Witch Daddy

by Matt on September 1, 2016

I have now come up with another brilliant idea as I seem to do almost every day now.

Rather than targeting teenage girls for some silly scam where I pay them for interviews or nudes or anything like that, I can do this witches thing, and it naturally attracts young teenage girls and I can push this angle all the way up the sexual avenue without ever having to feel dodgy at any stage.

I can even put up posters and do ads for this. Because it’s not about being misleading, this will work. It’s one of those ones where I only need stay in character.

What am I ding? I’m starting a witches coven. Yes but what are you really doing? Starting a witches coven.

So if a 14 year old girl emails you, you explain this is for older girls but you’re happy to stay in touch.

So if a 16 year old girl emails I will let her know immediately I am a man, and that I do not know magic tricks and I do not teach them, I am also a student at an intermediate level with some skills I am developing in the areas of protection, sight, and manifesting objects (making things appear) – pretty harmless but very valuable skills.

Women, especially women who have more recently gone through puberty have certain magical properties they are able to manifest also, which may be complimentary to some of my skills, and so I have been instructed to begin associating with young women of high intelligence or other skills who may be interested in becoming a more powerful being.

It’s a discussion laying out expectations. How much time and when are they available, what requirements do they have for travel and other expenses.

Because much of what I have to share is very hard to teach and very delicate and sensitive, it is a long process by which a long term approach is required, you cannot become a witch within a year, and it may be months before a trust level is achieved that you can learn sensitive information which allows you to access power you can use.

However if you have costs to meet and you require income, this can be addressed as I am able to manifest money with my mind given that it is for a purpose on not simply to spend on yourself.

The main thing I am offering is to teach you to manifest your powers you will cultivate, not just allow you to benefit from mine, but some allowances can clearly be made.

I will explain carefully that a lot of the concepts are extremely dark and hardcore as you progress in your knowledge and you will inevitably be asked to do things that make most people extremely uncomfortable, that is why most people can not become beings of power or magical in ability.

You can be religious and still be a witch, it’s just another word for a female of unnatural abilities. But it will most likely require you to do things that in a religious sense are judged morally wrong. If you can not lie, you can not become a witch.

Similarly being a virgin is a complicating factor, but will not prevent you from training.

You will not be asked to do anything illegal at the initial stages of training, and you will certainly not be misled on the legal nature of any activities you are asked to perform.

Generally, manifestation of unnatural abilities is taught to be controlled in order for events and actions to transpire with illegal coercion, it must be made aware however that some rituals do demand illegal practices of those initiated, however as stated, this is not a part of early training, nor would such actions be requested without explicit warning and explanation of expectations.

It is essential for me that no one feel uncomfortable with the process as I am well aware that most people simply aren’t cut out for becoming a powerful being and you should always make me aware if you feel uncomfortable because it does not mean you aren’t cut out, it simply means the process is moving too fast for you, and we need to slow down so that you are not pressured to take on something that will distress you before you have been adequately prepared.

It doesn’t help me at all if people who are not prepared adequately are having bad experiences.

I would have requested a photo, details of their location,

Being fit is not a requirement to train, but you will find achieving higher skill levels difficult if you do not have good physical endurance. “Magic” is tiring and physically and mentally exhausting which is why older people can not train if they have not begun at an earlier age.

Being a witch is a bit like the spice girls song. Tell me what you want, what you really, really, want.

One of my main powers is that I can make money and other physical objects appear which is a really cool power. I wanted to be able to control people’s minds but I am not that powerful. Not yet.

Powerful witches can often control people and attack them with evil magic, and extremely powerful witches move objects with their minds, which I will never likely be able to do.

But manifesting your powers often revolves around focusing on what you want. I also have powers of sight so when you talk to me about what you want, I can see things, like how you might manifest them, which is another of my powers, but as you’ll see my powers work best when I’m using them for a reason,

of course a lot of girls will want to do it together.

I will tell them that’s fine but you have to realise it is most likely only one of you will make it and it may destroy your friendships. Witches as I told you must be good liars, bad liars can not become witches or powerful beings. And inevitably a time will come where I will use your disloyalty to each other – your ability to lie and trick one another – to prove your skills and loyalty to the masters that I serve, the far more powerful beings with extreme abilities which are extremely mysterious and powerful.


It feels gross to trawl for sex in this way but we have to learn how to isolate the outcome.

