Writing About Girls

by Matt on May 15, 2017

Man my writing here is a mess. I wonder if I will ever go back to try and tidy up some kind of continuity.

I know there were ideas about our own whorehouse and the honey pie concept, and then all kinds of ideas around needs – the free rent thing, all kinds of things, around one thing.

Just wanted to get laid, like to get laid.


The girls might still need the whorehouse to go and earn a bit of money. The fact that we don’t want them tricking in the big house would be a good reason. It just occured to me that random girls could show up and just start tricking, and why not? It gets more guys in paying $50 because there’s more women there, and it adds supply to the market, deflating the value of pussy, and enabling a good looking guy to get a quick fuck for $50 as he’s heading out the door. We make our money because normal guys here they can relax and get cheap sex from girls who know the atmosphere attracts normal guys, they are happy to fuck these guys in this atmosphere rather than bending over for fat sweaty smelly indian taxi drivers.

I guess the honey pie place doesn’t need a bouncer because it’s a glorified laundromat where spineless guys can talk to hot girls.

We can have a gaming tournament, the big game night, club atmosphere on the weekend with DJ’s, fitness and yoga, different events designed to bring in a dozen regulars who will pay $300 while the girls all wait on them, maybe only 3 or 4 of them.


But it’s later now and I am still trying to fit the jigsaw together with all this stuff.

The honey pie comes first, but the witch daddy lair comes quickly after it, because the witch daddy lair is for where the bad girls go. The honey pie girls know about the witch daddy lair, I take them over there to try to “renegotiate” into a new position.

It’s another honeytrap, a way of enticing quality men. You could have solo recruitment witches, witches who run their own slave houses, 2 or 3 guys who basically are slaves.

Their bills are all paid, and witches come down and root them. What more could a young boy dream of?

But here it is. We have good girls in honey pie, bad girls as witches, and the witches control the recruiter boys, who are our top recruiters and salesmen.

So junior witches and recruiters would try to bring in average quality men for the depot, these men, like the girls in honey pie, are in the juice game.

but senior witches, or basically the real babes, would be trying to bring in high quality men

So basically after I establish honey pie, then I establish my witch lair. In honey pie, nice young ladies work for their rent. In the witch lair, the girls pay their rent by putting it out.

But what I am doing as I mentioned was once I have these cute girls living in this nice apartment and theyre all boning me, and I am convincing them to try and recruit guys by boning them.

Some of these places, I’m just like, the guys that come round deserve rewards, so please reward them.

But the idea is 3 hot chicks living for free bills paid in an apartment, I want you recruiting these guys, even if it’s the really hot one who keeps bringing men there for the others to convert and the rules are simple, they not getting in to have pussy if they don’t do as they’re told.

A successful witch would have 1 boy in the depot, 1 man in the recruitment house, and another guy coming in. She can be fucking and playing off 3 or 4 different guys.

The 20 year old moron only sees her at the depot when he hits his targets. The 25 year old guy gets to enter the witches lair when he achieves his targets, he is being transferred to the recruitment house when he has qualified himself. Girls could be trying to get men through the depot or off the street to be promoted to agent status, but they don’t need to be, the idea is to simply motivate men – if they will carry out missions for pussy visits then that’s all we need.

basically recruitment guys are trying to recruit dept guys, and witches are trying to recruit recruitment guys but failed recruits will be refered to the depot.

It’s these witches jobs to get the best result out of their “team”. Whichever witch has the best “team” is the top witch with the privileges involved. When targets are met, she will head her own house, which she can do as she likes, as long as the rent is paid and the product gets moved.

Remember girls not only have guys trying to fuck them, they have brothers and sisters and friends too.

The concept is that rather than going out and selling juice or whatever, she can get

This is where foreign chicks are great. Because they don’t speak great english, it’s so possible for them to have all these hapless men who don’t know what’s happening, they are just running around doing as they’re told for a dumb hot foreign chick.

Oh i’ve got to sell this juice for my boss. Can you help me sell it?

Oh I’ve got to do this promo thing for our client freerent.co.nz, honeypie.co.nz, internetjobs.co.nz

Oh . . . the whole witches concept is managed within this group, so everything to do with witches should be achieved by dudes enslaved by the pussy.

