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by Matt on January 10, 2018

It’s time for new NYL related postings, focusing on my strategy for perverted activity.

It starts by rehashing a lot of old ideas but based around a new apartment I rent, remember newmarket could work, there are 2 girls schools nearby.

What I am thinking is we recruit guys to recruit the girls, I’m not sure how much we tell them, but they only know my first name, and the apartment, they know nothing else. I’m thinking we don’t even pay them, or . . .

Get them to prove themselves, go out and find me two girls at least, bring them back. Maybe we sell it more as a pussy trust.

It’s some kind of collective but I see now in order to bring in the right guys I have to make it free rent for them but I have to say you don’t get to stay here and basically if you are still here in month and you haven’t found any girls to move in.

Move in, and your job is to try and get as many sluts as possible living here, but I don’t want them living here if they’re only interested in fucking you.

We could have as many dudes staying there and say look the first one of you to find the best chick for me is the one who gets to stay. once we’ve got 3 chicks, it’s mission accomplished.

It’s free rent for anybody as long as the outcome is 3 chicks and when the guys move out they can have a set up somewhere at honey pie or even here or the farm or wherever, I will take them through it, we need to get the value out of these girls. We are trying to get as many girls as possible coming through the flat for whatever reason.

We will have a number of scams we are running. Free rent. After school jobs. Flyering and approaching girls after school and in town, remember there’s the market research idea. Cute guys ask girls research questions to as whether they are sexually active, into drugs, want a job, etc.

We want the place crawling with teenage girls all trying to sell juice and such and we’re bonking them all. They are also using tinder and whatever else. That’s the job, on friday and saturday get as many young girls here as possible, and basically let them do all kinds of work and get wasted.

The only rules are that we want guys we’re cool with, this is a business. These guys work for me, they’ve been staying here, do you want a place to stay, you can crash in the room.

We want the girls to think they’re there to do business related stuff but because they’re young girls they don’t really know what business is.

Make some juice, and talk about who to sell it to. Make them cook huge amounts of food and clean it all up. Then convince them to door knock in school uniforms as a fundraiser. Then we could get in trouble. Bad idea, just put it on them to sell the juice. We’re looking for the robo girl who loves to cook and do business and fuck all the dudes in the flat.

They must continue to recruit and then also push out this NYL thing, like they don’t know what a modelling agency is. Take their picture, put it on the website, blah blah, you’re a model now.

Wannabe models, after school jobs, student girls wanting free rent, party girls, and ugly girls wanting to climb the ladder, runaways,

honey pie is for good girls who want their own room and are good workers and want their boyfriend coming over and fucking them and leaving again.

the apartment is for teenage sluts who will fuck 1 of 3 different guys she’s living with because she just hangs out and cooks and cleans and fucks and doesn’t think much of it.

The best girls of course will want to bring more girls. The longer a girl hangs around the more she should be smart about it.

Let it be known, no guys unless you bring a girl to share. The idea is to get the girls to come and get them to keep coming when 3 girls move in, the guys have moved out, and the other girls are still coming round and crashing out as are the guys, one girl, will declare herself queen of my dick and take my room and run the place when I’m not there. That means the guys can stay but it’s up to the girls. It’s up to all of them to meet the budget, $600 a week. Remember it is an HQ.

charge officer, 2ic, bunk room, the last room is for a 4th and 5th girl also. 2 rooms for bonking and 1 room for girls who are not being bonked. But it’s still this teams imperative to get more young girls coming through to do the work, but then we have to move them on. That’s the difference between honey pie and the apartment, the apartment the girls work just for us boys running the scene for our complete indulgence, but honey pie, they have all kinds of other dudes coming over.

In honey pie, dudes come in to pay.

In the apartment, girls come in to earn. We need to build that hierarchy and explain to the guys how it works, that the mean girls, the hottest girls have to run the thing under out orders, but the queen bee, who doesn’t have to fuck you guys if she doesn’t want to, maintains the veneer of rank because it’s her job to enforce the pecking order amongst the girls. It’s a small price to pay to let her have the status to maintain the other girls as a pool from which you choose where you put your dick in – because the younger girls want to maintain their social structure that comes from coming to the house after school, on weekends or whatever, hanging out, making juice doing baking, having a party screwing and 1 or 2 guys.

This is going to work out fine if a young girl has the social structure around her so she has her group and she’s getting a few dicks too.

Guys are allowed if they bring girls to share, they need to prove themselves.

This is why honey pie could supply girls as well as free rent, so we don’t want to make the boys partners, they have to provide a girl as their stake, the guy who brings the most girls has a roof – it’s the opposite of the witches.

Put them in a shitty house a shitty ass 2 bedroom apartment for $300, 4 of them.


So it could be like this I could say to these guys this isn’t really a job. Basically it’s a pussyshare co-op, we all put our resources in together to get as many sluts as possible. I provide the apartment. It’s your job to bring the sluts and whoever brings the best girls to fuck me gets to stay.

But I ruled this out because I didn’t want to share my girls with them. But I can propose it, as a trial, and then when one fucks me, let whoever brought her move in.

It’s simple if you want to move in and get free rent you have to bring girls over who are going to fuck me. It doesn’t matter what you tell them, whether you tell them I will give them the spare room if they fuck me, or just bring them here, get them drunk and hope it all works out, their strategy is up to them.

Could I advertise for the operatives and do it like that?

Well I would sound out the operatives anyway and this could be the way to do it, just say look this is an opportunity to you like girls?

Now I know – you have to ask them about their politics and let them lead the way. Any dude who’s not woke will be open.


While we are waiting to go to russia we need some plans to play bad boss.

The plan as I see it is an ad on popular sites, it will cost $169 but we can keep it up there and have steady stream.

The way I see it is the staff person will be a girl who I enjoy spending time with so paying her to do much or not much is not really the issue. She’s either going to be good at her job or we’ll have to find a better use for her.

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