Hustling For Girls

February 8, 2016

There is an article in the paper today about dudes using living arrangements for free rent to lure in girls to live with them. Last night I jumped on star now to grab a girl for a tiny bit part. And that polynesian chick I was having fun banging has been back in touch with […]

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Short on Girls

January 26, 2016

Having delved so deeply into my long game with girls I decided to look at my short game and what it came down to is I need to do something that’s going to improve my situation. Sure there’s fashion, there’s music which can increase my status, training is another one but if I could meet […]

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Morals and Monogamy

January 8, 2016

I am being dragged to a point where I am having to probe deeper into what my morals are towards women and what that says about me. If my active choice is the pragmatic one – a nurturing, loyal international wife rather than the fee spirited character of a local girl – where does that […]

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Monogamy that Works for Men

January 7, 2016

I just keep having so many ideas about what I want from monogamy, I am starting to think that some of my ideas are not worth pursuing because why would you waste your life on just chasing around tail, it is not much more than stuffing your face even if it is the finest caviar. […]

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Surrogate Possibilities

January 5, 2016

I’m just having random ideas about ideal relationship strustures and throwing them all at the page. If you want kids, you need to get married. Otherwise, why bother getting married? But I am thinking about infidelity and how to pull it off. I want to keep my marriage safe and having a slavic wife may […]

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Systems to Meet Girls

January 4, 2016

II am still thinking of routine like systems I can learn to meet girls, not pick up, because it’s sleazy and fake. I mean set ups. I don’t want to put on a clown act. I’m just throwing ideas around here it’s not like anything solid is coming to me becuase the ground I’m playing […]

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Real Meninist MGTOW Meltdown

October 18, 2015

I just see brooke the pretty TV blonde across the road and I want one. But then I started checking out all this schopenhauer and stuff and it just made me think well, no. “Marrying means, to grasp blindfolded into a sack hoping to find an eel out of an assembly of snakes.” – Arthur […]

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Plans To Meet Girls

September 20, 2015

At the moment I have been so busy working on a new business venture – well let’s be honest, currency trading – that girls have really gone off the backburner and I need to change that with a plan. The plan is to get to russia, ukraine or the FSU as it’s known. But I […]

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Millionaire Sex Habits

May 24, 2015

A real technique I’ve used recently is projecting best case scenarios to recognise what it is you truly, ultimately want. There’s no point going for something that you don’t actually want, and if you grapple with the problem of always wanting more, which can be a real issue with girls, then that’s the problem you […]

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Russian Brides to New Zealand

April 20, 2015

I am continuing to see russia and ukraine as my end game with girls. It’s not my immediate priority but the ideas are still crystallizing about the dynamic, where those angles and vectors lie to exploit the best from the situation. When I wonder about my russian bride I remember . . . She’s sexy. […]

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