Ukraine Methods and Technique

by Matt on January 10, 2018

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

My plan was to jump onto freelancer sites and get the freelancers to set me up a ukrainian website.

Well actually first it starts with discussing with them about local social media and meatspace media, having a website, having a blurb, and then promotion.

That’s when I realised I could approach them as a business idea.


As I am single I was investigating the idea of writing to ukrainian women online to find out more about the dating culture when I discovered how all the sites charge men a lot of money just to speak to the women – many charge $5 just to send one email at a time.

This seems like the men are being overcharged and that there is a business opportunity in offering a cheaper way.

It made me wonder if the men were given their own websites and promoted in ukraine so women could contact them, wouldn’t this be a better product for the men to pay for?

At this stage this is really just a fun experiment I felt I would like to try for business and personal reasons so I felt I needed someone who knew where could advertise to ukrainian women, because I don’t know so much about the culture I do not know.

would an adwords approach work? print ads in local ads? is there a local version of facebook? I heard there’s a site called

There must be a cheaper way


After researching connections to more local ukraines to help me, I started gathering more angles.

Using girls to do housekeeping/nannying/work on the business etc while they board here, learning english and finding a husband.

I’d get my wife to do it all. We could have 2 or 3, I would still have my kiwi manager doing my management here, but she could also help organise the girls and help with their english etc. especially where the girls can use their hotness to get us put on.

Meanwhile, I’d be doing exactly the same thing back in ukraine, having girls run my little drum and bass label management promo shop thing. Perhaps these would be the girls getting ready to come over? They would organise my tour so I can drop my wife off in her hometown for a month and play gigs and bang sluts.

If ever there’s one i particularly like I can buy a place in nimbin and install her there where she would manage my australian activities. It might well be likely we have even more girls there, and to get around immigration, I set them up another place in NZ – meremere perhaps – where they can chill and work until they can move on.

SO what youre actually talking about is your same accommodation based model you had for auckland, except now it’s based on immigration, you’ve gone worldwide, and are focused on international hot girls who are hard working, south americans and asians.

My next task is to make a list of stuff I’d like to let the girls know.

Why have I chose to come to ukraine?

Because being an ambitious man I have always strived for what I wanted, and although I have had my success in business I have found that this has often been a lonely path, without an opportunity to find a woman I felt was worthy of what I offer and that has made me look forward to a day when I would never have to walk alone.

But I also feel that it is not only loyalty and love and nurturing that inspires a man but that a man should also be intoxicated with pride and deep longing for his wifes beauty which is also her gift to him as providing a safe and happy home is his gift to her. In the ukraine I knew I would find a woman who was both beautiful and loyal to make a true commitment to sharing wealth, romance and family.

Let me remember with my last thought, the moment I first saw your beautiful face.

I am learning russian language now. I will be coming to the ukraine twice a year for a month or two. I would like to be messaging a girl for at least a month or two before we meet and I will consider you a friend with possibilities of more when we meet in person.

If you can skype it would be great if we could have russian english lessons this way.

Important information about me:

– Music: I love music, making music, live music, clubbing and dancing. I love music culture. I am out of practice playing instruments but although I am mainly a DJ and dance music producer but I love a huge range of music from soul, pop, rock, disco, classical I have favourite artists in many different styles. I would be very interested in establishing an agency for music management and promotion in ukraine.

– Business: I have run my own business producing and printing CD ‘s and DVD’s for 7 years. I am very naturally talented in business ideas, marketing and problem solving in business.

– Children’s birthdays: While in university studying media I got a job entertaining children at birthday parties by dressing up as a pirate and discovered I was very good at it. Because I enjoy spending time having fun and connecting with the children I have continued to do it. Children are very important to me because they bring new life and my family needs this, especially as I feel I need children to hand down my success to.

– Videos: I love presenting and making youtube videos that are funny or interesting or music videos for my music. It’s not so much a passion, but a hobby I enjoy. It’s so precious as time moves on to have these kinds of memories and creations, as well as sharing ideas and interests online.

