record it.

Or being completely wicked little cock teases and getting good footage of them not taking no, knowing that we have muscle on standby.

We could even have footage of her commanding him to get naked, then she gets naked and just stands there with her ass in the air telling him he does not have consent to have sex with her and that this is a rape, while he fucks her.

Complete entrapment.

She keeps her pussy in the air while trying to push him off, while repeating this is not consensual, this is a rape, please stop, you’re raping me, this is wrong, etc.

Of course he may already likely be using the weight of his body against her like men do when they rape women, so that she can’t push him off, at which point she can gently escalate her acting performance.

He was never given permission to penetrate her, and he did not remove himself when asked. It’s unlikely we would ever give it to police. It’s unlikely my involvement will be known – I need to stay clean. She can show him the tape. She can collect the money – for feminvest. This is the only blackmail operation in which the person who gets blackmailed gets richer. The girl has more money on her book. Now she just needs to keep fucking him and getting more money for her fund.

This is the idea, there is a pecking order, the latest witch believes she is the only one fucking me. They all have books open. SOme witches are better at accounts than trading operations, and so they need a new arrangement.

The idea is also to have different girls managing different accounts entirely separately, so if one girl goes rogue, we don’t lose the whole operation. By the time we have some young 23 year old woman managing a million dollar fund that makes $20k per week, we need that footage of her blowing the 15 year old and we might need worse.

That is an actress who is prepared to play a victim, or we do begin an actual hazing session.

Once we have several witches, you might need to sign to spend the night tied up while these witches abuse you, they must belt you and shove objects up your pussy until you cry because we need the footage. The footage is the protection spell. You need to stay tied up while several grotesque men have their way with you, I have the top management team in the next room they’re all going to wear masks and take turns. That’s what occultist sex rituals are all about.

There will be a safe word of course, but it only means you remain a junior until you can grow.

Of course in the end it will never be this radical, but it is certainly a rewarding way to recruit teenage girls knowing that getting them young is a great way to get a few years loyalty out of them, it’s when they get older they grow disillusioned and want to test more boundaries and act out, and you don’t want children that need to be managed.

Then come the challenges of surviving the web of lies, and then eer more shameful sexual acts

I think even we could get them to blow a 14 year old boy. I’m trying to think what is the worst possible video evidence we could collect,

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