So salesmen, recruiters, and IT guys, especially website building guys. Just any guys who are offering to help sell juice, do promo/recruitment stuff, or can do content stuff online which is super strong, guys who have actual skill sets that are good.

Every girl who wants to pay their rent should be selling some juice and sitting on my dick, but once I lose interest in a particular girl, or I begin to motivate them, then I say, well you gotta go recruit some dudes. You want to have a dude over? He’s gotta do some work for me.

Well why don’t you have some different guys over? I mean, you have 2 boyfriends, why not 3?

We need two houses – a nice apartment and a normal house – so the girls who win favour are in the witch daddy apartment, while the witch lair is strictly sisterhood.

If you meet the target of fucking lots of guys and manipulating them, you stay in the apartment, or you get replaced by one of the girls in the witch lair who wants to upgrade and has proven herself by fucking me, other top guys, and bringing in new talent with her pussy.

If I found a woman who understood the witch concept well then I’d make her the new head of the witch lair, but let’s go back to when I talked about women enslaving dudes.

Well theyre in the witch daddy apartment and they want their own place, I’ve told them, if you manage to get 3 guys in the system, I will let you find your own place.

This is the crux. Everyone is given a target to which they need to meet to move up.

The boss has a team target if they reach, they can upgrade, and chose their team. The team have an individual target that if they meet, they can split off and become a boss.

I moved some chick into the apartment because I was fucking her, I said, your boyfriend can stay as long as he does this and that – you need to sell some juice or recruit some more guys.

If you can sell $500 worth of juice a week – you or your sponsored guys – I will help you get your own place and to choose your own people, but you’re probably going to start having to “convince” some more guys.

Basically, we are telling them to convince the guys. The fact that we have the depot, means she can use that to convince young guys to help her do the thing, such as her little brother or any little scrote she can fish up who’s sniffing around.

Move into this place, and sell this juice, and we can get our own place.

You’re a witch. Your job is not to sell the juice or whatever else, it’s to enchant others to do it for you.

What I am trying to do is monetise the fact that dudes will do anything for pussy and are quite happy to barter for it, while women are naturally predisposed to getting men to do things for them, especially if it means they don’t have to pay rent.

I don’t think I can make the system crystal clear, I just have to speak with each of the girls about what they’re doing while I’m banging them.

You don’t have a job. Your job could be having 4 boyfriends who can do good work for me, because theyre motivated and satisfied by good pussy.


This new idea of infiltrating existing flats is also interesting because there will be girls there, but it also means I can install girls in these places when I am done with them, and possibly even convince them to pursue certain agendas, that is fucking the other guys in the flat to enslave them through their dicks. Of course they may pair off and be keen to taskforce out into the country, or otherwise provide those hours in one room, and be a cornerstone for me in that unit, if we are not being undermined ourselves.

It would often be the slutty ones used in such a manner, the boy guy doesn’t realise she will always climb my dick because I’m now your master, I own you and your pussy is on a leash I’m tugging. She wants to believe she wouldn’t drop you to go back to me, but she knows the girls I’m banging are twice as hot as she is and knows she must take what is offered and so the misery of the black pill society we live in continues. She knows who her real daddy is. The fact that he’s taller and more built than I am, only makes it more pathetic and me more impressive that I can achieve what I can and what I have.

They will likely crave my dick, for only that reason, just in the same way I crave the young teens pert breasts and long slender legs, and pretty little bum, I am only the same thing, a human being responding to that which is desired above all else in order for the cycles to endless continue as they always have. A sweet maiden to offer up her sweet meadows, her fresh and fertile fields to be plowed, and an honest man with a straight back and the right tools to do the job – a strong and sturdy plow – who works all day until she is satisfied.


I don’t know if I’ve lost writing here because of the new updated system. It seems like something is missing, I was talking about just not really being that into whores any more. Teen girls yes, I was talking again I’m sure about the whole thing of right yes, now I remember.

Getting whores to hook you up with younger girls, you were talking about the fact that all your stupid ideas involved way more work then you will ever want to do unless it’s for some specific project that goes beyond hitting young tail.