By playing the Daddy card we are upfront, that is good. By playing the witch card, we can lay out an immersive fantasy for these girls to escape into, in which they needn’t fear it’s just some sleazy grooming routine.

Basically I wanted to get girl assistants and bone them, but we may have to tread lightly.


Daddy is here to look after all good little girls.

Do you need somewhere nice to stay with your own room, and your bills paid, and lots of healthy food, where it’s nice and quiet and you can study or meditate, or have visitors in your own home?

Daddy is very busy, and is not always around, but Daddy will take care of you, if you take care of daddy. Daddy needs clever girls to help him with his businesses, will you work hard for daddy? Have you got useful skills to help Daddy with is businesses? Could you learn to run a business for Daddy one day?

Daddy is so proud to see little girls grow up to be big girls. Daddy doesn’t mind if you have other daddies or your boyfriends come to visit as long as they do not stay overnight.

Is this Daddy the right Daddy for you? Email Daddy today with a photo and you can get to know one another?


If you are a witch, or more likely a young woman interested in becoming a witch who feels you may be able to express extraordinary supernatural skills, we would be interested to hear from you.

We are in a position to offer free rent, board and expenses to those who may be of use to us, and suitable for further development.

Please do not contact us if you are under 16.


WHich is better, Daddy or Witches? Try both.

Daddy is better on personal sites. Witches is better on non personal sites such as jobs and careers, etc.

The point is you’re focused getting your needs met. I think we just have to be honest and say I am your boss but it’s a different kind of relationship. Needs. Let’s be open. It’s needs.

You come in here and tell me what you need, and I’ll tell you what I need.

Again more honesty.

You could roll out the idea of free rent for girls and be honest that it is to meet girls for a relationship, but it seems it’s best to offer the prize and then switch up and be straight.

There is an opportunity for a female student or similar to work part time for free rent, bills, food and other other expenses in exchange for a private room in Sandringham.

It is a health conscious but creative not restrictive atmosphere encouraging co-operation where we are trying to create new sustainable businesses serving the community.

We need to make the lines being read between pretty obvious.

If you are a female student or similar and would like to receive free board (rent, bills + food) and potentially some contribution to further expenses and a chance to learn new skills in exchange for service and labour – there is a quiet room in an atmosphere suitable for study/meditation/work in a home where you are welcome receive visitors, in a health conscious environment.

Please send your details including age, brief details of training, work experience and interests as well as a clear portrait picture to discuss what can be offered.

See – brilliant PR skills never does it suggest we are not wanting to root them, but we never make that clear, so it sounds innocent. The dumber they seem, the soon we can ramp up the come on.


Now after another night I have recalibrated, I never feel right being too down and sleazy, and the girls can tell you are shameful in our actions anyway. Yes trade full board for straight labour with no sexual overtones, but yes of course pick pretty girls first, but try to create this natural dependence with young girls, they will naturally – like a dog protects it’s owner – fall into a pattern where they can’t help but sexualize the transaction, and they are the ones auto-suggestnig to themselves that I am daddy. It is already happening on a sub conscious level whenever they ask me for anything, they are complicit in the act of me becoming their provider which I think is quite instinctual.

That means if they admit they are already on the dole, they should be doing a full week, as I’ve now helped them and they shouldn’t be doing anything anyway.

But it’s as I said, why would I even open a shop when I could have a whole house full of them? Now that’s the real witchlord, I am not even telling them I am recruiting for the dark master. No one even knows what I am doing in a separate house where these girls are, it has to be a shop as well that’s the plan, that’s the next plan, when we pull out of sandringham, leave the ones who won’t fuck me behind, or out in the country.

Now this is good, this is something I can pursue without feeling like a sleazebag.

There is no need for a shop or anything immediately if I can get a house, fit 6+ girls in there and get them all selling juice and be making a $300+ profit, ready to open a real juice shop for real. We don’t need to open a juice shop, we need to rent another house.

A 5 bedroom house I would expect to take 10 people, 2 shared rooms, 2 private room, and the garage but if these girls aren’t selling at least $1000 worth of juice, there’s a problem. Well we don’t need so many.

The idea is also to establish a squat nearby that the boys can bravely and intrepidly develop, while the girls do sales and marketing.

So what we’re seeing here is establish a base, then as soon as we finish up here, we switch based on the same concept secret witchlord – I am getting all these women dependent on me so that all they know is what I tell them.

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