Whores and More

by Matt on October 31, 2016

I am just looking at the whores again and seeing that downward pressure on the market.

$150 you can fuck a hot 18 year old.

This is because the internet makes it easy for any hot girl – hot teenager – to sell her ass within her own terms – stop, start, and do it all discretely without the shame of anyone knowing.

I’m just recognising that the cultural trends aren’t actually that bad for me.

20 years ago my size would have meant basically I was stuck with a chubby girl, the economy and society would have limited my upward mobility, the hot teens and local sweeties pair off with the rugby team and if I can scrape together $150 I can have an hour with a middle aged whore or chubby young drug addict at the whorehouse.

Also I’m recognising that little blonde girls don’t really seem to mind having a fat indian taxi driver heaving on top of them. It’s easier than packing groceries. I don’t care about these girls being whores, they are still people doing a job.

It’s just that thing of pretty girls acting as if they are so superior and that nerds disgust them, it seems there’s always a slutty one who has a price. They have a price, this is why women hate whores so much – especially their promiscuous friends – because they put a price on something that should be enforced, and now the quality is rising and the price is dropping and you get this effect.

WHy would you date a 6 when you can pay $150 and bang an 8? Now the hotter girls are taking more of the medium range men, and locking the ugliest girls out, the plain girls can still get something, but all men of means are either banging hotties or paying to bang hotties.

I guess it’s me realising that I can bang all the young girls I like, that’s never going to be an issue, but should I? I think you need to grow up a little bit. Fucking whores won’t make you into a sad degenerate, and if you feel a bit shameful I think you need to harden up and see the big picture. You need to be that guy for whom boning hot chicks is nothing.

Girls want the D, it’s the politics and the emotions that get in the way. If you show doubt as if you’re not assured, they will sense it and their defence will be up.

Am I just preparing myself to be single forever?

No, it’s seeing things how they really are. Pussy is not all that, there will always be little teenage hoes.

It’s a nice idea to get married but when you reallly look at it, when you know, that if you get married, one day the shine will have gone. It makes me wonder what in this god damn life has any point.

But the interesting thing is not that life has no point, it’s why you ever thought it did.


I was having too many stupid ideas trying to work out how to waste my time getting teenage girls on my dick when now it is all starting to come together.

The girls need a space, me in my house is not cool. Once the girls are in the space, they are attractive as part of the brand, to customers.

So I thought I need a big apartment because then I can have all kinds of girls moving in, and they will, and the girls would sell the juice until the shop and everything was up and running.

But then came the shop, then came the labour co-op concept, and suddenly I had a legit space in which to recruit girls, and I no longer needed to offer them a room, it was working in reverse now I wouldn’t need – or it would be optional – to make the indecent proposal.

I guess the idea is to invite them up to my apartment, and basically well I think I can handle myself, I’ll just be honest. I think to some extent it is unspoken, I think if I’m giving them the idea that I’m open to them opening their own place they would have to understand they need to get on the D. It’s pretty obvious. Get on the D., get in on the new action. Get in on the action, next thing, you’re moving in.

Remember the more girls you have to your apartment the more they will try to buzz you.

A few hundred dollars spent on job listings would have dozens of applicants, and a few would drop out and a few would be inappropriate, But I’d be very surprised if that didn’t give you 10 young girls to start with.

But this is the idea, if they’re hot girls, then pay htem $5 p/hr base fee.

I’m really glad I made this connection. I have no problem hiring guys, but I will be honest with them. Girls are going to sell more juice than you if they are cute and you don’t market it. That means you’re going to end up with monday or tuesday or sunday afternoon whatever the dead day is.

The employee on friday will know they can begin to turn the space into a party zone, into a private party where there is whatever, but juice is still for sale.

As long as I have another $500 I can open another juice joint. As soon as you had a group of half a dozen people ready to roll those 80 hours, another joint is open. I need another juicer, I need more veges. I need the van. Some chick runs her own shop, I pay the rent, she’s always there, I’m getting cut $200 a week and what about it? she makes $700? I should hope there is something else in it for me such as something delicious or some such. What I see, is control over young women’s dreams to own their own shop.

So now, the juice girls are no longer living in the apartment, but living in the apartment is one of the benefits including opening their own shop, for which I would attract so pretty fly hotties. Young, hot, entrepreneurial bitches. The kind of bitch who will fuck an older guy for rung up the ladder in a heartbeat. Remember after 2 or 3 you’ll have a problem.

WHat’s important is that you get the first girl up there and she can let the other girls know. In fact you just need one girl to recruit.

Take the girl out, she already knows what’s on the table, bring her back, give her the run down, stick it in her, and then off you go. But day to day, we’d just day, marketing ideas, business ideas, but again. Once you get the first one in, it gets easier. You invite her round, then you ask her out. I think you get a vibe for someone whether you should be pursuing business or pleasure.

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