But you said you could ask girls – young whores – if they knew of younger girls, teenage girls still at school, still in school uniform. That’s the one. And I said I would make the older girls the pimps so they were always implicated.

There was no other way that wasn’t a total waste of my time all these fantasies I have are ridiculous.

But now I started to think maybe I could pretend to be a complete ass burger. Tell the girls I’m like rain man or something. Why am I weird and rich and messed up? Because I’m like that.

It makes my mind boggle. I don’t know about whores, I just try to get excited but I can’t.

I do want a beautiful honey, and I guess it doesn’t matter how old she is. I’m just saying 12 years gap is probably best. But you might find your money means you do get your pick of fucking dolls.

I need my trading to account for the fact I’m old. I don’t mean hugh hefner, I mean knowing that I can go get a camille or an imogen, or a kamila, or a stina, oh boy doesn’t it make your mind boggle. You wouldn’t choose, you wouldn’t get to choose, if you’re lucky enough to end up with a girl who looks like that you’ll be blessed. You’ll still go the $500 hooker, you’ll have your favourites, you’ll have your mistress, and you’ll have other priorities, I think if you can learn to be happy with that you’ll be fine.

I get panicky thinking of missing out on all the poon, I want to be able to bang dozens of young hotties. And you most likely will. Not that it’s a big deal. Kids are more important, but you also live to live, to be alive and a beautiful young woman, well.

Are you going to feel okay with a young girl that young on your arm in new zealand? To me I’m like my girlfriend is young and hot. Deal with it. She’s not a bimbo so deal with it. I want a chick like that dream connections chick you can see she’s an utter terminator.


I am back thinking about short term. Whores. Mainly because I need to start moving in that direction.

At $3k I should be able to pursue whores, but what is the bigger game?

Well all our plans depend on our plans. Our plan here is to meet girls and not lose my nerves and try to get connected with a better deal, that is younger chicks who don’t mind somebody who isn’t some gross old fat dude.

I mean there is the milf around the corner but that’s more about nerves, there’s nowhere to go after that. My main plan was to go to really young escorts who only offer massage and basically just treat it as a normal tinder date. $100, hang out with a much hotter chick, and get hand job, I think as I say I will get to know which chicks are cool and also everything I want to know.

Basically what I like is that I know I’m not going to get a root, what I’m going for is to hang out with a hot girl for up to an hour knowing that she’s reasonably hot, I’ll get a hand job and if I get on with her, maybe take it further, mainly in pursuit of her hooking me up with a teen girl who just wants pocket money.

the other thing is that I may realise fucking the brazilian milf around the corner with the lights out for $60 gives me much the same result as the $250 immaculate hottie.

This is now my training plan – to try and create some kind of relationship – a professional one with whores to help me get something going.

At the same time, I have to begin appraoching girls in real life, even if it’s just to say hi and then stand there stunned. You have to learn to embrace getting rejected by women for weird advances. Just straight up ask for their number. No it’s a distraction. You just have to allow the fantasy to be, to help you however you need.

But what do you really need?


I see now that when we advertise for the room we can get these girls to do a weeks trial which is there bond. Or else force them to submit to harsher terms. The point is, before we let them move in we can size them up otherwise.

Much like the star now, we only answer the applications from women, then we enter a trial period from which they can withdraw. 3 days if they come to stay, 7 days if they want the room.

we get some girl in that room 18-24 asian, indian, whatever, soon we’ll realise we should have done it all along. Some little asian chick.

Any chick you could end up saying. Let’s go for a drink, or whatever, and go from there. I mean they’re trialling, then I tell them I think they’re attractive and then lead it from there.

But then I always realise. Even having a live in maid you can bone would not be worth the frustration you you’d feel when want to charge up and get things done but there’s somebodies energy dwelling here. You don’t pay the whore to come over. You pay her to leave.

In this smartest moment you need to reach for knowledge. Your beautiful sweet bride is the one you want. The girl you meet when you’re relaxed and having fun because you’re right in your element.

But now I realise you are ordering up the chick you want, if you’re boning her, she shouldn’t dominate your energy in the house.

Put in the ad, restrict it to the girls with skills, and then after meeting them, just straight up ask them if they have a boyfriend. Then do a week trial. I mean if they’re hot and single.

