Ukrainian Business Model

by Matt on January 10, 2018

While we are waiting to go to russia we need some plans.

Well we want to start chatting to russian girls. I get on the sites, and it’s $5 to message them. Ridiculous. I’m like, start a website and advertise it in ukraine.

So basically it’s a site with this write up, and we get a ukraine website and we try and attract the girls through advertising, and I’ve already got translators lined up who are giving me great information and I’ve really discovered for the first time I might be onto something here.

Because the dating agencies are scams. Half the girls on the site are not actively available. You never actually talk to them, my little translator girls are already impressing me by furnishing this knowledge.

The dating agencies stand between the girls and the dudes, because the girls are not motivated to approach the men or go looking for them, it’s not in their culture. In their culture, a girl looks pretty and it all flows from there.

The men can’t speak russian, so they are casting a huge net with massive holes in it and catching nothing. The agencies specialize in gathering all the girls together and doing their photos and then they can use that to milk the money out of these guys.

What is my model?

The girls come to them. They have the internet. They have translate apps. What they don’t have is instant access to the men.

Unfortunately it is already practice for dudes to trawl russian facebook and the translator girls say that the sites are too spammy with dudes. One of the translators said set up your own agency site.

Then suddenly I’ve got all these girls who I’m not that into, what do I do? I start my own site. How does the site make money? Well it’s totally disruptive.

But the money? Well we charge each guy $500. Translation, website, ad fees . . . That’s to start. I’ll be looking to sign them up for both forex and ukraine bride coaching, complete lifestyle solution.

We charge the guy for all this and that, but what we actually do is simply have a database of women who we then show their site to.

So the plan is this. Get chatting to many russian girls, learning about ukraine, learning the language, finding out how desperate they would be to get to NZ to work, and finding them a husband.

it is likely that for the 6 months my wife is pregnant til about a month out, I will leave her in russia with a bunch of cash while I tour around DJing and fucking all over the place. – maybe dodgy – DOES offer the $50 meet up service – very cute girls. – $16.50 p/month unlimited chat – wait. 16.50 is unlimited intros. $58 is the start of unlimited chat. or you can pay $20 to chat to one girl. free exchange of details – apartments – earnest local site may or may not be dodgy – free personals

Hello! I contacted you because I thought you were one of the most beautiful girls on the site, but I know marriage between us will only work if our souls belong together, we share dreams and understand one another.

I have been successful in my promotions business – you can find it online, but in my heart I love music, Someone who might share creative and artistic . . .

Hi MI’ve just been checking out your website.

I am a entrepreneur,. I am financially secure with ever improving prospects but on friday night I tried Tinder for the first time and despaired.

I love being a bachelor but for the first time I became very concerned that perhaps a woman I feel confident committing to in a family situation is not going to appear.

I am very secure financially and have a lot of social confidence.

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