Back from the USSR

by Matt on January 10, 2018

Well basically I went to ukraine. I went to the former USSR, I went all across eastern europe.

It’s all real, it’s all true, it’s taken me some time to recover but now I’m pushing forward with new ideas, and I have flushed out some old posts because I have to think about what’s going on.

Well I’m going to be pushing the NYL brand over to russia, ukraine – I went to thailand to, I mean you should already know there are places in the world where the girls are just so much better and if you see it like I did you won’t ever want to mess around, you’ll be back home like I am tidying up my affairs so I can spend as much time of the warm part of the year (or cool if youre talking asia

This blog is as it has always been, a place to hammer out the most outrageous and perverted plans when it comes to nice young ladies.

A lot of what I have written here will have to one day be revised because most of it was just fanciful horniness but it’s not a good look when what we’re really trying to do is take the most advantage we can of this information and what we have learned.

I was just writing on my personal blog that it’s an intersection of business ideas, narrative ideas . . . and smut.

That means it could be more about a business concept or it could be more about a personal story, it will always be about nice young ladies and how smutty it remains depends on the goal of the thing, because after all there is more to life than tits and ass, but not much more, as I discovered in Kiev – well once you go too kiev, you don’t want to lea-ev.

It’s not that ukrainian girls are exceptionally hot – it’s true that most near every ukrainian girl has amazing hair and an amazing ass, and is so sweet – it’s more that the average young woman is just so much more interested and open to meeting a guy, you just get the vibe immediately around young women there, that they are excited to see more of you.

There is no bitch shield in ukraine, and there is plenty of scope for discussing why that is but not right now, I just wanted to put this stake in the ground here and say look, this is now a blog written by someone who has been to ukraine, been to belarus, estonia, latvia, hungary, serbia, and has lost all interest in pursuing western women, it just doesn’t interest me after what I’ve seen.

I see all the opportunities opening up and this was always going to be a site that followed my pervy attempts to blend business opportunities with a chance to score hot babes, and it seems that this is the vibe that we are taking forward now to ukraine and across eastern europe, that hot girls are something of value, and value is a chance to realise business opportunites related to those who see and place a high premium on that value.

this remains a place where I can talk freely about what is hot, and that girls are hot, and that ukrainian ladies are hot, and dudes need to get a piece of that action, I’ve no doubt of that, and it creates huge opportunities around the friction that is present in ukraine – the challenges faced in that part of the world is part and parcel of what makes the girls what they are.

My plan is to develop my business ideas, chase a whole lot of hot ukrainain and eastern european girls, and use this as I always have – a sandpit where those two concepts can intermingle in ways that I could speculate and indulge in fancifully.

But eventually I see the site where I have discussed my horny ways to build a horny business empire giving way to the business end of things, and that is the girls – the titular nice young ladies – themselves to take up the brand and use it as a platform to continue to prove what it is that ukrainian and eastern european girls have got going on.

These girls want husbands, and there is a lucky man on the end of that, who should be more than glad to fork out for the services required to make it happen.

It’s about using the wonderful communication, branding, marketing that the world wide web has to offer, to make this magical dream of love a reality, right here, at nice young ladies dot com.

The brilliant thing about this site of course is always the thin line between fantasy and reality being tread, a place to let indulgent dreams run free knowing that the outcome could be just as valuable if it remains a wonderful and wild story, as if any of my deviant plans ever came true, because afterall I did get to ukraine in the end, and I am going back, and I intend to continue to do so.

So anything might be possible really.

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