Do you have skills in video production, website development, or other new media or someone who has time to commit to learning these skills?

You may be able to work for your rent and expenses for a time depending on your level of skills

I have used this house for my various business projects over recent years but I have purchased in the countryside and no longer require the space, although I still require a city pad, I would like a person who is here all week as I will not be, who is able to contribute skills I require as well as keeping the place looked after.

– then talk about the business, then talk about the house.

I can insist on the trial as bond. Some girls will be desperate and agree to do 20 hours if they can move in. Any sign of desperation will be met by attempts at penetration.


I continue to believe that whores are the only way I can focus my energy. I want to meet some top shelf honeys overseas. My focus needs to be on my 3 T’s trading, getting rich, training, getting built and physically appealing, and tunes, which give me a status as an artist. All the things that most girls basically like.

Chasing girls diverts your energy, but you need to make sure you don’t become fucked. So whores it is.

I like the asian girl because she seems hot and kind of fun from her ad. I think that I will probably just fantasize that she is my 23 year old asian mistress and she needs $180 to pay her costs and that’s where I’d rather actually have a hot young girlfriend who’s rent I was paying and this is the strategy when we get back.

Girls who need jobs and girls who need flats are coming and the good workers are staying and so are the ones who fuck me. I’ll have a place in roskill for all the workers and my little brides will be up in the apartment with me. sexy girls are coming into the orbit of what we’re doing, but the ones that spread their legs will enter the high castle.

My problem is basically not maintaining a bassline of sexual competence and confidence. I can’t commit resources to chasing skanks it’s to much of an opportunity cost. I have to pay to make sure that I am functioning normally sexually.

Having the fat girl come over could be weird. If sara wanted $100 off me it would be weird but I’d give it to her. It seems that paying whores is bad value and it’s a step towards basically becoming a sugar daddy to a girl on the fringe of the industry. Asking these girls if they have friends.

– visit the girls who don’t make me nervous and are cheap – ask about friends
– visit hot young whores and ask them about friends
– put up various ads but specifically, free/rent sugardaddy
– off to europe, same deal but more focused on drum and bass gigs, casting calls, dating agencies, tinder – whores won’t be pursued unless the opportunity presents itself
– hopefully connected with hot dnb loving actress/model/singer on return
– in auckland set up 2 new flats, worker bee flat first then apartment

and then so on and back to russia, the point is you shouldn’t have to fuck only certain chicks at night who are independent, by march you should be on to banging the hot young 18 year olds and probing them about if they have friends.

It just hit me why the outcall is so necessary. hey act robotically like theyre at work, when they are at work. When they come here, they may act like whores, but I wouldn’t know.


I pass through different thoughts and phases, my thoughts grow dark, I’m not angry at the world, I don’t think it deserves to be punished, I just feel you have to take what you want, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Trying to do the right thing is pointless.

Do what you want to do. And that doesn’t mean act like an asshole. It means think about what you really want and go for it.

But not in an aspirational, idealistic way because that’s not the world we live in, you have to be an opportunist not a dreamer.

But the reality is you just have to take what’s there. To me it means that basically lots of teenage girls are young, impressionable, sexually curious, but most importantly they want money because everybody wants money.

Why I needed to pursue this here is because I have to explore the idea, is this what you want? To bend teenage girls over?

If you had your 3 T’s and made thatn 4 T’s – teens – then would that be it?

I’m only focusing on teens because you have these girls that really want the money, are really dumb, and make bad decisions about whether to fuck some old dude because they’re teenage girls and have grown up to fast and fucked a bunch of guys already.

Forget russia. Focus on teens. Why? Because if you had you life and you were boning a teen you couldn’t complain. You would then be freer to simply be.

That’s what it is. I don’t think whores are that interesting to me, it doesn’t make me hot, whereas trying to bone teenage girls seems wrong and hot.

But it’s also in setting up the market research company and how this all relates to the NYL youtube series – these are the ideas I will play out as my character becomes more of a twisted pervert.

I will actually set up the market research and then get girls to participate in the market research revealing if they are whores, druggies, motivated by money etc.

It just occurred to me that I could be trading and they will be too thick to realise it’s not market research. It just looks like numbers to them.

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