Russian Girl Interview

by Matt on January 10, 2018

1. What made you decide to seek a life partner abroad?

I met many different women dating who were not serious about their opportunities for a family. The younger women were often self obsessed and attention seeking, playing the field, then as they grew older more focused on career and travel, only when they became older, overweight, with many boyfriends in their past, were they thinking of marriage after their best years were passed.

I spent many years working hard and saving to be successful, and went through a difficult time with loss in the family. After this I specifically wanted to meet an elegant, intelligent lady who was committed to building a lasting partnership supporting a family and understood the challenges I faced to make this dream come true – that I would never simply give it up.

I recently worked with a polish girl who was not only very much more attractive than most of the girls I usually date, but also a very sweet and genuine girl who was funny and didn’t think herself better than others because of her beauty. Beautiful girls in my city often think of themselves as superior to others and it is very unattractive.

I also have had many european backpacker girls stay with me, as I have spare rooms. They would clean my house and even though their english was not great, I was definitely appreciative of them and saw language was not a huge barrier to attraction when there is appreciation between a man and woman.

2. How long have you been using this dating site?

I decided to make looking in the FSU for a wife a priority in march 2015. I have done a lot of research and joined a few sites but have decided it’s more important to focus on my arrival and arrangements for arriving in FSU rather than dating sites where much is uncertain until I arrive.

3. What impression do you have after communicating with women here?

There seems to be many wonderful women to communicate with and get to know. Beautiful, intelligent and willing to make family a priority. But I can see there are a lot of challenges when it comes to establishing a sincere connection until I come to the FSU in person.

4. What do you know about my country?

I am highly knowledgeable on history and politics and especially the history of the Soviet Union. I would say my knowledge is better than most foreigners but I am always interested to learn more.

I have read Solzhenitsyn, Chekhov and Nabokov. A long time ago though! I am very interested in culture and history, and my family put a lot of emphasis on education and learning.

5. If you meet someone you really like, do you think you will want to meet them
in real life? How soon? Where and how?

I plan to visit FSU every spring and autumn for 2-3 months over 2016 and 2017. I would like to establish an office in Kiev focused on producing and promoting online content. From there I would visit the cities of girls I would like to get to know

6. Do you believe in talking to many women, and then making your choice? Or do
you think it’s best to talk to only 1-2 people at a time but give it your full attention?

I believe until we meet in person it is better to have options. But once we meet I am happy to be totally honest about how I feel and whether I am ready to commit to one girl.

If I feel an attraction building before we meet, I am not afraid to let this be known, but I am an experienced man, and believe it is not wise to fall in love without spending at least a few weeks together.

7. It’s probably not my business, but how many women are you talking to?

Very few. I know I am a great prospect being that I am young, intellgent, romantic and successful. I am focusing on women of exceptional beauty and personality to be my lifelong companion.

8. Have you ever been to my country?

No, I’ve only ever been to Australia!

9. Do you enjoy travelling overseas?

I do, but it’s hard to remember after all these years that my

10. How many foreign countries have you been to? Which ones did you enjoy the most?

I’ve only ever been to Australia! Which is very similar to my country, just bigger and hotter. Bigger cities are exciting, and the people are like New Zealanders, very laidback and prosperous. It’s just very hot!

11. What is your typical working day routine?

I start slowly in the mornings. I will check my days business and visit the coffee house and the bakery to have breakfast. Then I will return to my office to manage any business affairs, and I will slow down again in the afternoon, where I will plan my evening meal and any social meetings I may have. Later in the evening I will often spend time either doing research on my other investments or doing something creative such as music, writing, or my video recordings, up late when no one will disturb me.

12. What do you usually do on weekends?

I like to keep weekends quite unscheduled so that I can relax, but most weekends i like to have a nice lunch while making time to catch up with friends, as well as do something musical, whether making music, attending an event or recording a radio show. Often I maybe looking at a home improvement project or may have work to catch up on also but I firmly believe in making time available to do something special with my special girl.

13. How do you usually spend your holidays? How many days a year your vacation?

14. Do you enjoy your job? What do you like the most about it?

In my business I am proud that I built it from nothing myself. We do great cheap deals for people and groups trying to promote themselves or an event by printing CD’s, DVD’s and posters and flyers. I see a lot of culture and creative projects coming through my door each week so I’m proud we help the community with cheap deals.