– Silly: I am a very silly person sometimes who loves to act crazy and foolish and make my girl laugh. sometimes I am serious and enjoy serious discussion on important issues, and sometimes I just cant be serious at all, and I hope to find somebody in tune with me that way.

– Deep Spiritual: I have deep spiritual beliefs about our purpose in the universe and using the energy and power in our lives to create positive and meaningful contributions while we are here.

– Money: I am very fortunate to be very skilled with my financial investment and business abilities and this is one of my strongest personal features. But in my heart I am a down to earth person, I was not raised with wealth and prefer to live more modestly. I like nice things like cars and restaurants by also strive to be humble and reflect traditional values as money is not the most important thing in life and when you have money, you know this to be a fact. I never talk about money to impress people. But it is a fact of my life that I am strong in this area.

– Intellectual / Debate: I love to debate intellectual and political matters and enjoy deep discussion about issues facing society. I am well read and love history and am quite familiar with the history of russia.

– Restaurants / Dates: I love the glamour and experience of eating out and enjoy taking my girl out regularly to the cities best spots. It is an important way for a man to show he cares by taking his girl to new and interesting places so she has excitement in her life to look forward to.

– Introvert: I have an introverted side in that I prefer to spend several hours alone each day to think, reflect and recharge. It is very important to me that I am allowed this space so I can renew

– Family: My family has become very small and spread out since I was a child and I miss the closeness of when I was growing up. But I am still very close to my father who is a very kind and religious man. I would love more than anything to build a close family and provide a strong foundation for my wider family to find solidarity and connection again.

– Dislikes: Thoughtless, uncaring people, reckless behavior, alcoholism, meanness, greed.

– Auckland: Auckland is regularly named one of the most livable cities in the world, and is fast rising to become a great international city which has become very prosperous with world class development. Auckland is the best of New Zealand which is the best of both worlds – modern prosperous living in the city side by side with the natural beauty of the countryside and warm weather for most of the year. It never snows in auckland winter, just rains. In any case I’m sure we would be returning to ukraine to visit at this time most years. New Zealand is one of the most secure and least corrupt countries on earth and is one of the safest places to be in a time of global problems.

– TV/Movies: I love intellectual films and I also love documentaries, I prefer to watch, but enjoy big budget films and sometimes something a bit lighter. I enjoy a movie now and again but certainly not everyday as I pursue my own goals.

– Travel: I have not travelled much in my life so far so I am looking to make a lot of trips exploring the world in the years to come, which I am able to accommodate with my work and finances. I would hope that you would like to travel around the world with me and as we grow older share many special moments in all the great cities of the world.

– Psychology and Philosophy – I love discussion and thinking on the deeper aspects of how people act, think and live.

– Diet: I am almost fully vegetarian – but I still eat fish and maybe have other meat once a week. I have no issue with meat I just prefer to only eat it occasionally. Staying slim and healthy is very important to me and I always try to make healthy choices but also think it’s important to have a treat and break the rules every now and again! I won’t tell if you don’t!

-Sports/Fitness – Staying fit and healthy is important to me but it takes commitment! I am not big on sports but try to maintain fitness habits running and stretching when I can. If I had more time I would like to also do yoga.

– Housework: I am not too messy, but I am not that clean either, I usually focus on my work first, but I do not want my wife to be my slave. I can afford to have a cleaner come in. I love when a woman cooks for me because she cooks with love, and a woman who will brighten up my home with her sense of beauty, light and colours.

– Charity: I have been extremely lucky in business and I am now hoping to be as lucky in romance. When you have been lucky and blessed in life, it is important to remember all those who are not so fortunate and to respect that by taking action to directly help those who are suffering. I am hoping for a woman who understands that wealth and beauty are gifts that can be returned by showing compassion for those who have not been so lucky to receive those gifts.

– My drawbacks: Sometimes I become too focused on my work and my creative projects and forget to nourish the relationships and community in my life. Sometimes I can be distant for a few hours, often I take my time to reflect, but I always bounce back when I see that people accept me, It is very important to me that the people close to me believe in me and support me. I have achieved a lot on my own, but know I could achieve so much more with the love and support of a loyal woman.

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