In my financial investments I’m just very very good at it because I am very clever! My stockmarket investments make more money now than my business, which I can manage anywhere through the internet, that’s how I am able to visit FSU for months at a time. But there are often certain times each week I need to give my investments undivided attention.

But nothing is more exciting than making a lot of money and then taking my girl out to celebrate, dance and live well.

15. If you could choose any career you wanted all over again, what would it be?

I am happy with my career. I have been very lucky in my career but unlucky with women. Earlier in my life I wanted to be a musician, but I soon realised I was always meant to be in business. My business gave me experience working with musicians and so many creative people as well as success and now, I am moving into a new

Maybe I could have been an actor or performer? I love to perform, but I know in my heart, business is where my natural ability lies.

16. What is your special talent? Something that you love doing and people always compliment you on.

I am very good with children. As I do not have children of my own, I do not immediately approach children I meet, but when they do meet me they seem very comfortable spending time with me.

17. What do you like the most about the place where you live? What made you choose to settle down

New Zealand is a very safe and prosperous nation with a very bright future as it is both very modern and yet far away from the turmoils of the rest of the world. Because it is a small and isolated country, the problems we face are very small – many people are arriving in NZ to make a new life. My favourite thing about auckland is that it is a big, and prosperous city with many international standard attractions, restaurants, events and city centre, yet the beautiful natural surroundings NZ is known for – many many beaches, waterfalls, islands, and extinct volcanoes are all within driving distance and the scenery of the alpine south is unrivaled in the world.

18. How religious are you?

I do not attend any regular service, but i prefer to be open minded about faith and religious matters are of interest to me, and I enjoy deep discussion of spiritual matters and how we understand and relate to god.

19. How do you imagine your life when you are married?

Well I’ve already worked very hard and established myself in the last decade of my life, and now I wanting to enjoy myself more. I would like to travel a lot with my wife in the first year or two of marriage, before we start a family, as I have not really seen the world, and would like to before the responsibility of parenting takes priority. I do not want to be to old

I will always be interested in pursuing my business and my creative interests, but I also believe in making special time with my wife each day, and a special romantic night each week, with a romantic outing and a romantic meal, theatre or a concert or going out dancing.

20. Do you want to have children? How many?

2 or possibly 3.

21. Would you want your future wife to work or stay at home?

I believe a couple should maintain separate interests that give them space during their day to lead their own lives. Whether that is work or hobbies and interests, volunteering or a business of her own or being focused on the home or a wide mix, depending on her interests. I often work from my home office and expect to have a least a few hours a day alone to focus without distractions.

22. How many serious relationships have you had in your life? Have you ever been married or engaged?

Probably only 3 I would consider serious. None of them led to engagement, as I mentioned, marriage is not really thought of for young NZ couples until they have been together a long time.

23. What your childhood was like?)
24. Do you have any children? What kind of relationships do you have with your children?

25. What happened in your last relationship? Do you still communicate?

My last serious relationship, I broke up with her because I knew she was not able to be supportive when she accused me of lying about visiting my mother in hospital after I admitted to her I lied about my age online. She became very angry and abusive so I don’t speak to her. It would not have upset me so much if my mother hadn’t been very ill in the hospital and I couldn’t understand how she could be so cruel when I most needed her support.

26. What do your friends and family think about your seeking a partner abroad?

My father is very encouraging as he knows I have a lot to offer as a successful man, and accepts that

My friends I haven’t even told.

27. What are your most treasured plans for the future?

28. Do you think you’ve done well in life compared to your classmates?

I was always top of my class.

29. What is your view on sex in relationships and marriage?

To a younger man, sex is very important to overall well being. I believe men need sex to function at their best,

30. What chores around the house do you enjoy doing and which ones you dislike?

I am quite messy sometimes, but this is mainly because when I’m focused on something important for my work or a creative project or a great opportunity I often forget about the little things, and I am hoping to meet someone who understands that is part of why I am so good at what I do. But I do not expect my sweetheart to be constantly cleaning up after me and I can afford a cleaner.

I don’t mind doing the garden and vacuuming but I HATE doing the kitchen.

31. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
32. Do you have a bucket list? What things would you want to do before you die?
33. Now that we know each other for a while, what do you think about me?

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